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either of the Vice-Presidents, or the Recording Secretary, upon the request of a majority of the Curators present in the City or of any five active members.


Election of Members. The admission of members shall be by ballot, and negative votes amounting to one-fifth of the total number of votes cast shall be sufficient to reject any candidate. When the Society is not in session members may be elected by the Board of Curators.


Eligibility. Any person shall be eligible to membership who shall be interested in the objects of the Society as set out in Article II of this Constitution and desirous of aiding in promoting them.



Life members, Corresponding members and Honorary members shall pay no dues. Active members shall pay annual dues of, men, ten dollars, women, five dollars, payable for each calendar year on the 12th day of February of that year. Members elected after July first in any year shall pay only half the dues for that year.


Quorum. Five active members, including at least two Curators, shall constitute a quorum and be empowered to transact the regular business of the Society; except at the annual meeting, when seven shall constitute a quorum. Proxies shall not be counted to make a quorum.

Whenever any question out of the regular routine business shall come before the Society, particularly any question involving the management of the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences, such question shall, upon the demand of any five Active members, be submitted to a subsequent meeting, of which notice ten days previous to the date of the meeting shall be given in a public gazette in the City of Savannah; and at said meeting so called at least twentyfive Active members of the Society shall be present in person or by proxy for the final decision of such question.


Life Members. Any member who shall pay into the treasury of the Society the sum of one hundred dollars thereby becomes a Life member, with all the rights, privileges and disabilities of an Active member, but shall be exempt from any further payment.


Voting. Corresponding members and Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by Life members and Active members, who may vote either in person or by written proxy. No person not a member shall act as proxy.


Board of Curators. Except as otherwise provided herein, all the powers of the Society are vested in the Board of Curators.


Term of Office. All officers shall hold office until the annual meeting next succeeding their election, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified, subject, however, to the pleasure of the Board.


Library. The Board of Curators are vested with authority to make any contract or arrangement with reference to the Library and the use and management thereof which to them shall seem best.



This Constitution can be altered or amended only by a vote of two-thirds of the voting members present at a meeting, at which not less than twenty members shall be present, and then only when notice of the amendment shall have been given at a previous meeting, or sent by mail to each voting member of the Society not less than one week prior to the meeting at which the amendment shall be acted on.


1. The Presidert shall preside at all meetings of the Society, regulate the debates, give when required the casting vote, preserve order and be ex-officio Chairman of the Board of Curators.

It shall be the further duty of the President, at the annual meeting, to present a report reviewing the work and progress of the Society during the year past; and also setting forth such changes and aims as the highest interest of the Society demand.

In the absence or disability of the President all his duties shall devolve upon the senior Vice-President.

2. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct all the correspondence of the Society which may be necessary or convenient in the carrying out of its business as set out in Article II of the Constitution, and shall periorm such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to him by the Society or the Board. He shall preserve on file all communications received by him and keep a copy of all communications sent by him. It shall furthermore be his duty to read at each annual meeting such portions or abstracts of his correspondence as the President may direct.

3. The Recording Secretary shall keep the records of all meetings and shall perform all other duties usually appertaining to the office of Secretary except those prescribed for the Corresponding Secretary.

4. The Treasurer shall act as Secretary of the Committee on Finance. He will receive from the Assistant Treasurer all the reports required by the By-Laws; will see that they are made out in proper form by the Assistant Treasurer, and will present the same as now required; and, for the purpose of verifying accounts and familiarizing himself with the financial affairs of the Society, the books of the Assistant Treasurer shall be always open to his inspection, as well as that of any member of the Board.

The Board may elect an Assistant Treasurer, who shall collect, receive and discharge all moneys due and payable, and shall receive and collect all donations and bequests of money, or other property, to the Society. He shall pay, under proper vouchers, all the ordinary expenses of the Society, and shall deposit all its funds in one of the banks of the City, to the credit of the Society, subject to his checks; and at the annual meeting shall make a true report of all moneys received and paid out by him, to be audited by the Committee on Finance, provided for hereafter. He shall file a complete and accurate roll of the Society at its annual meetings. At all regular meetings of the Board he shall submit a statement which shall embody the following information:

1. The total membership of the Society.
2. Amount of dues collected for current year.
3. Amount of back dues collected.
4. Amount due for current year.
5. Amount due for previous year.
6. Amount paid out.
7. Amount of liabilities.
8. Amount of cash on hand.
9. Amount of insurance on property.

This statement shall be read at the meeting of the Board and again at the regular meeting of the Society next following

If there be no Assistant Treasurer his duties shall be performed by the Treasurer.

5. It shall be the duty of the Librarian to preserve, arrange and keep in good order all books, manuscripts, documents, pamphlets and papers of every kind belonging to the Society. He shall keep a catalogue of the same and charge the books, etc., that may be taken out of the Library, under the rules, to the proper persons. He shall also be furnished with a book in which to record all donations and bequests, of whatsoever kind, relating to his department, with the name of the donor, and the time when bestowed. He shall enforce the Library rules, by refusing to issue books to persons owing for overdue books until such indebtedness shall have been paid; and all controversies with members respecting such dues shall be decided by the Library Committee.

6. The Curators shall meet as soon as practicable after the annual meeting and shall elect from their number a President, a First and Second Vice-President and a Corresponding Secretary. They shall also elect a Recording Secretary, a Librarian and a Treasurer. The President shall appoint from the Curators the following Standing Committees, of which he shall be an ex-officio member, to-wit: Committee on Printing and Publishing, Committee on

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