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D. T. & L. H. POTTER,


Entered according to act of Congress in the years 1871 and 1872, by

D. T. & L. H. POTTER,
In the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.

ERRATA.--On page 57, in the title of the Springfield F. and M. Ins. Co. vs. Aller, the name of the respondent is by mistake given its Brown.

On page 48, in Bradley vs. The Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., the opinion of Rapallo, J., is the opinion of the court, zuil that of Grover, J., the dissenting opinion ; and § 13 of the digest is erroneous and 212 is correct.

This volume is complete in teu numbers. Numbers four and five, pages 241 to 400, were not published.

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The INSURANCE LAW JOURNAL will be devoted to Insurance Law and the interest of Insurance generally. There is no branch of law or business, which seems so much to need a legal journal, specially devoted to its interests, as that of insurance. The law pertaining to this subject is of recent origin and much in regard to its principles and application remains unsettled, while the growth and changing character of insurance business, the increasing wealth and power of insurance companies, and the number of States over which the operations of these companies extend, are raising new and important questions, and the courts are continually rendering decisions modifying the law in its application to old subjects, or adapting it to new subjects and circumstances. Our legislatures are constantly changing and adding to the statutory laws, as the necessities of the case, or the caprice of the public, demands. With the exception of works upon marine insurance the treatises upon this subject are comparatively meager. There is not a single work in this country devoted to Life insurance, that sub

yarderen Fireistrasee being tsarchio COOTTO sol -son Varice ir zrance.

Fex layers Late the opportunity Of corzite Erors LOPE than in or our sian. when our largest libraries we are often comp=0 waitijo three years for some of the regular repor: Barras men in resin ir nrance, w. of all ches. In:0 to be familiar wi:h the law a ring i-n, are provided for

There is not a single ik in aus d-parILEL: calculated to meet their wants, and the Issurance journa's do not profess to cover the stond, Eser: in Sneral matters of news.

TH: Journal is intr-odd to meet the war:sch Lawyers and business men. I: wil at meriain two or three leading articles upon legal szoms. I will als, during the year. gire a digest of art romance case drand in the Unitsa: Spreme Carl in the Siate Supreme Courts with a reprint of the Lost important cases. This diz-si ar ! in esery instance be made from transcrips triby the clerk or reporter of the court in which the cision was rendere. The most important casa di in the United States Circuit Courts, and in forein conntries, will be noticed: and the acts of :- Sa ei sature, affecting the insurance laws, pass} sine January 1st, 1871, will b-pablishelin fuil. Weshall also discuss the means of scuring the passage of such laws as the -xpansion and interests of insuranc- and the promotion of the public may require, and of preventing unwise ani adierare legislation.

The JOURNAL will also contain matters of general interest to lawyers, and to those engaged in business of Life, Fire and Marine insurance; articles relating to the character and standing of insurance companies, the reports of the Insurance Departments of the different states, scientific and medical subjects connected with insurance, insurance business, and general insurance and legal news.

We have made arrangements for securing contributions from several of the most eminent lawyers and insurance men in the country. The value of such a journal, properly conducted, will be apparent. We intend to make this a journal that no lawyer, or person interested in insurance, can afford to be without.


This digest of Insurance cases is intended for the use, as well of those connected with the business of insurance, as of practising lawyers. We shall give every insurance case decided in the United States Supreme Court, and in the State Supreme Courts, since January 1st, 1871, whether reported in the JOURNAL or not, and also such cases in the United States Circuit Courts as may be worthy of notice. All the points of each opinion which relate, even in a remote degree, to insurance, will be noticed. The digest of each case will be completed in a single number, and under the first point given in the case, the State and Court in which the decision was rendered, and the date of the decision will be stated. If the case is reported in full in the JOURNAL, the page at which it may be found will be indicated. We shall also give the volume of the State or United States Reports, in which it is to be reported, when known. The authorities quoted by the Court in direct support of the point decided will be given, and occasionally, authorities alluded to in a general manner, in the course of the opinion. The latter will be separated from the others by a dash. We shall endeavor to state the points decided, even at some sacrifice of smoothness and elegance, as nearly as possible in the form adopted in the decision, and whenever we can, we shall give the exact language of the Court, which will be indicated by marks of quotation. At the close of the year we shall give a classified index.

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