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$ 167. Compensation of electors.- Every elector of the state for the election of a president and vice-president of the United States, who shall attend at any election of those officers and give his vote at the time and place appointed by law, shall be entitled to receive for his attendance at such election, the sum of fifteen dollars per day, together with ten cents per mile, each way, from his place of residence, by the most usual traveled route, to the place of meeting of such electors, to be audited by the comptroller upon the certificate of the secretary of state, and paid by the treasurer. R. S., 429, L. 1842, ch. 130, tit. 6, Art. 3, & 29.

$ 168. Laws repealed.- Of the laws enumerated in the schedule hereto annexed, that portion specified in the last column is repealed.


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Revised Statutes.

410. 422-433. 410-423, 424, 425-432. 417. 435. 434. 414. 437. 437. 437. 419. 426. 411. 411-431. 438. 440. 414. 441. 417-419. 415. 416. 458. 459. 458. 459. 418, 427. 460. 428.

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79... All 480. All 134.. All 388. All 712.... All 138.. All 287.... All

All 354.... All

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All 460.... All

All 137 All 163.... All 154. All 366.... All 380.. All

All 446. All 265... All

1. All 117.... All

All. 321... All.

All. 296... All.


1870.. 1870. 1871.. 1875... 1876... 1877... 1878... 1880... 1880... 1880.. 1880... 1880.... 1881.. 1881. 1882. 1882. 1883. 1883... 1885. 1887...



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1890... 1890.. 1890... 1891.. 1891... 1891..



Penal Provisions Relating to Elections.

CHAPTER 693, LAWS OF 1892.

An Act to amend the penal code. APPROVED by the Governor May 18, 1892. Passed, threo-afths being progont The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The several parts and sections of the penal code, corresponding to those hereinafter specified, are amended to read as follows, to take effect immediately:


SZOTION 41. Misdemeanors at political caucuses and conventions.

418. False registration.
41b. Mutilation, destruction or loss of registry list
410. Misconduct of registry officers.
410. Failure of house dweller to answer inquiries.
4le. Removal, mutilation or destruction of election supplies,

poll-lists or cards of instruction.
411. Refusal to permit employes to attend election.
41g. Misconduct in relation to certificates of nomination and

official ballots.
41h. Failure to deliver official ballots.
41i. Misconduct of election officers and watchers.
41j. Violation of election law by public officer.
41k. Misdemeanors in relation to elections.
411. Voting after conviction of infamous crime.
41m. Voting by inhabitant of another state or country.
419. Falso returns.
410. Furnishing money or entertainment to induce attendance

at polls.
41p. Giving considerations for franchise.

SEOTION 419. Receiving consideration for franchise.

41r. Testimony upon prosecution.
418. Bribery or intimidation of elector in military service of

United States.
41t. Duress and intimidation of voters.
41u. Political assessments.
41v. Corrupt use of position or authority.
41w. Failure to file candidate's statement of expenses.

§ 41. Misdemeanors at political caucuses and conventions.Any person who,

1. Votes or attempts to vote at a political caucus or convention without being entitled to do so; or

2. By bribery, menace or other corrupt means, directly or indirectly, attempts to influence the vote of any person entitled to vote at such caucus or convention, or obstructs such person in voting, or prevents him from voting thereat; or

3. Fraudulently and wrongfully does any act tending to effect the result of an election at such caucus or conven. tion; or

4. Being an officer, teller or canvasser thereof, willfully omits, refuses or neglects to do any act required by the election law, or refuses to permit any person to do any act authorized thereby, or makes or attempts to make any false canvass of the ballots cast at such caucus or conven. tion, or statement of the result of a canvass of the ballots cast thereat; or

5. Induces or attempts to induce any officer, teller or canvasser of such caucus or convention to do any act in violation of his duty ; Is guilty of a misdemeanor.

R. 8., 458, L. 1882, ch. 154, $$ 1, 3.
Id. 462, L 1887, ch. 265, 38 17, 19.

841a. False registration.-Any person who causes his name to be placed upon any list or register of voters in more than one election district for the same election, or upon a list or register of voters, knowing that he will not be list or register is made, or aids or abets any such act, is punishable by imprisonment for not more than five years.

L. 1890, ch. 321, $ 21. $ 41b. Mutilation, destruction or loss of registry list.— Any person who willfully loses, destroys or mutilates the list or register of voters in any election district, or a certified copy thereof, after the making of the same and before the closing of the polls of the election for which the same is made, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

L. 1890, ch. 321, 8 21. $ 410. Misconduct of registry officers.—Any member or clerk of a registry board who willfully violates any provisions of the election law relating to the registration of electors, or is guilty of any fraud in the execution of the duties of his office, shall be punishable by imprisonment for not less than two nor more than ten years.

L. 1890, ch. 321, $ 21. $ 41d. Failure of house-dwellers to answer inquiries.- Any person dwelling in a building in a city who willfully refuses to truly answer any question asked by an elector of such city, between the first meeting of the boards of registry therein for any election and the closing of the polls of such election, relating to the residence and qualifications as a voter of any person dwelling in such building, or of any person who appears upon the list or register of voters made by a board of registry as residing at such building, is guilty of a misdameanor.

L. 1890, 9h. 821, $ 15. 8 4le. Removal, mutilation or destruction of election supplies, poll-lists or cards of instruction.-- Any person who,

1. During an election or town meeting, willfully removes or destroys any of the supplies or other conveniences placed in the voting booths or compartments in pursuance of law; or

2. Before the closing of the polls, willfully defaces or destroys any list of candidates to be voted for at such election or town meeting posted in accordance with the election law; or

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