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Other Cooperators And Contributors

Government of American Samoa (w)
Government of Guam (w)
Government of Peru (g)
Government of Saudi Arabia (g,n,w)
Government of Venezuela (w)
People's Republic of China (g)

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (w); Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture (w); Puerto Rico Department of Health (w); Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources (g,w|; Puerto Rico

Department of Transportation and Public Works (w); Puerto Rico
Electric Power Authority (w); Puerto Rico Environmental Quality
Board (w); Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (w); Puerto
Rico Land Authority (w); Puerto Rico Mineral Resources
Development Corporation (g); Puerto Rico Planning Board (w); Puerto
Rico Sugar Corporation (w)

Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands (w):

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (w); Federated States of Micronesia (w)—State of Kosrae (w), State of Ponape (w), State of Truk (w), State of Yap (w); Republic of Palau (w)

United Nations:

United Nations Development Program (g,w); UNESCO (w) Meteorological Organization (w)


Virgin Islands:

College of the Virgin Islands (w); Virgin Islands Department of Public Works (w); Virgin Islands Planning Office (w)

Budgetary and Statistical Data

TABLE 1. Geological Survey budget for fiscal years 1979 to 1984, by activity and sources of funds
(Dollars in thousands; totals may not add due to rounding)

[blocks in formation]

Total $764,718

Direct program 634,886

Reimbursable program 129,832

States, counties, and municipalities 44,124

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 15,789

Other Federal agencies 69,919

National Mapping, Geography, and Surveys 74,566

Direct program 65,584

Reimbursable program 8,982

States, counties, and municipalities 3,371

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 597

Other Federal agencies 5,014

Geologic and Mineral Resource Surveys and

Mapping 178,556

Direct program 134,846

Reimbursable program 43,710

States, counties, and municipalities 584

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 10,914

Other Federal agencies 32,212

Water Resources Investigations 168,598

Direct program 96,847

Reimbursable program 71,751

States, counties, and municipalities 40,156

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 1,673

Other Federal agencies 29,922

Conservation of Lands and Minerals 85,484

Direct program 85,362

Reimbursable program 122

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources

Other Federal agencies 122

Office of Earth Sciences Applications 23,965

Direct program 19,959

Reimbursable program 4,006

States, counties, and municipalities 13

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 2,333

Other Federal agencies 1,600

National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska

Direct Program 216,886

Allocation transfer

Reimbursable program (Federal)

General Administration 3,661

Direct program 3,661

Reimbursable program (Federal)

Facilities 11,741

Direct program 11,741

Reimbursable program

Miscellaneous services to other accounts 1,261

Reimbursable program 1,261

Miscellaneous non-Federal sources 272

Other Federal agencies 989

Barrow Area Gas Operations

Direct program

'Includes 1982 appropriation for Minerals Management Service.


TABLE 2. Geological Survey reimbursable program funds from other Federal agencies for fiscal years 1979 to 1984, by agency (Dollars in thousands)

Budget activity 1979

Total $69,919

Department of Agriculture 2,619

Department of Commerce 141

National Oceanic and Atmospheric

Administration 1,464

Ozarks Regional Commission

Department of Defense 16,760

Department of Energy 15,338

Bonneville Power Administration 48

Department of Housing and Urban Development 1,967

Department of the Interior 17,746

Bureau of Indian Affairs 4,345

Bureau of Land Management 9,712

Bureau of Mines 240

Bureau of Reclamation 1,975

Minerals Management Service

National Park Service 771

Office of the Secretary 82

Office of Surface Mining 21

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 600

Department of State 1,455

Department of Transportation 149

Environmental Protection Agency 2,873

National Aeronautics and Space Administration 4,033

National Science Foundation 896

Nuclear Regulatory Commission 1,583

Tennessee Valley Authority 261

Miscellaneous Federal agencies 1,645

Miscellaneous services to other accounts 989

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■ U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1985-461-433:20003


As the Nation's principal conservation agency, the Department of the Interior has responsibility for most of our nationally owned public lands and natural resources. This includes fostering the wisest use of our land and water resources, protecting our fish and wildlife, preserving the environmental and cultural values of our national parks and historical places, and providing for the enjoyment of life through outdoor recreation. The Department assesses our energy and mineral resources and works to assure that their development is in the best interest of all our people. The Department also has a major responsibility for American Indian reservation communities and for people who live in Island Territories under U.S. Administration.

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