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1850, July 12, Sir John Romilly, now Master of the Rolls. 1851, Mar. 25, Sir Alexander-James-Edmund Cockburn. 1852, Feb. 27, Sir Frederick Thesiger, now Lord Chelmsford. Dec. 28, Sir Alexander-James-Edmund Cockburn, now Lord

Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench. 1856, Nov. 15, Sir Richard Bethell. 1858, Feb. 27, Sir Fitzroy Kelly. 1859, June 18, Sir Richard Bethell, now Lord Westbury, and Lord

Chancellor. 1861, July 1, Sir William Atherton. (Resigned.) 1863, Oct. 2, Sir Roundell Palmer.




Sir William Grant, knt. 1800,

Hon. Spencer Perceval. 1801,

Sir Thomas Manners Sutton, knt.

Sir Vicary Gibbs, knt. 1806, Feb. 12, Sir Samuel Romilly, knt. 1807,

Sir Thomas Plumer, knt. 1812, Sept. 8, Sir William Garrow, knt. 1813, May 4, Sir Robert Dallas, knt. 1817,

Sir Robert Gifford, knt., the late Lord Gifford. 1819, July 20, Sir John-Singleton Copley, knt. 1824, January, Sir Charles Wetherell, knt. 1826, October, Sir Nicolas-Conyngham Tindal, knt. 1829, June 4, Sir Edward-Burtenshaw Sugden, knt., now Lord St.

Leonard's. 1830, Nov. 23, Sir William Horne, knt. 1832, Nov. John Campbell, esq., late Lord Campbell. 1834, Feb. 26, Sir Charles Christopher Pepys, late Earl Cottenham.

Dec. 19, Sir William Webb Follett, knt. 1835, April 18, Sir Robert Monsey Rolfe, knt., now Lord Cranworth. 1839, Nov. 25, Sir Thomas Wilde. 1841, Sept. 6, Sir William-Webb Follett, knt. 1844, April 15, Sir Frederick Thcsiger. 1845, July 4, Sir Fitzroy Kelly. 1846, July 4, Sir John Jervis.

July 10, Sir David Dundas. 1848, Mar. 25, Sir John Romilly. 1850, July 12, Sir Alexander-James-Edmund Cockburn. 1851, Mar. 25, Sir William-Page Wood. 1852, Feb. 27, Sir Fitzroy Kelly.

Dec. 28, Sir Richard Bethell. 1856, Nov. 22, Hon. James-Stuart Wortley. 1857, May 28, Sir Henry-Singer Keating. 1858, Feb. 27, Sir Hugh Mac-Calmont Cairns. 1859, June 18, Sir Henry-Singer Keating, raised to the Bench.

Dec. 16, Sir William Atherton. 1861, July 3, Sir Roundell Palmer.

2, Sir Robert-Porrett Collier.

1863, Oct.




Earl of Liverpool. 1804, June 6, Duke of Montrose. 1806, Feb. 5, Lord Auckland. 1807, Mar. 26, Earl Bathurst. 1809,

Right. Hon. R. S. Dundas, late Viscount Melville. 1812,

Earl Bathurst. Sept. 29, Earl of Clancarty. 1818, Jan. 24, Right Hon. Frederick-John Robinson. 1823, Jan. 31, Right Hon. William Huskisson. 1827, Sept. 3, Right Hon. Charles Grant, now Lord Glenelg. 1828, June 11, Right Hon. William-Fitzgerald-Vesey Fitzgerald. 1830, Feb. 2, Right Hon. John-Charles Herries.

Nov. 22, Lord Auckland, late Earl of Auckland. 1834, June 5, Right Hon. Charles-Poulett Thomson.

Dec. 15, Right Hon. Alexander Baring, late Lord Ashburton. 1835, April 18, Lord Sydenham. 1839, Aug. 27, Right Hon. Henry Labouchere. 1841, Sept 6, Earl of Ripon. 1843, May 16, Right Hon. William-Ewart Gladstone. 1845, Feb. 3, Earl of Dalhousie, late Marquess of Dalhousie. 1846, July 6, Earl of Clarendon. 1847, July 22, Right Hon. Henry Labouchere. 1852, Feb. 27, Right Hon. Joseph-Warner Henley.

Dec. 28, Right Hon. Edward Cardwell. 1855, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Lord Stanley, of Alderley. 1858, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Joseph-Warner Henley. 1859, Feb. 26, Right Hon Earl of Donoughmore. (Resigned.) 1859, July 1, Right Hon. Thomas-Milner Gibson.

Vice-President, 1801, Nov. 18, Lord Glenbervie. 1804, Feb. 8, Right Hon. Nathaniel Bond.

June 6, Right Hon. George Rose. 1806, Feb. 5, Earl Temple.

Mar. 30, Right Hon. George Rose. 1812, Sept. 29, Right Hon. Frederick-John Robinson. 1818, Jan. 24, Right Hon. Thomas Wallace. 1823, Jan. 31, Right Hon. Charles Grant. 1828, Jan. 25, Right Hon. Thomas-Frankland Lewis.

Right Hon. Thomas-Peregrine Courtenay. 1830, Nov. 22, Right Hon. Charles-Poulett Thomson.

1834, Dec. 22, Right Hon. Viscount Lowther. 1835, April 18, Right Hon. Henry Labouchere. 1839, Aug. 27, Right Hon. Richard-Lalor Sheil. 1841, June 21, Right Hon. Fox Maule.

Sept. 6, Right Hon. William-Ewart Gladstone. 1843, June 10, Earl of Dalhousie, late Marquess of Dalhousie. 1845, Feb. 5, Right Hon. Sir George Clerk, bart. 1846, July 6, Right Hon. Thomas-Milner Gibson. 1848, May 6, Right Hon. Earl Granville. 1852, Feb. 6, Right Hon. Lord Stanley, of Alderley.

Feb. 27, Right Hon. Lord Colchester.

Dec. 31, Right Hon. Lord Stanley, of Alderley. 1855, Mar.31, Right Hon. Edward-Pleydell Bouverie.

July 30, Right Hon. Robert Lowe. 1858, Feb. 26, Right Hon. Earl of Donoughmore. 1859, Feb. 28, Right Hon. Lord Lovaine.

June 18, Right Hon. James Wilson.

Aug. 10, Right Hon. Francis-William Cowper. (Resigned.) 1860, Feb. 16, Right Hon. William Hutt.

THE CHANCELLOR OF THE DUCHY OF LANCASTER. 1803, Nov. 9, Lord Pelham. 1804, June 6, Lord Mulgrave. 1805, Jan. 14, Earl of Buckinghamshire. 1806, Feb. 12, Earl of Derby. 1807, Mar. 30, Right Hon. Spencer Perceval. 1812, May 23, Earl of Buckinghamshire.

June 22, Right Hon. Charles Bathurst. 1823, Jan. 31, Lord Bexley. 1828, Jan. 26, Earl of Aberdeen.

May 30, Right Hon. Charles Arbuthnot. 1830, Nov. 22, Lord Holland. 1834, Dec. 20, Earl of Haddington.

Dec. 26, Right Hon. Charles-Watkin-Williams Wynn. 1835, April 18, Lord Holland. 1840, Oct. 31, Earl of Clarendon. 1841, June 21, Right Hon. Sir George Grey, bart.

Sept. 6, Lord Granville C. H. Somerset. 1846, July 6, Lord Campbell. 1850, Mar. 6, Earl of Carlisle. 1852, Feb. 27, Right Hon. Robert-Adam Christopher.

Dec. 28, Right Hon. Edward Strutt, now Lord Belper. 1854, June 10, Viscount Granville. 1855, April 5, Right Hon. Earl of Harrowby.

Dec. 7, Right Hon. Matthew-Talbot Baines. 1858, Feb. 26, Duke of Montrose. 1859, June 18, Right Hon. Sir George Grey, bart. 1861, July 20, Right Hon. Edward Cardwell. (Resigned.) 1864, April 4, Right Hon. Earl of Clarendon.

THE ADMIRALTY. [The power of the Lord High Admiral hath, since the reign of Queen Anne,

been executed by commissioners. The statute of Charles II. ascertains his authority in these words :" That the Lord High Admiral for the time being shall have full power and authority to grant commissions to inferior vice-admirals or commanders-in-chief of any squadrons of ships : to call and assemble courts martial, consisting of commanders and captains; and no courts martial, where pain of death shall be inflicted, shall consist of less than five captains at least; the Admiral's lieutenant to be, as to this purpose, esteemed as a captain ; and in no case wherein sentence of death shall pass (by the articles for regulating the government of Her Majesty's ships of war, or any of them), except mutiny, there shalí be execution of such sentence without leave of the Lord High Admiral, if the offence be committed in narrow seas. But in case any of the offences aforesaid be committed in any voyage beyond the narrow seas, then execution shall be done by order of the commander-in-chief.He appoints coroners to view dead bodies found on the coasts, and judges in the High Court of Admiralty. To him belong all fines and forfeitures of all transgressions at sea, and at the sea shore; and in ports, from the first bridge on rivers, to the sea; goods of pirates, waifs, wrecks, &c.]

First Lord. 1797,

Earl Spencer. 1801,

Earl St. Vincent. 1804, May 15, Viscount Melville. 1805, April 30, Lord Barham. 1806, Feb. 11, Right Hon. Charles Grey, late Earl Grey.

Sept. 27, Right Hon. Thomas Grenville. 1808, May 7, Earl of Mulgrave. 1810, May 1, Right Hon. Charles-Philip Yorke. 1812, Mar. 24, Right Hon. Viscount Melville. 1830, Nov. 22, Sir James-Robert-George Graham, bart. 1834, June 5, Lord Auckland.

Dec. 15, Earl of Aberdeen.

Dec. 19, Earl De Grey. 1835, April 18, Lord Auckland, late Earl of Auckland.

Sept. 18, Earl of Minto. 1841, Sept. 6, Earl of Haddington. 1845, Dec. 29, Earl of Ellenborough. 1846, July 3, Earl of Auckland. 1849, Jan. 13, Sir Francis-Thornhill Baring, bart. 1852, Feb. 27, Duke of Northumberland.

Dec. 28, Late Right Hon. Sir Jas. R. G. Graham, bart. 1855, Feb. 28, Right Hon. Sir Charles Wood, bart. 1858, Feb. 26, Rt. Hon. Sir John-Somerset Pakington, bt. (Resigned.) 1959, June 18, Duke of Somerset.

Lords of the Admiralty. 1830, July 24, Sir George Cockburn.

Sir Henry Hotham.
Viscount Castlereagh.

Charles Ross, esq.
1834, June 7, Henry Labouchere, esq.

July 28, Sir William Parker.
Dec. 20, Sir George Cockburn.

Sir John-Poo Beresford, bart.
Sir Charles Rowley.
Lord Ashley.

Right Hon. Maurice Fitzgerald. 1835, April 18, Sir Charles Adam.

Sir William Parker.
Sir E. Thomas Troubridge, bart.
Lord Dalmeny.

Hon. George Elliot. 1837, July 21, Sir Charles Adam.

Sir William Parker.
Sir E. Thomas Troubridge, bart.

Hon. Maurice F. F. Berkeley.
1839, Feb. 26, Sir Samuel-John-Brooke Pechell, bart.
1841, June 22, Capt. Charles-Deans Dundas.
Sept. 4, Sir George Cockburn.

Sir William-Hall Gage.
Sir George-Francis Seymour.
Hon. William Gordon.

Right Hon. Henry-Thomas Lowry-Corry.
1844, May 13, William Bowles, esq.
1845, Feb. 10, Hon. Henry Fitzroy.
1846, Feb. 6, Sir George Cockburn.

Sir William-Hall Gage.
William Bowles, esq.
Hon. Henry Fitzroy.

Hon. Henry-John Rous. 1846, July 7, Sir Charles Adam.

James-Whitley-Deans Dundas, esq.
Lord John Hay.

Hon. William-Francis Cowper.
1850, Jan. 30, Houston Stewart, esq.
1852, Dec. 28, Vice-Admiral Hyde Parker.

Rear-Admiral Maurice F. F. Berkeley.
Rear-Admiral the Hon. R. S. Dundas.
Captain Alexander Milne.

Hon. William-Francis Cowper. 1855, Feb. 16, Vice-Admiral Hon. Sir M. F. F. Berkeley. 1856, Mar. 28, Rear Admiral the Hon. Sir Richard-Saunders Dundas.

Rear-Admiral Henry Eden.

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