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ment for the ensuing fiscal year, stating in clear and explicit terms the quantities and kinds of all articles needed and how and when to be delivered, and shall invite proposals for furnishing the same, by advertising therefor for at least ten days in the official paper.

The provisions of sections 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26, of Chapter I, Article VI, of this Charter, in regard to the advertising for proposals, the form and character of proposals, the affidavit and security accompanying the same, the presentation and opening of proposals, the awarding and entering into of contracts and the security for the performance thereof, shall, so far as the same can be made applicable, apply to all proposals and contracts made, awarded or entered into for furnishing supplies to said Board of Education.

Any contract made in violation of any of said provisions shall be absolutely void, and never form the basis of, or be a claim against the Common School Fund or any other fund.

Sec. 4. Said Board shall, during each year, transmit to the Supervisors of said city and county, a report in writing for the preceding fiscal year, stating the number of schools within its jurisdiction; the length of the time they have been kept open; the number of pupils taught in each school; the daily average attendance of pupils in all the public schools; the number, names and salaries of teachers; the amount of money drawn from the Treasury by the Department during the year, distinguishing the State Funds from all others; from what sources, and the purposes for which such money has been expended, with particulars; and such other information as may be required from it by the State Superintendent, the Supervisors or the Mayor.

Sec. 5. Said Board shall, between the first and thirty-first days of May of each year, adopt a schedule of salaries for teachers and all other employees of the School Department, to take effect on the first day of July following



SECTION 1. The Superintendent of Schools of the City and County of San Francisco shall be ex officio a member of the Board of Education, without the right to yote.

SEC. 2. The Board of Education may appoint three Deputy Superintendents. When the daily average attendance in all the schools reaches 40,000, the Board of Education may appoint an additional Deputy Superintendent; and thereafter the said Board may appoint an additional Deputy Superintendent for each subsequent increase of 7,000 in daily average attendance.

SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to recommend to the Board of Education the dismissal of teachers and the cancellation of their certificates, stating the reasons therefor.

Sec. 4. To observe and enforce all rules and regulations of the Board of Education, and to see that no religious or sectarian books or teachings are allowed in the schools, and to report quarterly to the Board.

SEC. 5. To report to the Board of Education annually, on or before the twentieth day of August, and at such other times as the Board of Education may require, all matters pertaining to the condition and progress of the public schools of said city and county, during the fiscal year, with such recommendation as he may deem proper.

SEC. 6. To attend all sessions of the Board of Education and inform said Board of the condition of the schools, school-houses, and other matters connected therewith; and to recommend such measures as he may deem necessary for the advancement of education in the city and county.

Sec. 7. To notify the Board of Education, at all times, of any waste, misappropriation, or useless expenditure connected with the School Department, that may come to his knowledge.

SEC. 8. To become acquainted with all the laws, rules and regulations governing the Public Schools in the city and county, and to give advice on subjects connected with the Public Schools gratuitously to officers, teachers, pupils and the parents and guardians of pupils.

SEC. 9. To cause the instruction in the Public Schools to be applied as far as possible to the practical affairs of life, to enable pupils to earn a living, and to cultivate a respect for truth, labor and industry.

SEC. 10. The Deputy Superintendents shall assist the Superintendent, and perform such other duties as may be assigned them by the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

Sec. 11. The Superintendent and Deputy Superintendents shall meet at least semi-annually at such times as they may determine for the purpose of holding examinations for the granting of teachers' certificates, examine teachers and recommend to the Board of Education the granting of certificates.

Sec. 12. The Superintendent and Deputy Superintendents shall conduct the competitive examinations of teachers for the primary and grammar classes under the rules prescribed by the Board of Education; and shall report the results of such examinations to said Board.



SECTION 1. The Common School Fund shall be used and applied by said Board of Education as follows, viz.:

1. For the prompt payment of the salaries or wages of the Superintendent, Deputy Superintendents, Teachers, Janitors, School Census Marshals, Secretary and other persons lawfully employed by said Board and in said School Department.

2. For supplying the Schools with fuel, water, apparatus, blanks, blank-books and necessary school appliances and also text books for indigent children.

3. For lighting and heating school rooms and the offices and rooms of said Board, and of the Superinten. dent.

4. For supplying books, printing and stationery for the use of said Board, the Superintendent, and for the incidental expenses of the Department.

5. For the purchase or rent of any real property or personal property purchased or hired by said Board.

6. For the construction, alteration, repairing and furnishing of school houses.

7. For grading, fencing and improving school lots.

8. For the discharge of incumbrances on any school property.

9. For the insurance of such school property as it may deem advisable to insure.

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10. For the payment of interest accruing on school bonds; and for the redemption of the same, as far as the money in said Fund may be realized from the rents of property belonging to the School Department, dedicated to that purpose, or from money appropriated for such purpose by the State or city and county, and paid into such Fund.

SEC. 2. All demands payable out of the Common School Fund shall be filed with the Secretary of the Board of Education, and after they have been approved by the Finance Committee, and the Board of Education, upon an affirmative vote of three members thereof, upon the call of the ayes and noes (which shall be recorded), they shall be signed by the President of said Board, and the Superintendent, and sent to the Auditor. Every demand shall have endorsed upon it a certificate signed by the Secretary of its approval by the Board of Education, showing the date thereof, the vote thereon, and the law authorizing it, by title, date and section. Every person in the employ of the the School Department, entitled to a salary therefrom, shall receive a warrant for the amount due and approved by the Board, signed by the President and Secretary thereof; but the entire monthly salary roll of the Department shall be made up by the Secretary of said Board, and after being audited by the Finance Committee thereof, shall be presented at a regular meeting of said Board for its approval; and if approved by a majority of all the members thereof, upon a call of the ayes and noes (which shall be recorded), shall be endorsed in the same manner as other demands. The salary roll so audited, approved and indorsed, shall be immediately transmitted to the Auditor for comparison with the individual salary warrants issued in the manner above provided; but payment shall be made only on the individual warrants issued in accordance herewith.



SECTION 1. The Board of Education shall, on or before the first Monday of May in each year, report to the Supervisors an estimate of the amount which shall be required during the ensuing fiscal year for the purpose of meeting the current annual expenses of public instruction in said city and county during said ensuing year, specifying the amount required for supplies to be furnished pupils, including text books; for purchasing and procuring sites; for leasing rooms or erecting buildings; for furnishing, fitting up, altering, enlarging and repairing buildings; for the support of schools organized since the last annual apportionment; for the salary of the Superintendent and all persons employed in the School Department, and for other expenditures necessary for the economical administration of the Public School system; but the aggregate amount so reported shall not exceed the sum of thirty-two and fifty one-hundredth dollars for each pupil who in the year ending December 31st, immediately prior thereto, has actually attended the schools entitled to participate in the apportionment. The average number of pupils attending the schools during any one year shall be ascertained by adding together the number of days' attendance of said pupils during the year, and dividing the same by the number of school days in the year.

SEC. 2 The Supervisors at the time and in the manner of levying and collecting other city and county taxes shall levy and cause to be collected for the Common School Fund a tax which shall produce an amount of money which, added to the revenue derived from other sources, shall not exceed thirty-two and fifty one-hundredth dollars for each pupil, as ascertained and reported by said Board.

Sec. 3. No school in which the religious doctrines or tenets of any particular religious sect are taught, inculcated or practiced, or in which any book containing compositions favorable or prejudicial to the doctrine or tenets of any particular religious sect is used, shall receive any portion of the school moneys; nor shall any such book or teachings or practices be permitted in the public schools.

SEC. 4. Any member or officer of the Board of Educution who shall, while in office, accept any donation or gratuity in money, or of any valuable thing, either directly or indirectly, from any teacher, or candidate, or applicant for position as teacher, upon any pretense whatever, shall be removed from office by the Board of Education and shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

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