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5. It contains clear and concise statements of principles and rules.

6. It is characterized by the copiousness and freshness of the illustrative drill-examples.

It was my good fortune, more than thirty years ago, to be a student under that most critical and scholarly elocutionist and Normal-school instructor, Professor William Russell; and it is natural that I should follow in the steps of my revered instructor. I am also indebted to many excellent manuals on elocution for principles and examples that constitute the common stock of matter on this subject.

I am under obligations to the publishers of the works of American authors for permission to make short extracts from their publications, and in particular, to Houghton, Mifflin & Co., for extracts from Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, Lowell, and Emerson.


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3. Psalm of Life . 4. Apostrophe to the Ocean. 5. Battle of Waterloo 6. Santa Filomena 7. The Death Struggle 8. Sandalphon 9. The Old Continentals 10. The Winds 11. The Day is Done 12. The Battlefield 13. Hymn to Mont Blanc 14. Morning Hymn 15. Thanatopsis 16. Gray's Elegy 17. Daniel Webster 18. St. Augustine's Ladder 19. Ring Out, Wild Bells 20. Summer Rain. 21. Hymn to the North Star 22. The American Flag 23. The Chambered Nautilus 24. Kentucky Belle 25. The Charcoal Man. 26. Grandmother's Story of Bunker Hill

H. W. Longfellow 342

Lord Byron 344

Lord Byron 346 H. W. Longfellov 347

Sir Walter Scott 349 H. W. Longfellow 350

McMasters 352 William Cullen Bryant 354

H. W. Longfellow 356 Williain Cullen Bryant 357

Coleridge 359

366 Oliver Wendell Holmes 371 H. W. Longfellow 373

Tennyson 375 James Russell Lowell 376 William Cullen Bryant 377

Drake 379 Oliver Wendell Holmes 381 Constance F. Woolson 382

Trowbridge 389 0. W. Holmes 391

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