Contemporary Sociological Theory

SAGE Publications, 20 sept. 2012 - 768 pages
Written by award-winning scholar, Jonathan Turner, Contemporary Sociological Theory covers the range of diversity of theory in nine theoretical traditions, and variants of theoretical approaches in these traditions. The result is a comprehensive review of present-day theorizing in sociology covering functional, evolutionary, ecological, conflict, interactionist, exchange, structuralist, cultural, and critical theories and the major proponents of these theories. Moreover, for each theoretical tradition, it origins are examined in a separate chapter with an eye to how classical theorists influenced the work of key contemporary scholars.

This book will serve as a valuable resource for those readers seeking in-depth and comprehensive coverage of contemporary traditions in their historical contexts. Unlike many texts, coverage is comprehensive and deep. The theories and their origins are examined in detail so that readers can fully understand the origins and present profile of theories in present-day sociology.


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Table des matières

The Nature of Sociological Theory
Assessing Diverse Theoretical Approaches
Going Forward
The Rise of Functionalist Theorizing
Functionalism and Émile Durkheim
Talcott Parsons Analytical Functionalism
Niklas Luhmanns Systems Functionalism
Luhmanns General Systems Approach
Status and Emotions
Dramaturgical Theories
Unfocused Interaction
Extensions of Goffmanian Dramaturgy
Randall Collins on Interaction Rituals
Ethnomethodological Theories
Harvey Sacks Analysis of Conversational Turn Taking

Luhmanns Conception of Social Evolution
The Functional Differentiation of Society
Efforts to Revitalize Functionalism
The Rise of Evolutionary and Ecological Theorizing
Émile Durkheims BioEcological Analogy
The Rise of Ecological Theory in Sociology
The New Darwinism in the Social Sciences
Ecological Theories
Amos H Hawleys Return to MacroLevel Ecological Theory
Stage Theories of Societal Evolution
DarwinianInspired Evolutionary Theories
Evolutionary Psychology
The Rise of Conflict Theorizing
Karl Marx and Conflict Theory
Georg Simmel and Conflict Theory
Early Analytical Conflict Theories
Lewis Cosers Conflict Functionalism
Jonathan Turners Synthesis of Coser and Dahrendorf
Randall Collins Analytical Conflict Theory
Ritual and Emotions
Marxian Conflict Theories
NeoMarxian WorldSystems Analysis
Conflict Theories in HistoricalComparative
The Rise of Interactionist and Phenomenological
Early European Insights
Building on Early Interactionist Insights
George J McCall and J L Simmons Theory of Identity
Jonathan H Turners Theory on Transactional Needs
Status Theories
Emanuel Schegloffs Conversational Analysis
The Rise of Exchange Theorizing
Psychological Behaviorism and Exchange Theory
Exchange Theory in the Contemporary
Early Exchange Theories
Blaus Dialectical Exchange Theory
Richard Emersons PowerDependence Theory of Exchange
Rational Choice Theories
ExchangeNetwork Theories
Edward J Lawlers Network Exchange Theory
Molms Theoretical Program
Early Structural and Cultural Theories
The American Structural Tradition in Social Psychology
Cultural Theories
Pierre Bourdieu
Alexander on Cultural Pragmatics
Structuration Theory
Network Analysis
Patterns and Configurations of Ties
The Rise of Critical Theory
The Rise of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory
AmericanStyle Critical Theory
Critical Theories of the Frankfurt School
The Goal of Critical Theory
Postmodern Critical Theories
Economic Postmodernism
Cultural Postmodernism
AmericanStyle Critical Theories
Critical Theories on Race and Ethnicity

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À propos de l'auteur (2012)

Jonathan H. Turner (PhD, Cornell University) is Distinguished Professor of sociology at the University of California at Riverside and University Professor for the University of California. The leading authority on sociological theory, Dr. Turner is the author of 38 influential books, which have been published in twelve different languages, as well as the author of many research articles in numerous journals and books.

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