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Appropria SEC. 3. That the appropriations for the enforcement and

execution of the provisions of the Acts to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads are hereby made available for carrying out the provisions of this Act.

Public, No. 98, approved, February 23, 1905, third session Fifty-eighth Congress.


Act to regulate commerce, Public No. 41, approved February 4, 1887, secund
session, Forty-ninth Congress.

Section 6 (as amended March 2, 1889), printing and posting of schedules of
rates, fares, and charges .

Section 10 (as amended March 2, 1889), penalties for violation of act by car-
riers or when the carrier is a corporation.....

Section 12 (as amended March 2, 1889, and February 10, 1891), power and
duty of Commission to inquire into business of carriers..

Section 14 (as amended March 2, 1889), Commission must make report of
investigations .

Section 16 (as amended March 2, 1889), petition to United States courts in
cases of disobedience to order of Commission ...

Section 17 (as amended March 2, 1889), Interstate Commerce Commission form
of procedure

Section 18 (as amended), salaries of Commissioners; secretary, how appointed;
salary of employees; office and supplies..

Section 21 (as amended March 2, 1889), annual reports of the Commission to
be transmitted to Congress on or before December 1 in each year.

Section 22 (as amended March 2, 1889, and February 8, 1893), persons and
property that may be carried free or at reduced rates

New section (added March 2, 1889), jurisdiction of United States courts to

issue writs of peremptory mandamus commanding the movement of inter-

state traffic or the furnishing of cars or other transportation facilities...... 22
An act in relation to testimony and attendance of witnesses and production of

documentary evidence before the Commission and in any case criminal or
otherwise in the courts. Public No. 54, approved February 11, 1893, second
session, Fifty-second Congress.

An act to promote the safety of employees and travelers upon railroads by com-

pelling common carriers engaged in interstate commerce to equip their cars
with automatic brakes and couplers and their locomotives with driving-
wheel brakes, and for other purposes. Public No. 113, approved March 3,
1893; amended April 1, 1896.

Section 6 (as amended April 1, 1896), penalty for violation of the provisions

of this act. Public No. 70, approved April 1, 1896, first session, Fifty-fourth

An act to amend an act entitled "An act to promote the safety of employees

and travelers upon railroads by compelling common carriers engaged in inter-
state commerce to equip their cars with automatic couplers and continuous
brakes and their locomotives with driving-wheel brakes, and for other pur-
poses.” This act as amended shall apply to all equipment of any railroad
engaged in interstate commerce in Territories and District of Columbia. Pub-
lic No. 133, approved March 2, 1903, second session, Fifty-seventh Congress.. 25-27


An act to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from the

Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. Government aided railroad and tele-
graph lines must themselves maintain and operate said lines. Public No.
237, approved August 7, 1888, first session, Fiftieth Congress ...

An act requiring common carriers to make monthly reports of railway acci-

dents. Public No. 171, approved March 3, 1901, second session; Fifty-sixth

An act to further regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the

States (Elkins-Mann Act). Public No. 103, approved February 19, 1903,
second session Fifty-seventh Congress...

An act to protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monop-

olies (Sherman antitrust act). Public No. 190, approved July 2, 1890, first
session Fifty-first Congress

Extract from the Wilson tariff act. Public No. 227, became a law August 27,

1894, second session, Fifty-third Congress, without the President's signature
(antitrust amendment)

Extract from the Dingley tariff act. Public No. 11, approved July 24, 1897,
first session Fifty-fifth Congress (antitrust amendment) ...

An act to expedite the hearing and determination of suits in equity pending

or hereafter brought under the act of July 2, 1890, entitled "An act to pro-
tect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies," "An
act to regulate commerce," approved February 4, 1887, or any other act
having a like purpose that may be hereafter enacted. Public No. 82,

approved February 11, 1903, second session Fifty-seventh Congress.... 36-37
Extract from the Department of Commerce and Labor act, Public No. 87,

approved February 14, 1903, second session Fifty-seyenth Congress.. 37-38
Bureau of Corporations .

Extract from legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation act. Public

No. 115, approved February 25, 1903, second session Fifty-seventh Congress,
appropriation to Attorney-General to enforce interstate-commerce and anti-
trust acts

Extract from the general deficiency appropriation act. Public No. 156,

approved March 3, 1903, second session Fifty-seventh Congress, assistants
to Attorney-General..

An act to promote the security of travel upon railroads engaged in interstate
commerce, and to encourage the saving of life..


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