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1697-8 9 & 10 Gul. III. 47 R. An Act for erecting workhouses and houses of

correction in the town of Kingston-upon-

Hull, for the employment and maintenance
of the poor there.

Recites that, it was found by experience that
the poor in the town of Kingston-upon-Hull do
daily multiply, and through idleness or want
of employment and sufficient authority to
compel them thereunto, become indigent and
disorderly; and, that many poor children that
might be taught to get themselves a main-1
tenance, are accustomed to begging and wan- en
derings, against which public mischief sufficient

redress hath not been provided. He

i b. It is enacted, that from 1st June, 1698, there Det e r til

shall be a corporation consisting of the Mayor,

recorder and aldermen, and twenty-four other o

persons to be elected by the inhabitants, pay.

ing 2d. per week poor rates.
2 That the corporation be called the governor,

deputy governor, assistants and guardians of RA

the poor, may sue and be sued by that name, S

m ay purchase lands and elect officers,
3 Penalty on persons elected officers, not sery-

ing. The 1

4 . Time and manner of holding courts.

51 Corporation empowered to have a Common fro m

Seal, make By-Laws, purchase and erect Work

h ouses, take up idle persons, and set children to tissim w ork and bind them apprentices.

Court may inflict punishment on poor per

sons misbehaving.
LIOS 7.1 Sums necessary for erecting Workhouse (not

exceeding £2000,) and for maintenance of the
poor (not exceeding what had been paid in
any one of the preceding years) to be certified
by the corporation to the Mayor, Recorder and
Aldermen, who shall cause the same to be

raised and levied by taxation of every in-

habitant, and of all lands, houses, tythes imE l

propriate, appropriation of tythes, and all stocks
tal com o and estates in the said town and the lordship of

Myton, in equal proportions according to their
h e respective values, and apportion the same upon

each parish and precinct within the said town,

a nd shall cause the churchwardens and overlendis 9.

seers of the poor of each respective parish to Tal 180o

assess and levy the same, and to pay the same
od Pore

u nto the treasurer or treasurers of the said
t eorit
corporation for the time being. I

os h o | 8 Persons aggrieved may appeal. Este
A t o t 9 If Mayor refuse to issue warrant for the

| assessment of the rate, corporation empowered

| to issue warrants for that purpose.

110 Any person giving £50 may be elected a 1999 het o m

guardian, Pub

Corporation to provide for the poor, and set
virsroo ono ko

idle persons to work.
or it to 112 Alms Houses not to be subject to the cor-

p oration.

Corporation may choose other officers and allow them salaries.


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laseros bus sa 14+ Officers exempted from Penalties of 25
doqu-notag i Charles II. for preventing dangers from popish
Engikut be r ecusants.

| 15 Officers to account, &c.
par: 9979 |16Penalties how to be levied.
POH JO 1 7| Charitable donations to be paid to the cor-

p oration,
Agalaus 18 Persons sued may plead the general issue,

and give special matter in evidence. Act
10 hid

d eclared to be a public act. 1698.9 | 11 Gul. HII. 18

B. An Act for the more effectual punishment of

vagrants, and sending them whither by law

t hey ought to be sent.
S 8 Recital, that there is an ancient hospital or

corporation in the town of Kingston upon-Hull,

called or known by the name of the guild or su

brotherhood of masters and pilots seamen of

the Trinity-House, in Kingston-upon-Hull, Preez

founded upon the encouragement of shipping lombons

and navigation, and for the relief of poor dis-
S60 Vo

t ressed seamen, their widows and children,

within the said town of Kingston-upon-Hull.
1922ex ib. And reciting that by an act passed in the 9th

and 10th Gul. III, intituled An Act for erect1. me o

ing work houses and houses of correction, in the 2 95

town of Kingston-upon-Hull, for the employR

o be ment and maintenance of the poor there, Resor a

wherein is contained a clause, that all charitable

gifts, devises and dispositions that shall hereGMO

after be given. devised, or disposed to or for the T est si

use of the said town, or of any place within the Lososa

same, shall be paid to the corporation in the bo sa

said act mentioned, to and for the use of the sa 099

poor of the said town; by which clause all gifts sneyghedh TRS

made by seafaring men, or others, well disposed

for the endowment of the said hospital of the bot 362

Trinity-House, in Kingston-upon-Hull, for the
| better and further maintenance of the said dis-

tressed seamen, their widows and children, are
or may be prevented or discouraged to bestow
any charitable, benefaction thereon, lest the
same should be or be claimed, to be applied to

the use of the poor of the said town, in general,

contrary to the intention of such benefactors, I i

by means whereof the said hospital is likely to
be greatly prejudiced by the clause aforesaid,

and other clauses in the said act.
sds to a lib.

. It is enacted that the said clause shall be reconcha

pealed, and that neither the said clause, or any other thing in the said act contained, shall affect |

the said hospital or corporation of the Trinitybawogist

House, or to the prejudice of the poor belonging

thereto, but shall stand repealed and void. Argibyste 17076 Anne. 62

An Act for the public registering of all deeds,

conveyances, wills, and other incumbrances
within the East Riding of the county of
York, or the town and county of the town

of Kingston-upon-Hull, after the 29th Sept,


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That, by reason of the great increase in the
number of inhabitants in the said Town since
the making of the said recited act, (which is
computed to be about one half more than it
was then, and is yet increasing) the poor is
become so numerous that the sums raised, with
the revenues and other incomes of the said cor-
poration, are not sufficient for the maintenance
of the said poor. It is enacted, that after the
Ist May, 1742, the corporation shall be em-
Powered to ascertain and certify such sum ás
shall be necessary for the maintenance of the
poor, not exceeding in any one year £650, to
be apportioned and assessed by the Mayor &c.

Disposition of the Money.
Penalty for neglect of duty.
Power to deduct charges of distraining.

Corporation invested with powers of the
former act.

Power to displace or remove Guardians.

All the powers of former act to extend to

this act.
8.9 Mayor and Aldermen not to make alterations

in assessments, but in open court at Quarter

Sessions on appeal.
10 Limitation of actions.
11| Persons sued may plead the general issue,

and give special matter in evidence, and re-
cover treble costs,

Act declared to be a public act.
1744 17 Geo. II. 25 E. An Act for repairing the Road between the

town of Kingston-upon-Hull and the town of
Beverley, in the East Riding of the county

of York.
1745 | 18 Geo. 11. 4. E. An Act for repairing the Road leading from the

town of Kingston-upon-Hull, to and through
the town of Anlaby, and from thence to the
town of Kirkella, in the county of the said

town of Kingston-upon-Hull.
1745 | 18 Geo. II. | 6 E. An Act for repairing the Road leading from a

gate commonly called Sacred Gate, on the
south east side of the town of Hedon, in the
East Riding of the county of York, through

the said town to Hull North Bridge. 174821 Geo. II. 16 | An Act for vesting the equity of redemption of

divers messuages, lands, and hereditaments,
in Kingston-upon-Hull, and the county of
York, late the estate of George Dawson, Esq.
deceased, in Roper Dawson, his eldest son
and heir, upon his undertaking to discharge
the several incumbrances affecting the same,
and to make a provision for his brothers and

1755 | 28 Geo. II. | 27 R.* An Act for explaining, amending, and mak-

ing more effectual several acts of parliament
relating to the maintenance and employment
of the poor of the town of Kingston-upon-Hull,

and for better paving, preserving, and cleans-1
* Repealed so far as relates to the Poor.

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Svoogt va n a ing the streets, squares, lanes, and alleys, in
anos Duis

the said town, and preventing obstructions EFT, H P

therein, and for preserving the lamps which

shall be set up to enlighten the streets of the to be

said town, and securing the property of such Ti

l amps to the owners.

od Recites 9 and 10 Gul. III, c. 47. Listed


8 Anne,c. 24.

15 Geo. II, c. 10.
| That, by reason of the continual increase of

the poor in the said town, under the care of the
said corporation, since the last recited act, the
sum of £650 thereby provided to be allowed,
and yearly raised, as aforesaid, together with
the revenues and other incomes of the said cor-
poration are not sufficient to maintain the said

It is enacted, That after the 1st May, 1755,
the said Corporation shall certify unto the
Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen of the said
town in manner as in the first recited act is

prescribed, what weekly, monthly, or other

sum or sums of money shall be necessary for

the maintenance of the poor of the said town,
under the care of the corporation, so as the sum
or sums to be certified as aforesaid, do not in
any one year exceed in the whole the sum of
£1000, except as thereinafter mentioned, which
shall be raised, assessed, and levied, as in the
recited acts are directed.

Disposition of the money.

Power for the Governor, deputy Governor, and Guardians, to certify such additional sums as may be necessary, to the Mayor, &c. to be assessed, raised, and levied, as by the recited

acts is prescribed. Estosa 10

Seven days to be allowed to the Mayor and 1D

| Aldermen to issue their warrants for such as
07 30 75127

sessment, and seven days after such assessment
for levying and paying the sums so assessed.

The Governor, or Deputy Governor, and six

| Guardians to be a court, or assembly, for all the
ysi sonda

purposes of this act, or the recited acts, (except

as to certifying for additional sums.)
fi 110


Persons not providing for their wives, or
children, to be taken up and set to work in the

90 basato 11 Governor during the intervals of courts to

order reasonable punishment on persons in the

workhouse misbehaving.

12 In case of death or removal of Guardians, adt gates

others to be chosen. b ara

13 Overseers to collect arrears during three

| months after their office shall have expired. L T 210 Y 10 | 14 | Not to take away or lessen the power of the

corporation to levy upon the goods of over

seers such sums as he should have collected,
59995 wobi 109

| levied, or paid.
wala bus
wa U

1 5

Recited acts continued (except such clauses
-bagai jen

&c. as are thereby or by any other act repealed, vs Su


altered, or otherwise provided for.) lo tha

1 6 | Lamps, Scavengers, &c.

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