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13, 564. 96 2, 602. 65

Outstanding liabilities June 30, 1945

Balance available June 30, 1945 Accounts receivable June 30, 1945

Unobligated balance available June 30, 1945 Amount allotted in July, 1945

Unobligated balance available for fiscal year 1946 Amount that can be profitably expended in fiscal year ending

June 30, 1947 for maintenance 1 Exclusive of available funds.

16, 167. 61 10,000.00

26, 167. 61

21, 000.00



[blocks in formation]


Cost and financial summary Undistributed costs June 30, 1945

$61, 481. 63 Net total cost to June 30, 1945

61, 481. 63 Plus accounts receivable June 30, 1945

3, 101.90

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Balance unexpended June 30, 1945

120, 526.00

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Status of all investigations for flood control called for by flood control acts

and committee resolutions


Authorization act

Date trans-
mitted to




Flood Control Act,
Aug. 28, 1937.


Cumberland River at Nashville, Tenn. com

prehensive flood protection plans. Cumberland River and tributaries, in vicin

ity of Nashville, Tenn. Cumberland River, construction of reservoirs

above Letcher-Harlan County line, Ky.

(Poor Fork). Emery River and tributaries, Tenn Obed River, Tenn.

Flood Control Com

mittee resolution,

May 2, 1939. Flood Control Act,

Aug. 18, 1941. Flood Control Committee resolution, Aug. 2, 1939.


LOUISVILLE, KY., DISTRICT This district comprises southeastern Illinois, all of Indiana except the northern and southeastern portions, a very small portion of western Ohio, western central Kentucky, and a small portion of northern central Tennessee embraced in the drainage basin of the Ohio River and tributaries (exclusive of the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers) from mile 556.2 (below Pittsburgh) just above Madison, Ind., to the mouth.

District engineer: Col. J. H. Veal, Corps of Engineers, to December 27, 1944, and Col. Gilbert Van B. Wilkes, Corps of Engineers, since that date.

Division engineer: Col. C. L. Hall, Corps of Engineers.



Flood control-Continued

Page 1. Locks and dams Nos. 41 17. Evansville, Ohio River and 43–53, Ohio River.- 1439 Basin, Ind.

1515 2. Ohio River, open-channel 18. Harrisburg, Ohio River work

Basin, Ill.

1518 3. Green, Barren, and Nolin 19. Golconda, Ohio River Basin, Rivers and Bear Creek,


1520 Ky.

1488 20. Paducah, Ohio River Basin, 4. Rough River, Ky.


1522 5. Examinations, surveys and 21. Brookport, Ohio River Bacontingencies (general) 1494 sin, Ili.

1524 6. Other navigation projects 22. Mounds and Mound City, for which no estimates

Ohio River Basin, Ill..-- 1526 are submitted

1495 23. Ohio River Basin, Louis7. Plant allotment

ville, Ky., District--- 1529

Flood control

24. Emergency

work under authority of 8. Gill Township levee unit,

the Flood Control Act Wabash River, Ind. 1496

approved August 18, 9. Brevoort levee, Wabash


1532 River, Ind.

1498 25. Emergency flood-control 10. Levee Unit No. 5, Wabash

work under authority of River, Ind.


Public Laws Nos. 138 11. Muncie, Ind., flood wall and

and 318, Seventy-eighth channel improvement 1503

Congress, and Public 12. Indianapolis, Warfleigh

Law No. 75, Seventy-
levee, Ind.
1505 ninth Congress

1533 13. Indianapolis, Fall Creek 26. Preliminary examinations, levee, Ind.


surveys, and contingen14. Levee Unit No. 8, West

cies for flood control --- 1534 Fork of White River, Ind. 1508 27. Other flood-control projects 15. Jeffersonville - Clarksville,

for which no estimates Ohio River Basin, Ind.-- 1510 are submitted

1535 16. Louisville, Ohio River 28. Plant allotment (flood conBasin, Ky.



1. LOCKS AND DAMS NOS. 41 AND 43–53, OHIO RIVER For report on this improvement, see p. 1439.

2. OHIO RIVER, OPEN CHANNEL WORK For report on this improvement, see p. 1446.


Location.Green River rises in Casey County, Ky., flows in a northwesterly direction 370 miles, and empties into the Ohio River about 8 miles above Evansville, Ind.

Barren River rises in Monroe County, Ky., flows in a northwesterly direction 130 miles, and empties into Green River one-half mile above lock No. 4 and 149.5 miles above the mouth of Green River.

Bear Creek rises in Grayson County, Ky., flows in a southerly direction 40 miles, and empties into Green River 0.3 mile above new lock No. 5 and 168.4 miles above the mouth of Green River.

Nolin River rises in Larue County, Ky., flows in a southwesterly direction about 105 miles, and empties into the Green River 1.8 miles above lock No. 6 and 183.5 miles above the mouth of Green River.

Existing project. This provides for the purchase of improvements made prior to 1884 by the State of Kentucky, consisting of locks and dams Nos. 1 to 1, Green River, and No. 1, Barren River, which gave a continuous 4-foot depth for navigation from Bowling Green, on the Barren River, to the mouth of Green River; the reconstruction of lock No. 2, Green River; the upstream extension of slack-water navigation on Green River to Mammoth Cave, Ky., by the construction of locks and dams Nos. 5 and 6 and by the removal of snags and slides; the construction of new locks at dam No. 1, Barren River, and at dam No. 5, Green River; the raising of the crest of dam No. 5, Green River, 2 feet, by means of a movable A-frame top; the improvement of Nolin River by the removal of obstructive bars, boulders, overhanging rocks, and snags; and the improvement of Bear Creek by removing snags and widening the bends.

The project for Green River extends from the mouth to Mammoth Cave, Ky., a distance of 197.8 miles; for Barren River from the mouth to Bowling Green, Ky., a distance of 30.1 miles; for Nolin River from the mouth to Meredith Ferry, a distance of 734 miles; and for Bear Creek, Ky., for a distance of 8 miles above its mouth. The navigable depth of the improved portions is limited to 5.5 feet by the elevations of the existing lock miter sills.

Fluctuations in stage vary considerably at the different locks. At lock No. 3, Green River, ordinary fluctuations due to high stages are from 12 to 15 feet above the pool level, and at lock No. 1, Barren River, from 7 to 10 feet above pool. The maximum stages of record are 34 feet above normal pool stage at lock No. 3, Green River, and 29 feet at lock No. 1, Barren River. These stages were obtained during the floods of 1937 and 1913, respectively.

The principal data concerning the locks and dams are shown in the following table:

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][graphic][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed][ocr errors][subsumed][subsumed][subsumed]

1 At normal pool dam 48, Ohio River.
* Distance from mouth of Green River is 164.5 miles.
a With movable A-frame crest 3 feet high.
* Includes $4,033.50 for purchase of land.
Does not include $179,434.58, cost of old lock and dam No. 5.

• Ineludes $729,269 for the new large lock completed in 1934, of which $1,800 was for purchase of land.

The estimated cost of new work in Green and Barren Rivers, revised in 1930, is $2,796,540; of new work in Nolin River, $15,000; and of new work in Bear Creek, $23,000, of which $10,000 is to be contributed by local interests; a total of $2,834,540.

The estimated cost of the maintenance of the channel in Green, Barren, and Nolin Rivers, revised in 1942, is $25,000; and in Bear Creek, made in 1927, $500 per annum. The estimate of annual cost of operation and care of the locks and dams, revised in 1942, is $65,000.

The existing project was authorized by the following river and harbor acts:

672607–46—pt. 1, vol. 2-18

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