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Even though it's intended for experienced developers, it helped me understand some of the tricky issues that I was running into just starting out. Read full review

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I am tempted to state right away that this book is one of these rare “gems”!
Absolutely worth every penny spent and perhaps even more in a way of getting more done in less time or even just can be
used to advance professionally.
So big thank you to Alex Martelli and David Ascher!
I can’t imagine how much time, energy, insight and effort the authors put into this book, but it is sure one of the longest professional books I have ever read.
By the way, my mobile ebook reader application displayed a status of 46 Hrs 28 min to completion after me reading the 1st 6% of the ebook. Your speed may vary.
Like I said, this book is very comprehensive at 608 pages long and touches most, if not all, aspects a typical IT pro would deal with in his or her professional life. It may appear though very dry, and in my opinion it should be, but it is the book to come back to again and again, time after time, year after year, so if you need a single specific recipe, you will not feel the book is very short thanks to the way it is structured.
I happen to actually use this book to cope with several assignments at work involving some medium to high complexity data processing for reporting purposes, thus more than a few recipes were used.
Namely, these were “Strings and Text” Ch. 2, “Numbers, Dates and Times” Ch. 3, “Files and I/O” Ch. 4, then hopped to “Functions” Ch. 7, which followed by “Parsing, Modifying and Rewriting XML” Ch. 6.6 and finally landed on “Integrating with a Relational Database” Ch. 6.8. I wish though chapter 7 “Functions” would precede most others because I think it belongs right after “Iterators and generators” which I needed to use as I expanded my program.
I must tell each did its magic, after all Python excels on processing text! The reading continued in a free-form manner thereafter.
Now let me expand a little about my personal experience: it was the 2nd ebook reading on my newly acquired Samsung Galaxy 8 Note after reviewing a previous book and this time the experience on my mobile device using MoonReaderPro (that was updated to the latest version which supposed to take care of many bugs) just prior to using it unfortunately was not that great. Specifically the formatting aspect and namely the code portion of the ebook. I do not know who to blame but the code text appeared lost its line feed positions as well as syntax highlighting. Sadly, I was not able to complete the .mobi ebook on my tablet resorting to using Foxit on my old laptop. To just articulate the issue, I am providing with two side by side screen shots from each application:
I still, nevertheless give this book the well deserved 5 out of 5 rating because it does deliver very well what was it has promised.
PS: my full review is at

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