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produce a certificate of having taken the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty, before some one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County in which he shall be a resident; and all Justices of the Peace are hereby authorized to administer such oath of allegiance : Provided also, that any such certificate of qualifica- Certificate may

be general or lition, shall be general, as regards the County, or mited, limited as to time or place, at the pleasure of the majority of the members of the County Board of Public Instruction present at such examination : Provided likewise, that every such Must have the certificate shall have the signature of at least one signature of one

local Superintenlocal Superintendent of Schools.

dent of Schools. Thirdly. To select (if deemed expedient), from To select text

books for schools, a list of text. books recommended or authorized by from the general

authorized list. the Council of Public Instruction, such books as they shall think best adapted for the use of the Common Schools of such County or Circuit; and to ascertain and re- To facilitate the

procuring of such commend the best facilities for procuring such books. Books." Fourthly. To 'adopt all such lawful means in To provide for

the establishment their power as they shall judge expedient, to advance of a county school

library. the interests and usefulness of Common Schools, to

To promote the promote the establishment of School Libraries, and interests of

schools and the to diffuse useful knowiedge in such County or diffusion of useful Circuit.

knowledge generally.

XXX. And be it enacted, that each Local Su- LocalSuperinten-

dent of Schools. perintendent of Common Schools, appointed as pro To be entitled to

a remuneration of vided for in the twenty-seventh section of this Act,

not less than one shall be entitled, annually, to not less than one pound per school

under his charge, pound currency per School placed under his charge, together with any additional remuneration or allowance which the Council appointing him shall grant ; and such Su- mo

To be paid quarperntendent shall be paid the same in quarterly in- terly by the trea

· Burer of the counstalments by the County Treasurer. XXXI. And be it enacted, That it shall be the Duties of Local

Superintendents daty of each Local Superintendent of Schools : . of Schools,


Todistribute the First. As soon as he shall have received from common school fund among the the County Clerk a notification of the amount of several school

money apportioned to the Township or Townghips sections accord. ing in the ratio of within the limits of his charge, to apportion the attendance,inless Otherwise direct: same (unless otherwise instructed by the Chief Sued.

perintendent of Schools), among the several school sections entitled to receive it, according to the rates of the average attendance of pupils attending each Common School, (the mean attendance of pupils for both summer and winter being taken), as compared with the whole average number of pupils attending the Common Schools of such Township. On the order of Secondly. To give to any qualified Teacher, and trustees to give cheques to teach- to no other, on the order of the Trustees of any ers upon the

school section, a cheque upon the County Treasurer country or subcounty treasurer or sub-Treasurer, for any eum or sums of money for school' mo.

apportioned and due to such section : Provided alConditions of ways, that he shall not pay any such order of the giving cheques.

met Trustees of any school section, from whom no satisfactory annual school report shall have been received for the year ending the last day of the December preceding ; nor unless it shall appear by such report, that a school has been kept by a qualified Teacher in such section for at least six months during the year Such conditions ending the data of such repori : Provided aiso, not to apply to that the foregoing condition shall not apply to the

order or orders of Trustees in any new school sec.

tion, for money apportioned and due to such section. To visit each Thirdly. To visit each Common School within school at least orice a-quarter. his jurisdiction, at least once in each quarter ; and Duties at such

at the time of each such visit to examine into the visitations.

state and condition of the School, as respects the progress of the pupils in learning, the order and discipline observed, the system of instruction pursued, the mode of keeping the school registers, the average attendance of pupils, the character and condition of the buiiding and premises, and to give such advice as he shall judge proper. To deliver a pub Fourthly. To deliver in each school section, at lic lecture in each school section at least once a year, a public lecture on some subject least once a-year. connected with the objects, principles, and means of




meetings of the

of practical education ; and to do all in his power Topics of syeh lo persuade and animate parents, guardians, Trustees Other duties. and Teachers, to improve the character and efficiency of the Common Schools, and secure the universal and sound education of the young.

Fifthly. To see that all the schools are managed To enforce the and conducted according to law; to prevent the To recommend use of unauthorized, and to recommend the use of

the use of author

ized text-books; authorized books in each school; to acquire and and to facilitate

the procuring of give information as to the manner in which suchen authorized books can be obtained, and the economy and advantages of using them.'

Sixthly, To attend the meetings of the County To attend the Board of Public Instruction ; to meet and confer county Board of

Public Instruction with the Chief Superintendent of Schools at such

Tomeet and contime and place as he may appoint when making an fer with the Chief

Superintendent of official visit to such county, for the promotion of the

Schools in his interests. of Education. . in

official visits to

such county. Seventhly. To attend the Arbitrations, and to To attend arbi

trations for the meet the Townreeves as provided for in the twelfth settlement of cerand eighteenth sections of this Act ; to decide upon

tain questions of

dispute. any other questions of difference which may arise

other questions of between interested parties under the operation of this or any preceding Act, and which may be sub- tion. mitted to him ; Provided always, that he may, if

Or(proviso) refer he shall deem it advisnble, refer any such question to the Chief Superintendent of Schools : Provided

Proviso: also, that any aggrieved or dissatisfied party, in aggrieved or dis

satisfied parties any case not otherwise provided for by this Act, may appealin shall have the right of appeal to the Chief Superio- certain cases. tendent of Schools.' "

. . Eighthly. To suspend the certificate of qualifica- To suspend certi

ficates of qualifition of any Teacher, for any cause which shall ap- cation in certain pear to him to require it, until the next ensuing meeting of the County Board of Public Instruction, where the case shall be disposed of in such manner as a majority of the members present shall think proper : Provided always, that The cancelling or due notice shall be given to the Teacher suspended, eacher's certifi

To decide upon

dispute at discre

them to the Chief Superintendent of Schools. .



of a

cate of qualifica of such meeting of the County Board : Provided tiongata release his trustees from also, that the cancelling or suspension of a Teachobligation to con." ērš certificate of qualificatioll, shall release his ţiaue him in their employment.** School Trustees from any obligation to continue

him in their employment. To observe all, Ninthly. To act in accordance with the regulalawful regulations and instructions lations and instructions which shall be provided acin the discharge of his duties.

cording to law; to give any, information in his To give iaforma power, (when desired), to the Chief Superintendent tion to the Chief Superintendent of Schools, respecting any Common School matter when desired.

within his jurisdiction ; to furnish the County AuTo account to the county audi

audio ditors, when required, with the Trustees' orders as tors, &c. the authority for his cheques upon the County or Sub-Treasurer for School moneys ; to deliver copies of his official correspondence and all school papers in his custody, to the order of the County Council on retiring from office. To prepare and Tenthly. To prepare and transmit to the Chief transmit an annual school te. Superintendent of Schools, on or before the first port to the Chief Superintendent.

day of March, an annual report, which shall be in such form as shall be provided by the said Chief Su

perintendent and which shall state :- . Contents of such i Ist. The whole number of schools and school report,

. sections or parts of sections in each' Township

within his jurisdiction. ;) Number of 2nd. The number of pupils taught in each schoo

school over the age of five and under the age of sixChildren of school teen years: the number between the ages of sixteen age, &c.

and twenty-one years; the whole number of children residing in each section, or part of a section, over the age of fiye and under the age of sixteen years. Time of keeping 3rd.—The length of time a school shall have branches taught, been kept in each such section or parts of sections,

by a qualified Teacher; the branches taught, the Buoks used, aro' nymber of pupils in each branch, and the books used;

the average attendance of pupils, both male and female, in summer and in winter.

the schools open;

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4th. The amount of money's whích have been the amount of received and collected in each section or part of and

moneys received

expended, section distinguishing the amount apportioned" by &c. the Chief Superintendent of Schools, the amount received from County Assessment, the amount raised by Trustees, and the amount from any other and what source or sources ; also how such moneys'have been expended, or whether any part remains unexpended, and from what causés ; the annual salary of Teachers, male and female, with and without board. I 5th.-The number of his and other School visits The number of

school visits and during the year; the number of school lectures lectures. delivered; the whole number of school-houses, their sizes, character, furniture and appendages, the number rented, the or school-houses. number erected during the year, and of what char- 8c... acter, and by what means.

6th.-The number of qualified Teachers, their of teachers, &c. standing, sex, and religious persuasion 3 the number, so far as he may be able to ascertain, of private Schools, the of private schools number of pupils and subjects taught therein; the libraries, &c. number of Libraries, their extent, how established and supported; also, any other information which he may possess respecting the educational state, wants and advantages in each Township of his charge, and any suggestions which he shall think proper to make with a view to the improvement of Schools and diffusion of useful knowledge. I*:!'.;

vilt. SCHOOL VisitORS AND THEIR DUTIES. XXXII. And be it enacted, That all Clergymen who shall be

school visitors. recognized by law, of whatever denomination, Judges, Members of the Legislature, Magistrates, Members of County Councils and Aldermen, shall be School visitors in the Townships, Cities, Towns and Villages where they shall respectively reside : Provided always, that persons holding the Commis- Provi sion of the Peace for the County only, shall not be county magisSchool Visitors within Towns and Cities : Provided trates, also, that each Clergyman shall be a School Visitor in any Township, Town or City where he may have pastoral charge.

Proviso: as


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