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To see that the



To have


school &c.

Continuance in ings in the school sections of Townships : Provided elected to fill va.. always, that any person elected at any special ward

school meeting, to fill a vacancy which shall have occurred in the Board of Trustees, from any cause whatever, shall hold office only during the unexpired part of the term for which the person whose place shall have become vacant, was elected to serve.

Tenthly. To see that all the pupils in the schools pupils are duly supplied are duly supplied with an uniform series of authoproper text books,

rized text-books'; to appoint a' Librarian, and take charge of the school library or libraries, whenever established.

Eleventhly. To see that all the schools under their school conducted according to law. charge are conducted, according to the regulations To prepare and authorized by law; and, at the close of each year, publish" annual reports,

to prepare and publish, in one or more of the public

papers, or otherwise, for the information of the inhabitants of such City or Town, an annual report of their proceedings, and of the progress, and state of the schools under their charge ; of the receipts and expenditure of all school moneys; and to preTo prepare , and

pare and transmit annually, before the fifteenth of

January, to the Chief Superintendent of Schools, & pual report to the Chief Superinten- report, signed by a majority of the Trustees, and

containing all the information required in the reports, of Common School Trustees, by the twelfth section of this Act, and any additional items of information which may be lawfully required, Contents of such and made according to

form which shall be provided for that purpose by the Chief Superintendent of Schools.

XXV. And be it enacted, That the Municipality cipal Councils in Incorporated vil- of every incorporated Village,, shal}possess and lages.

exercise all the powers, and be subject to all the obligations with regard to the levying and raising of moneys for Common School purposes, and for the establishment and maintenance of school libraries, within the limits of such incorporated Village, as are conferred and imposed by this Act upon the Municipal Corpora

tions of Cities : Provided always, that on the second uustees in such Wednesday in January, one thousand eight hundred villages, the 2nd Wednesday in

and fifty-one, in each such incorporated Village, at January, 1851.

the place of the then last annual election of Council

transmit an an

dent of Schools.


Powers of Muni

First election of

a ge.
Mode of retire-
ment from office.

Two Trustees to be elected at each

lors, there shall be a meeting of the taxable inhabitants of such incorporated Village, and which meeting shall be

How such eleeorganized and conducted in the same manner as is tions to be held

and conducted. prescribed in the twenty-third section of this Aet, for the conducting of annual school meetings in the wards of Cities and Towns; and at sugh meeting, six fit and proper Six Trustees 10

be elected in each persons, from among the resident freeholders or

incorporated vit householders, shall be elected School Trustees for such incorporated Village, and the persons thus chosen shall be divided by lot into three classes, of two individuals each, to be numbered one, two, three ; the first class shall hold office one year, the second, two years, and the third, three years, and until their successors are elected; but each Trustee retiring from office shall be eligible to be re-elected with his own consent : Provided secondly, that there shall be a like school meeting annually in each sueh incorporated Village,

ensuing annual at which two persons shall be chosen Trustees, school meeting. the place of the two retiring from office, and shall continue in office two years, and until their successors are elected: Provided thirdly, that the first annual school meeting in each incorpo

Mode of ealling rated Villago, shall be called by the Town-reeve of

school meeting. such Village, who shall cause notices to be posted in at least six publio places of such Village, at least six days before the time of holding such meeting. XXVI. And be it enacted, That the Trustees

The trustees thus elected in each incorporated Village, according to incorporated yi)

lage to gucc the provisions of the preceding section, shall succeed

all the rights, obto all the rights, powers, obligations and liabilities of ligations, &c., of

the present trusthe present Trustees of such incorporated Village, and shall be a Corporation under the title of the

To be a corpora "Board of School Trustees of the incorporated Vil- tion. lage of , in the County of

-;" and shall possess all the powers, and be subject to all the obligations,

obligations, and within the limits of such incorporated Village, as are conferred and imposed by the twenty-fourth section of this Act, upon the Trustees of Cities and Towns,

the first annual

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elected in each





duties the same as those of trustees in cities and towns.


Duties of county XXVII. And be it enacted, That it shall be the

councils. duty of the Municipal Council of each County :

increased at the discretion of the



To raise by as Firstly. To cause to be levied each year" upon the sessment in each year, a sum equal

Beveral Townships of 'such County, such sum or to the Legislative school grant ap

sums of money for the payment of the salaries of portioned to such legally qualified Common School Teachers as shall county,

• at least be equal (clear of all charges of collection) to the amount of school money apportioned to the several Townships thereof for such year, by the Chief Superintendent of Schools, as notified by him to such Council, through the County Clerk : Provided Sacti sum may be always, that the sum or sum's 'so' levied, may be

increased at the discretion of such Council, either council; and the to increase the County School Fund, or to give spe

cial or additional aid to new or needy school sections, raised may be disposed of at the on the recommendation of one or more Local Superpleasure ouncil, to aid poor intendents: Provided also, that the sum required to

be levied in such County in each yedr, for the salaries ty school fund. of legally qualified Teachers, shall be collected and

paid into the hands of the County Treasurer, on or

before the fourteenth day of December; and pro ty school asbest

vided likewise, that in case of the non-payment of any part of such sum into the hands of the County

Treasurer at that time, no Teacher shall, upon applirefused the pay- cation, be refused the payment of the sum to which ment of his due,

he may be entitled from such year's County School non-collection of Fund, but the County Treasurer shall pay any local county school as- Superintendent's lawful order in behalf of such

Teacher, in anticipation of the payment of the County School assessment; and the County Council shall make the necessary provision to enable the County Treasurer to pay the amount of such lawful order.

school sections or increase the coun

Time for the

pay. ment of the coun


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No teacher to be

on account of the

any part of the


To raise money for County Common School Li. brary.

Secondly. To raise by assessment, such sum or sums of money, as it shall judge expedient, for the establishment and maintenance of a County Common School Library.

"To appoint local

Thirdly. To'appoint annually, a Local SuperintenSuperintendents of Schools, and dent of Schools for the whole County, or for any provide for their salaries,

one or more Townships in such County, as it shall

judge expedient; to fix (within the limits prescribed by the thirtieth section of this Act), and provide for the salary or salaries of such Local Superintendent or Superintendents: Provided

than 100 schools.

schools of the names and address of local Su.

so of the name and address of the




To see that no deduction be made from the

always, that no such Local Superintendent shall have no local Superinthe oversight of more than one hundred Schools ; charge of more and provided also, that the County Clerk shall forth

County clerk to with notify the Chief Superintendent of Schools of notify the Chief the appointment and address of each such Local Superintendent of Superintendent, and of the County Treasurer : and shall likewise furnish him with a copy of all pro

perintendents, alceedings of such Council, relating to School assessments and other educational matters.

county Treasurer. Fourthly. To see that sufficient security be given

school moneys. by all officers of such Council to whom School moneys shall be entrusted ; to see that no deduction be made from the School Fund by the County Treasurer or Sub-treasurer, for the receipt and payment of county common School moneys; to appoint, if it shall judge expedient, one or more Sub-treasurers of School moneys, for one or moro Townships of such County : Provided always, that To appoint a subeach such Sub-treasurer shall be subject to the

school moneys at same responsibilities and obligations in respect to the accounting for School moneys and the payment of lawful orders for such moneys given by any Local Superintendent within the parts of the County for which he is appointed Sub-treasurer, as are imposed by this Act upon each County Treasurer, in respect to the paying and accounting for School moneys.

Fifthly. To appoint annually, or oftener, Auditors, To whose duty it shall be to audit the accounts of the to be audited, &c. County Treasurer and other officers to whom school moneys shall have been intrusted, and report to such Council; and the County Clerk shall transmit to the Chief Superintendent of

County clerk to Schools, on or before the first day of March in each

Chief Superinten. year, a certified copy of the abstract of such report, and also give any explanations relating thereto, as

of such accounts, far as he is able, which may be required by the Chief Superintendent.



its discretiou.

cause the school accounts

transmit to the

dent an abstract



XXVIII And be it enacted, That the Board of

Trustees of the

county grammar Trustees for the County Grammar School and the school and local




superintendents Local Superintendent or Superintendents of Schools to constitute a county board of in each County, shall constitute a Board of Public public instruction

Instruction for such County : Provided always, that More than county board may where there is more than one Grammar School be appointed in certain cases.

in a County, the County Council shall have authority to divide such County into

many Circuits as there are County Grammar Schools, and the Trustees of each County Grammar School and the Local Superintendent or Superintendents of Schools in each circuit, shall be a Board of Public Three (including Instruction for such circuit : Provided also, that at a superintendent)

any lawful meeting of such Board, not less than three to be a quorum for the examina- members, including a Local Superintendent of five for other pur- Schools, shall constitute a quorum for examining

and giving certificates of qualification to Common School Teachers, and not less than five members shall constitute a Incidental expen

quorum for the transaction of any other business : ses to be defrayed Provided likewise, that the incidental expenses conby the county

nected with the meeting and proceedings of each County Board of Public Instruction shall be provided for by the Municipal Council of such County.



Duties of each

XXIX. And be it enacted, That it shall be the county board of public instruction duty of each County Board of Public Instruction : To meet quarter- Firstly. To meet not less than four times a year ; iy, &c.

to determine the time and places of its own meetings, and the order of its proceedings, and the man

ner of recording them. To examine and

Secondly. To examine and give certificates of give certificates of qualification to qualification to Teachers of Common Schools, arteachers,

ranging such Teachers into three classes according to their attainments and ability, as shall be prescribed in a programme of examination and instructions to be provided according to law; also to annul any such certificate as it shall judge expe

dient : Provided always, that no certificate of qualigive proof of good

fication shall be given to any person as a Teacher, moral character; who shall not furnish satisfactory proof of good subject.

moral character ; nor to any person who shall not, at the time of applying for such certificate of qualification, be a natural born or naturalized subject of Her Majesty, or who shall not,

Teacher must

must be a British

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