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tion of the proceeds of the disposal of such school house or other Common School property, as the assessed value of their property bears to that of the other inhabitants of the school section from which they shall have been separated : Provided fifthly, that Union school sections, consisting of parts of two or more Union school

sections formed Townships, may be formed and altered, (under the and altered by conditions prescribed in this clause in respect to al- Townreeves and

local Superinten terations of other school sections,) by the Reeves and dents. , Local Superintendent or Superintendents of the Townships out of parts of which such sections are proposed to be formed, at a meeting appointed for that purpose by any two of such Town Reeves ; of which meeting the other party or parties authorized to act with them shall be duly notified ; Provided, sixthly, that each uníon school section composed of portions of adjoining Townships, shall, for all purposes of Trustee elections and control, be deemed one school section, and shall be considered, in respect to superintendence and taxing for the erection of a school house, as belonging to the Township in which the school house may be situated.

"Fifthly. To cause the Clerk of such Township,

Copies of certain to furnish the Local Superintendent of Schools with proceedings to be

furnished a copy of all the proceedings of such Council relating to the formation or alteration of school sections, all School assessments and other educational matters.

Roman Catholics and Coloured

(XIX. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty. May establish

separate schools of the Municipal Council of any Township, and of for Protestants the Board of School Trustees of any City, Town, or incorporated Village, on the application in writing of People. twelve or more resident heads of families, to authorize the establishmont of one or more separate schools for Protestants, Roman Catho, lics or coloured people, and, in such case, it shall prescribe the limits of the divisions or sections for such schools, and shall make the same provision for the holding of the first meeting for the election of Trustees of each such separate school or schools, as is provided in the fourth section of this Act for holding the first school meeting in a new school section : Provided always, that each such separate school shall go into operation at the same time with alterations in school sections, and shall be under the same regulations in respect to the persons for whom such school is permitted to be established, as are Manner of elect- Common Schools generally : Provided secondly, that ing Trustees in such separate - none but coloured people shall be allowed to vote school sections. for the election of Trustees of the separate school for their children, and none but the parties petitioning for the establishment of, or sending children to a separate Protestant or Roman Catholic school, shall vote at the election of Trustees of such school:

Provided thirdly, that each such separate Protestant, And of apportioning school or Roman Catholic, or coloured school shall be entimoneys to them. tled to share in the school fund according to the average attendance of pupils attending each such separate school, (the mean attendance of pupils for both summer and winter being taken,) as compared with the whole average attendance of pupils attending the Common Schools in such City, Town, Village or Township: Provided fourthly, that no Protestant separate school shall be allowed in any school division except when the Teacher of the Common School is a Roman Catholic, nor shall any Roman Catholic separate school be allowed except when the Teacher of the Common School is a ProProviso as to testant. Provided fifthly, that the Trustees of the certain returns. Common School sections within the limits of which such separate school section or sections shall have been formed, shall not include the children attending such separate school or schools, in their return of children of school age residing in their school sections.

May unite all the XX. And be it enacted, That whenever the maschool sections jority of the resident householders of the several in a Township under the man school sections of any Township, at public meetings agement of one

called by Trustees for that purpose, shall desire to Board of Trustees, at the re- abolish local school section divisions, and have all quest of a majorty of the sections

their schools conducted under one system, and one concerned.

management, like the schools in Cities and Towns, the Municipality of such Township shall have authority to comply with their request thus expressed, by passing a By-law to that effect; and all the Common Schools of such Township shall be managed by one Board of Trustees, one of whom shall be chosen in and for each ward of the Township, if the Township be divided into wards, and if not then the whole number shall be chosen in and for the whole Township, and invested with the same powers, and subject to the same obligations, as are provided and required, in respect to Trustees in Cities and Towns, by the twenty-fourth section of this Act.


VILLAGES, AND THEIR DUTIES. XXI. And be it enacted, That the Council or Powers of ManiCommon Council of each City or incorporated Town cipal Councils in

Cities & Towns in Upper Canada, shall be, and is hereby invested, within its limits and liberties as prescribed by law, and shall be subject to the same obligations as are the Municipal Council of each County and the Municipality of each Township by the eighteenth and twenty-seventh sections of this Act : Provided nevertheless, that the appointment of the Local Superintendent of Schools for such City or Town, shall be made by the Board of School Truscoes for such City or Town. XXII. And be it enacted, That in each ward in- Two Trustees 10

be elected in to which any City or Town is, or shall be divided each ward of C7 according to law, two fit and proper persons shall ties ar be elected School Trustees by a majority of all the taxable inbabitants of such ward ; one of which Trustees (to be Mode of retiring determined by lot, at the first Trustee meeting after from office. their election) shall retire from office the second Wednesday of January following his election ; and the second of whom shall continue in office one year longer, and until his successor is Persons thus elected ; and the persons thus elected shall form one elected to forma Board of School Trustees for such City or Town. ; XXIII. And be it enacted, That on the second" One Trustee to

be elected in Wednesday in January of each year, at the time pre

each ward of a scribed by the second section of this Act, one fit and Chyor Town,

the second Wed proper person shall be elected Trustee in each ward nesday in Januof every City and Town, and shall continue in office ary of each year. two years, and until his successor is elected : Provided always, that such election shall be held at the place where the last municipal election was held for such ward, and under the di.. Mode of holding rection of the same returning officer, or, in his default, such election. of such person as the electors present shall choose ; and such eloc. tion shall be conducted in the same manner as an ordinary municipal election in each ward of such City or Town.

To be a corporaXXIV. And be it enacted, That the Board of To School Trustees for each City and Town, shall be a



Duties of the corporation under the name of “ The Board of Board of Trustees in each City School Trustees of the City (or Town) of or Town. in the County of

.;" (the first meeting thereof may be called in the City or Town Council room by any Trustee), and it shall be the duty of such Board, - . To appoint cer. Firstly. To appoint annually or oftener, a Chairtain officers. &c. , man, Secretary, Superintendent of Schools, and one or more collectors of school rates, (if required); and to appoint the times and places of their meetings, and the mode of calling them, of conducting and recording their proceedings, and of keeping all their School accounts... irra..

iii! To hold School" Secondly. To take possession of all Common School Property, &c. property, and to accept and hold as a Corporation all property which may have been acquired or given for Common School purposes in such City or Town, by any title whatsoever ; to manage or dispose of such property, and all moneys or income for Common School purposes, until the power hereby given shall be taken away or modified by law, and to apply the same, or the proceeds, to the objects for which they have been given or acquired. To make all . Thirdly. To do whatever they may judge expeneedful provislons ia respect to dient with regard to purchasing or renting school Common School premises, text

o sites and premises ; building, repairing, furnishing, books, &c. warming and keeping in order the school-house or school-houses, and its or their appendages, lands, enclosures and movable property ; for procuring suitable apparatus and text-books; and for the establishment and maintenance of a school library or school libraries. ju

;;por in . Ta determine the · Fourthly. To determine the number, sites, kind number and kind and description of schools which shall be established of Schools ; em-... ploy Teachers, and maintained in such City or Town; the Teacher

"or Teachers who shall be employed, the terms of employing them, the amount of their remuneration, and the duties which they are to perform ; the salary of the Superintendent of Schools appointed by them and his duties, and to adopt, at their discretion, such measures as they shall judge expedient, in concurrence with the Trustees of the County Grammar School, for uniting one or more of the Common Schools of the City or Town with such Grammar School.

special charge of

timate of the ex.

Fifthly. To appoint annually, or oftener, if they to appoint a shall judge expedient, for the special charge, over- commitee of

three to take the sight, and management of each school within such City or Town, and under such regulations as they each scbool. shall think proper to prescribe, a committee of not more than three persons for each school. . ,

Sixthly. To prepare from time to time, and lay To make an esbefore the Municipal Council of such City or Town, penses of the an estimate of the sum or sums which they shall judge schools expedient, for paying the whole or part of the salaries of Teachers; for purchasing or renting school premises ; for building, renting, ropairing warming, furnishing and keeping in order the school-houses and their appendages and grounds ; for procuring suitable apparatus and text-books for the schools ; for the establishment and maintenance of school libraries ; and for all the necessary expenses of the schools under their charge ; and it shall be the duty The Municipal of the Common Council or Council of such City or Council toplo

vide for such ex Town, to provide such sum or sums in such manner penses. as shall be desired by said Board of School Trustees. Seventhly. To levy at their discretion, any rates

To levy school

are bills at their apon the parents or guardians of children attending discretion. any school under their charge ; and to employ the same means for collecting such rates, as Trustees of Common Schools in any Township may do under the twelfth section of this Act : Provided always, that all moneys thus collected shall be paid The sums thos into the hands of the Chamberlain or Treasurer, of collected to be

paid into the such City or Town for the Common School purposes hands of ihe of the same, and shall be subject to the order of the

Chamberlain or

Treasurer. said Board of School Trustees. · Eighthly. To give orders to Teachers and other To give orders

for the payment school officers and creditors upon the Chamberlain of Teachers, &c. or Treasurer of such City or Town, for the sum är sums which shall be due them. Ninthly. To call and give notice of annual and To call annual or

special school special school meetings of the taxable inhabitants of meetings. such City or Town, or of any Ward in it, in the same manner and under the same regulations as are prescribed in the twelfth section of this Act, for the appointment of annual and special school meet.

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