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appointed by him to act on his behalf, in case of his inability to attend, or a majority of them, shall finally decide on the matter.

XII. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Trustees of each school section :

Duties of Trus tees.

cretary-treasurer: his duties.

lector: his duties.


Firstly. To appoint one of themselves, or some

To appoint a Seother person, to be Secretary-treasurer to the Corporation ; and it shall be the duty of such Secretary-treasurer to give such security for the correct and safe keeping and forthcoming (when called for) of the papers and moneys belonging to the Corporation, as may be required by a majority of the Trustees; to keep a record of all their proceedings, in a book procured for that purpose ; to receive and account for all school moneys collected by rate-bill, subscription, or otherwise, from the inhabitants of such school section; to disburse such moneys in such manner as may be directed by the majority of the Trustees. Secondly. To appoint, if they shall think it expe

To appointa Cor dient, a Collector (who may also be Secretary-treasurer), to collect the rates they have imposed, or shall impose upon the inhabitants of their school section, or which the said inhabitants may have subscribed ; and to pay to such Collector, at the rate of not less than five or more than ten per cent., on the moneys collected by him for his trouble in collecting ; and every Collector shall give such security as may Collector to give be satisfactory to the Trustees, and shall have the security. same powers, by virtue of a warrant, signed by a Collector's majority of the Trustees, in collecting the school-rate powers. or subscription, and shall proceed in the same manner as ordinary Collectors of County and Township rates or assessments. Thirdly. To take possession and have the custody

possession and safe keeping of all Common School property, and safe keeping which may have been acquired or given for Common

mon School proSchool purposes in such section, and to acquire and perty in their sechold as a Corporation, by any title whatsoever, any land, moveable property, moneys or income for Common School purposes, until the power hereby given shall be taken away or modified, according to law, and to apply the same according to the terms of acquiring or receiving them.


Trustees to bave the

of all the Comand books.



To establish a female school.

to Teachers for
but to none but

Providing school

Fourthly. To do whatever they may judge expepremises.

dient with regard to the building, repairing, renting, warming, furnishing and keeping in order the section school-house, and its appendages, wood-house, privies, enclosures, lands, and moveable property, which shall be held by them, and for procuring School apparatus apparatus and text-books for their School; also, to

rent, repair, furnish, warm, and keep in order a school-house, and its appendages, if there be no suitable school-house belonging to such section, or if a second school-house be required. To employ

Fifthly. To contract with and employ all Teach

ers for such school section, and determine the amount of their salaries ; and to establish, if they shall deem it expedient,

by and with the consent of the local Superintendent

of Schools, both a female and male school in such section, each of which shall be subject to the same regulations and obligations common schools generally. To give orders

Sixthly. To give the Teacher or Teachers emmoneys, ployed by them, the necessary order or orders upon qualified Teach

the Local Superintendent for the School Fund appor

tioned and payable to their school section : Provided always, that the Trustees of any school section shall not give such order in behalf of any Teacher who does not, at the time of giving such order, hold a legal certificate of qualification. To provide for

Seventhly. To provide for the salaries of Teachers

and all other expenses of the School, in such manexpenses of the School, in the ner as may be desired by a majority of the freehold

ers or householders of such section, at the annual by, a majority of school electors, at school meeting, or a special meeting called for that a special meeting.

purpose, and to employ all lawful means, as provided for by this Act, to collect the sum or sums required for such salaries and other expenses ; and should the sums thus provided be insufficient to defray all the expenses of such School, the Trustees shall How to provide have authority to assess and cause to be collected

any additional rate, in order to pay the balance of the Teacher's salary, and other expenses of such School.

Eighthly. To make out a list of the names of an warrant for the persons rated by them for the School purposes of Collector.

such section, and the amount payable by each, and


the salaries of Teachers and the



for deficiencies.

To make out a rate-bill list and

Such rate-bill to be

cil at their discretion for the rais

of scbool moneys,

or other officer in certain cases

gent persone

to annex to such list a Warrant, directed to the Collector of the school section, for the collection of the several sums mentioned in such list : Provided always, that any school-rate

Proviso : imposed by Trustees, according to this Act, may be

payable monthly, made payable monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or quarterly, halfyearly, as they may think expedient.

yearly, or yearly, Ninthly. To apply to the Municipality of the To apply to the

Township CounTownship, or employ their own lawful authority, as they, may judge expedient, for the raising and col

ing lecting of all sums authorized in the manner hereinbefore provided, to be collected from the freeholders and householders of such section, by rate, according to the valuation of taxa ble property, as expressed in the Assessor or Collector's Roll ; and the Township Clerk or other officer having possession of such roll, is hereby required to allow any one

Duty of Town

ship Clerk of the Trustees, or their authorized Collector, to make a copy of such roll, as far as it shall relate to their school section.

Tenthly. To exempt wholly or in part, from the To exempt indipayment of school rates, such indigent persons as they shall think proper, and the amount of the same shall be a charge upon the other rateable inhabitants

Teacher's salary of the school section, and shall not be deducted from not to be lessened the salary of a Teacher.

thereby. Eleventhly. To sue for and recover by their name

To sue defaulters

residing out of office, the amounts of school rates or subscriptions due from persons residing without the limits of their school section, and making default of payment. Twelfthly. To appoint the place of each annual To notify and fix

the place of the school meeting, and to cause notices to be posted in at least three public places of such section, at least meeting. six days before the time of holding such meeting ; To call special to call and give like notice of any special meeting of meetings. the freeholders or householders of such section, for the filling up of any vacancy in the Trustee Corporation, occasioned by death, remo val, or any other cause whatever, or for the selection of a new school site, or for any other school purpose, as they may think proper ; to specify the object or objects of such meeting ;

Mode of conduct

ing special meer which meeting shall be organized, and its proceed- ings.

o. the scbool gec tion.


school be sent to the local



elected to fill va


tain cases.

To visit the school &c.

ings recorded in the same manner, as those of an annual school meetCopy of the pro- ing ; and a copy of them, in like manner, shall be ceedings to transmitted to the Local Superintendent : Provided Superintendentof always, that in case of a vacancy in the office of any

of the Trustees, during the period for which they Continuance shall have been respectively elected, the person or office of persons

persons chosen to fill such vacancy, shall hold office cancies.

only for the unexpired term. To admit persons

Thirteenthly. To permit all residents in such seofrom 5 to 21 years of age to attend tion between the ages of five and twenty-one years the school, certain conditions

of age, to attend the school, so long as their conduct

shall be agreeable to the rules of such school, and so long as the fees or rates required to be paid on their behalf, are Exception in cer

duly discharged : Provided always, that this require

ment shall not extend to the children of persons in whose behalf a separate school shall have been established, according to the nineteenth section of this act.

Fourteenthly. To visit the school from time to

time, and see that it is conducted according to the regulations authorized by law. To prohibit im- Fifteenthly. To see that no authorized books are proper, and provide proper books

used in the school, but that the pupils are duly sup

plied with an uniform series of text books, sanctioned and recommended according to law; and to procure, annually, for the benefit of their school section, some periodical devoted to education, To be personally Sixteenthly. To exercise all the corporate powers responsible in the case of refusing vested in them by this Act, for the fulfilment of any or neglecting to

contract or agreement made by them ; and in case rate powers for any of the Trustees shall wilfully neglect or refuse

to exercise such powers, he or they shall be personally responsible for the fulfilment of such contract or agreement. To appoint a Seventeenthly. To appoint a Librarian, and to take Librarian, provide for the such steps as they may judge expedient, and as may establishinent and support of a

be authorized according to law, for the establishment, school library. safe-keeping, and proper management of a school library, whenever provision shall have been made and carried into effect for the establishment of school libraries.

for the school.



the fulfilment of contracts


To ascertain the number of resident children of school age.

report at the annual school meet

count is not satis

to the

Eighteenthly. To ascertain the number of children between the ages of five and sixteen years residing in their section on the thirty-first day of December in each year; and to cause to be prepared and read at the annual meeting of their section, their annual To read the school school report for the year then terminating, which report shall include, among other things prescribed ing. by law, a full and detailed account of the receipts and expenditures of all school moneys received and expended in behalf of such section, for any purpose whatsoever, during such year; and if such account shall not be satisfactory to a majority of the freeholders or

Proceeding in case householders present at such meeting, then a majo- the financial acrity of the said freeholders or householders shall

factory appoint one person, and the Trustees shall appoint majority of the

meeting. another; and the two arbitrators thus appointed shall examine the said account, and their decision respecting it shall be final : or, if the two arbitrators thus appointed shall not be able to agree, they shall select a third, and the decision of the majority of the arbitrators so chosen shall be final; and such arbitrators, or a majority of them, shall have authority to collect, or cause to be collected, whatever sum or sums may be awarded against any person or persons by them, in the same manner and under the same regulations as those according to which Trustees are authorized by the twelfth section of this Act to collect school rates; and the sum or sums thus collected shall be expended in the same manner as are other moneys for the Common School purposes of such section. Nineteenthly. To prepare and transmit, or cause To prepare and

transmit, before to be prepared and transmitted annually, before the

the 15th January, fifteenth day of January, a report to the Local Super- report to the local intendent ; which report shall be signed by the ma- Superintendent of jority of the Trustees, and made according to a form provided by the Chief Superintendent of Schools, and shall specify: 1st.–The whole time the school in their section

report: shall have been kept by a qualified Teacher during

Time of keeping the year ending the thirty-first day of the previous December.

2ndly.-The amount of moneys received from the received,

school fund, from local rates or contributions, and expended.

from other sources, distinguishing the same ; and


Contents of such

the school open.

Amount of moneys and from what sources, and how

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