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The text of this volume, like that of the former, is mainly that of Halm (ed. 4, Leipzig, 1883), but departs from it somewhat oftener, usually in the direction of retaining or approaching more closely to the Medicean readings ?

In the commentary, I have to add to the acknowledgements made in the first volume that of assistance frequently derived from the edition of Émile Jacob (Paris, 1877) 3, then unfortunately overlooked, and those of Professor Holbrooke (London, 1882)4, and of Pfitzner, (Gotha, 1885), which, as also a further portion (Fasc. v-viii, pp. 481-928) of Gerber and Greef's Lexicon, have appeared since that volume was completed.

Among new works bearing on the subject-matter in general, the chief place is due to the fifth volume of Professor Mommsen’s ‘Römische Geschichte' ('die Provinzen von Caesar bis Diocletian,' Berlin, 1885)5, and

1 In the first volume, Halm's third omitting from the title of the work the edition (1877) was used; the text of word · Annalium,' which, though resting which in several places differs from that on no authority, seems to have become of the later recension.

indispensable from common use. * See notes on it. 24, 11; 30, 3; 12. 3 M. Jacob's first volume (Books i-vi.) 25, 3; 31, 2; 32, 1; 44, 5; 60, 3; 68, 2; reached a second edition in 1885. 13. 17, 2; 21, 3 and 9; 34, 5; 47, 4; 56, 4 This date was before the publication, 6; 14. 7, 2; 10, 5; 26, 3; 31, 4; 40, 4; but after the substantial completion, of 43, 4; 59, 6; 60, 6; 15. 9, 1; 21, 3; my former volume. 28, 2; 43, 1 ; 44,6; 45, 6; 51,1; 55, 1; 5 The references are throughout made 58, 3; 68, 3; 16. 12, 3 ; 26, 3. I bave also both to the original work and to the not followed Halm's present edition in English Translation (1886).

to the third volume (in two parts) of the same author's ' Römisches Staatsrecht' (Leipzig, 1887, 1888). To both these works great and frequent obligations must be acknowledged, though far fewer than would have been due had I been able to consult them in the Introduction to the previous volume !.

Many other important sources to which I have been indebted for information bearing on this volume separately or on special parts of it, will be found mentioned in notes prefixed to several portions of the Introduction and to the Appendices?

The map of Armenia and the surrounding countries, given at the end, is indebted, as regards its physical features, to Kiepert, but has been adapted to its purpose by the omission of a great number of names not belonging to the present narrative, and by the insertion of several modern names.

It is hoped that the Indices to the whole work here added may be found sufficient for practical purposes. The first includes all the proper names in the text, and such other matter as appeared to be of sufficient importance: the second is intended to be supplementary to it, and to relate chiefly to the Introductions and Appendices, leaving the majority of the notes to be found by reference to the text to which they belong.

I cannot but fear that many readers will consider the Introduction and notes to these Books inordinate in length, especially as so much general matter had been treated once for all in the former volume: but for

i I should also add that in this volume the third edition (1887) of the first and second volumes of the Staatsrecht' have been used and referred to. The references in my former volume were to the second edition; the pages of which are indicated on the margin of the third. Also in my

former volume the first, in the present the second edition, of the second and third volumes of Marquardt's 'Staatsverwaltung' are referred to.

See pp. 1, 5, 19, 49, 96, 126, 208, 570, 629.

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