The New Century First [-- ] Reader: Revised

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Page 24 - Saw the rainbow in the heaven, In the eastern sky the rainbow, Whispered, "What is that, Nokomis?
Page 156 - A cinder is a partly burned coal, either glowing hot or cooled off. clogs, wooden shoes worn by country people in parts of Europe and Asia. cob'ble stone, a stone not too large to fill the hand, which has been worn round; used in paving streets. co coon...
Page 58 - WOMAN. against, and your feet hang out at the front. After riding awhile in this queer thing, you are glad enough to get out. Here are some ladies going shopping. Their feet are too small for them to walk far, so they are carried on the backs of servants. Other ladies are carried along in sedan chairs. These chairs are like covered carriages. Men carry them on two poles. dirty beats ladies donkeys frame rough crowded market canvas through wheelbarrow clumsy CHINESE SCHOOL. YEN'S SCHOOL. NEW CENTURY...
Page 32 - ... him. It was a young Indian dressed in green and yellow. Beautiful green plumes bent over his forehead, and his hair was soft and golden. He said, "The Great Spirit hears your prayers, O Hiawatha. He has sent me, Mondamin. Come and wrestle with me, and you shall gain what you have prayed for.
Page 159 - ... the one who played it was called a piper. po'lar (ler), anything in the cold regions near the north or south poles. The polar bear is so called because found only in these very cold regions. ribs ; we have not only the ribs of the body, but the ribs of an umbrella, the ribs of a ship, the ribs in a piece of cloth, etc. Rhine (rln), the most important river in Germany. ru'bies (roo'blz), precious stones of a clear red. ru' in (roo' In; after the letter r we can not give the long u its proper sound,...
Page 156 - VOCABULARY. ab' a cus, a Latin word used for a counting frame, consisting of beads strung on wires; usually there are ten beads on each wire. a I in 'on (I (a'mund; the I is silent, a like ah). badg' er (d is silent), an animal larger than a rat, that lives in the ground and is likely to bite. blub' ber, the fat of whales and other large sea animals, found just under the skin.
Page 156 - Used chiefly by savages. ce' dar (see' der), an evergreen tree, the wood firm, though soft to cut (used for pencils, pails, etc.), and having a strong, pleasant odor. chief, the head of an Indian tribe. See tribe. Cin der el' lus (stn), a boy who lived among the cinders.
Page 108 - AND HILDA AT THE FAIR. Before the winter comes, Lars and Hilda have a holiday. Their father takes them to a fair that is held every year in the town. How glad the children are. It is a great thing to go to the fair. Lars will wear his yellow suit and his yellow cap. tower salted bridge middle miles chance appear thunder guards swinging hundred carefully HILDA.
Page 70 - A man carries the boards on which the cocoons he into a room where there is a fire. He holds the boards over the fire, and the heat kills the sleeping worms. Then the cocoons are thrown into boiling water. This is done to loosen the threads. The threads are unwound by women and girls. These threads are twisted together. Then they are woven into...
Page 117 - ... white mice. Cinderellus rode on his father's horse, and Doll-in-the-grass drove her white mice. Soon they came to the king's palace. The king came out himself to welcome Doll-inthe-grass. He said, "Cinderellus shall be the king, and you shall be the queen over all this land.

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