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the said

colony and plantation; and also, all and every such person and persons whatsoever, as shall enterprize or attempt, at any time hereafter, deftruction, invasion, hurt, detriment, or annoyance, to the said colony and plantation, as is likewise spe

cified in the said former grant. Power to

XXI. And that it shall be lawful for the faid treasurer and raile 5 fer cent. upon company, and their fucceffors, and every of them, from time all goodsim- to time, and at all times for ever hereafter, and they shall have ported into full power and authority, to take and surprise, by all ways laid colony or exported and means whatsoever, all and every person and persons whatout of it by soever, with their ships, goods, and other furniture, trafthe king's ficking in any harbour, creek, or place, within the limits or members of precincts of the said colony and plantation, not being allowed

by the said company to be adventurers or planters of the said companycolony, until such time as they, being of any realms and do

minions under our obedience, shall pay, or agree to pay, to the hands of the treasurer or of some other officer, deputed by the said governor of Virginia (over and above such subsidy and custom, as the faid company is, or hereafter fhall be, to pay) five pounds per cent, upon all goods and merchandises so

brought in thither, and also five per cent. upon all goods by and to per them shipped out from thence; and being strangers, and not cent: upon under our obedience, until they have paid (over and above such all goods imported subsidy and custom, as the faid treasurer and company, or thither or their fucceffors, is, or hereafter shall be, to pay) ten pounds thence by per cent. upon all such goods, likewise carried in and out, ftrangers any thing, in the said former letters patents, to the contrary not under notwithstanding; and the fame sums of money and benefit, the king's obedience.

as aforesaid, for and during the space of one-and-twenty years, fhall be wholly employed to the benefit, use, and behoof of the fáid colony and plantation.; and after the said one-and-twenty years ended, the same shall be taken to the use of us, our heirs, and successors, by such officers and ministers, as by us, our heirs, or successors, shall be thereunto assigned and appointed, as is specified in the said former

letters patents. General de XXII. Also, we do, for us, our heirs, and fucceffors, nization of all such per: declare, by these presents, that all and every the persons, fons as Mall being our subjects, which shall go and inhabit within the be born in said colony and plantation, and every of their children and that colony.

pofterity, which shall happen to be born within any the limits thereof, shall have and enjoy all liberties, franchises, and immunities of free denizens and natural subjects, within any of our other dominions, to all intents and purposes, as if they


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the said

had been abiding and born within this our realm of England,
or in any other of our dominions.

XXIII. And forasmuch, as it shall be necessary for all such Power to our loving subjects, as shall inhabit within the said precincts the officers of Virginia, afor said, to determine to live together, in the ment that fear and true worihip of Almighty God, christian peace, and shall be apcivil quietness, each with other, whereby every one may, that purpose with more safety, pleacure, and profit, enjoy that, whereunto

by the counthey shall attain with great pain and peril; we, for us, our cil aforesaid, heirs, and successors, are likewise pleased and contented, and to govern by these presents, do give and grant unto the said treasurer the raid coand company, and their fucceffors, and to such governors, lony accordofficers, and ministers, as shall be, by our faid council, con ing to such ftituted and appointed, according to the natures and limits nal as well of their offices and places respectively, that they shall and as civil, as máy, from time to time for ever hereafter, within the said thall be el precincts of Virginia, or in the way by fea thither and from tablished by thence, have full and absolute power and authority, to cor-council. rect, punish, pardon, govern, and rule, all such the subjects of us, our heirs, and fucceffors, as shall, froin time to time, adventure themselves in any voyage thither, or that shall, at any time hereafter, inhabit in the precincts and territories of the said colony, as aforesaid, according to such orders, ordinances, constitutions, directions, and instructions, as by our faid council, as aforesaid, shall be established, and in defect thereof, in case of necessity, acccording to the good discretion of the said governor and officers, respectively, as weil in cases capital and criminal as civil, both marine and other; so always, as the said statutes, ordinances, and proceedings, as near as conveniently may be, be agreeable to the laws, statutes, government, and policy of this our realm of England.

XXIV. And we do further, of our special grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, grant, declare, and ordaing that such principal governor, as, from time to time, shall duly and lawfully be authorised and appointed, in manner and form in these presents heretofore expressed, shall have full power and authority, to use and exercise martial law, in cafes of rebellion or mutiny, in as large and ample manner, as our lieutenants in our counties, within this our realm of England, have, or ought to have, by force of their commillins of lieutenancy.

XXV. And furthermore, if any person or persons, ad- Perfonswho venturers or planters of the said colony, or any other, at any

under pres time of times hereafter, shall transport any monies, goods, ding to this

tence of tra. or colony, fall


these and

former pa

to the grantees.

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fend goods or merchandizes, out of any of our kingdoms, with a pre-
countries," tence or purpose, to land, sell, or otherwise dispose of the
thall forfeit fame, within the limits or bounds of the said colony, and yet
their fhips nevertheless, being at fea, or after he hath landed within any
and goods.

part of the said colony, shall carry the fame into any other
foreign country, with a purpose there to fell and dispore
thereof; that then, all the goods and chattels of the said per-
fon, or persons, fo offending and transported, together with
the ship or vessel wherein such transportation was made, than

be forfeited to us, our heirs and successors.
Doubtful XXVI. And further, our will and pleasure is, that in all
pallages in questions and doubts that shall arise, upon any difficulty of

construction or interpretation of any thing, contained either in tents thall this orinour said former letters patents, the same shall be taken be confruedand interpreted, in most ample and beneficial manner for the beneficially said treasurer and company, and their successors, and every

member thereof. Confirmati

XXVII. And further, we do, by these presents, ratify on of former and confirm unto the said treasurer and company, and their patents not successors, all the privileges, franchises, liberties, and immualtered by nities, granted in our said former letters patents, and not in the present these our letters patents revoked, altered, changed or


XXVIII. And finally, our will and pleasure is, and we the privile- do further, hereby, for us, our heirs and successors, grant enes piranted and agree, to and with the faid treasurer and company, and ter to all fu. their succeffors, that all and singular person and persons, ture mem- which shall, at any time or times hereafter, adventure any bers of the fum or fums of money, in and towards the said plantation of ny duly ad- the faid colony in Virginia, and shall be admitted, by the mitted into faid council and company, as adventurers of the faid coit by the lony, in form aforesaid, and thall be enrolled in the book thereof, in or records of the adventurers of the said company, shall and the manner may be accounted, accepted, taken, held, and reputed, ad..

venturers of the said colony, and shall and may enjoy all and
singular grants, privileges, liberties, benefits, profits, com-
modities, and immunities, advantages, and emoluments
whatsoever, as fully, largely, amply, and absolutely, as if
they, and every of them, had been precifely, plainly, fingu-
larly, and distinctly named and inserted in these our letters

patents. No person

XXIX. And lastly, because the principal effect which fhall go into we can desire or expect of this action, is the conversion and the said reduction of the people in those parts unto the true worship country of God and Christian religion, in which respect we should



Extension of

above defcribed.

be loath, that any person should be permitted to pass, that without hawe suspected to effect the superstitions of the church of Rome;

ving firsttawe do hereby declare, that it is our will and pleasure, that oath of sunone be permitted to pass, in any voyage, from time to time premacy. to be made into the said country, but such as first shall have taken the oaths of supremacy ; for which purpose we do, by these presents, give full power and authority, to the treasurer for the time being, and any three of the council, to tender and exhibit the said oath, to all such persons as fhall, at any time, be sent and employed in the said voyage. Although express mention of the true yearly value or certainty of the premises, or any of them, or of any other gifts or grants, by us, or any of our progenitors, or predecessors, to the afore. faid treasurer and company heretofore made, in these presents is not made; or any act, statute, ordinance, provision, proclamation, or restraint, to the contrary hereof had, made, ordained, or provided, or any other thing, cause, or matter, whatsoever in any wise notwithstanding. In witness whereof, we have caused these our letters to be made patent; witness, durself at Westminster, the 23d day of May, in the seventh year of our reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the ***** Per ipsum Regem.


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Charter of King JAMES I. to the Treasurer and
Company of VIRGINIA. Dated March 12, 1611-2.


Itance of

I. AMES, by the


King land, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith ; to the suball, to whom these presents shall come, greeting. Whereas

the Charter at the humble fuit of divers and fundry our loving subjects, as of May 23, well adventurers as planters of the first colony in Virginia, 1609. and for the propagation of christian religion, and reclaiming of people barbarous to civility and humanity, we have, by our letters patents, bearing date, at Westminster, the three


and-twentieth day of May, in the seventh year of our reign of
England, France, and Ireland, and the two-and-fortieth of
Scotland, given and granted unto them, that they, and all
fuch and so many of our loving lubjects, as should, from
time to time for ever after, be joined with them, as planters
or adventurers in the faid plantation, and their succeffors, for
ever, should be oné body politic, incorporated by the name
of, The treasurer and company of adventurers and planters of
the city of London for the first colony in Virginia.

II. And whereas also, for the greater good and benefit of
the said company, and for the better furtherance, strengthen-
ing, and establishing of the said plantation, we did further
give, grant, and confirm, by our faid letters patents, unta
the faid treasurer and company, and their fucceffors, for ever,
all those lands, countries, or territories, situate, lying, and
being, in that part of America called Virginia, from the
point of land called Cape or Point Comfort, all along the
sea coasts, to the northward, two hundred miles, and from
the said point of Cape Comfort, all along the sea coast, to
the fouthward, two hundred miles, and all that space and
circuit of land, lying from the sea coast of the precinct afore-
said, up or into the land, throughout from sea to sea, west
and northwest, and also all the islands, lying within one
hundred miles, along the coast of both the seas of the precinct
aforesaid, with divers other grants, liberties, franchises, and
preheminences, privileges, profits, benefits, and commodi-
ties, granted, in and by our faid letters patents, to the faid
treasurer and company, and their successors, for ever.

JII. Now, forasmuch as we are given to understand, that the grantees in those feas, adjoining to the faid coafts of Virginia, and for the en- without the compass of those two hundred miles, by us so of their for- granted unto the said treasurer and company, as aforesaid, mer charter. and yet not far distant from the said colony in Virginia,

there are, or may be, divers iflands, lying desolate and un
inhabited, some of which are already made known and dif-
covered, by the industry, travel, and expence of the said
company, and others also are supposed to be and remain, as
yet, unknown and undiscovered, all and every of which it
may import the said colony, both in safety and policy of
trade, to populate and plant, in regard whereof, as well
for the preventing of peril, as for the better commodity and
prosperity of the said colony, they have been humble fuitors
unto us, that we would be pleased to grant unto them an
enlargement of our said former letters patents, as well for a
more ample extent of their limits and territories into the seas


Petition of

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