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authority, upon the good government of the same, to the end that the affairs and businesses which from time to time shall : happen and arise concerning the said lands and the plantation of the same, may be the better managed and ordered. We Incorporahave further hereby of our especiall grace, certain knowledge the

SC Grantees of and meere motion, given, granted and confirmed, and for the said us, our heires and fucceflours, do give, grant and confirme Land. unto our faid trustie and well-beloved subjects, Sir Henry Rosewell, Sir John Younge, Sir Richard Saltonstall, Thomas Southcott, John Humfrey, John Endecott, Symon Whetcomb, Isaac Johnson, Samuel Aldersey, John Ven, Matthew Craddock, George Harwood, Increafé Nowell, Richard Perry, Richard Bellingham, Nathaniell Wright, Samuel Vassall, Theophilus Eaton, Thomas Goffe, Thomas Adams, John Browne, Samuel Browne, Thomas Hutchins, William Vaffall, William Pinchon and George Foxcroft, and for us, our heires and successours, wee will and ordaine, That the said Sir Henry Rosewell, Sir John Younge, Sir Richard Saltonstall, Thomas Southcott, John Humfrey, John Endecott, Symon Whetcombe, Isaac Johnson, Samuel Alderfey, John Ven, Matthew Craddock, George Harwood, Increase Nowell, Richard Perry, Richard Bellingham, Nathaniel Wright, Samuel Vaffall, Theophilus Eaton, Thomas Goffe, Thomas Adams, John Browne, Samuel Browne, Thomas Hutchins, William Vassall, William Pinchon, and George Foxcroft, and all such others as shall hereafter be admitted and made free of the companie and society hereafter mentioned, shall from time to time and at all times forever hereafter be by virtue of these presents one body corporate politique in fact and name, by the name of the Governor and companie Name of the of the Massachusetts Bay in New England: And them by Corporation the name of the Governor and Companie of the Massachu. setts Bay in New England, one body politique and corporate . in deed, fact and name, wee doe for us our heirs and succeffors make, ordaine, constitute and confirme by these presents, and that by that name they shall have perpetuall succession, Perpetual and that by the same name they and their successors shall and Succession. may be capable and inabled, as well to impleade and to be Capacity to impleaded, and to prosecute, demand and answer, and be an- plead and be swered unto, in all and fingular suites, causes, quarrels, and impleaded. actions, of what kind and nature foever. And also to have, Capacity to

purchase take, poffeffe, acquire and purchase any lands, tenements, Lands or hereditaments, or any goods or chattells, the same to Goods; and lease, grant, demise, alien, bargain, sell and dispose of, as to grant or

sell them. other our leige people of this our realme of England, or any




other corporation or body politique of the same may lawfully Common doe. And further, that the said Governor and Companie

and their fücceflors may have forever one common feale to be used in all causes and occafions of the said Companie, and

the fame seale may alter, change, break and new make from he Go time to time at their pleasures. And our will and pleasure is, vernment of the said and we do hereby for us, our heirs and successors, ordaine and Corporation grant, that from henceforth for ever there shall be one GoA Governor vernor, one deputy Governor, and eighreen AMiftants of the and eighteen same Companie, to be from time to time constituted, elected Afiftants.

So and chosen out of the freemen of the said Companie for the

time beinge, in such manner and forme as hereafter in these TheirPower presents is expressed. Which said officers shall apply theme and Duty. selves to take care for the best disposing and ordering of the

generall business and affaires, of for and concerning the said lands and premisses hereby mentioned to be granted, and the plantation thereof, and the government of the people there. And for the better execution of our royall pleasure and

grant in this behalfe, we do by these presents, for us our Nomination heirs and successors, nominate, ordaine, make, and conftitute of the first our well beloved the said Matthew Craddock, to be the first

nour and present Governor of the said, Companie, and the said ftants. Thomas Goffe to be deputy Governor of the said Companie,

and the said Sir Richard Saltonstall, Isaac Johnson, Samuel Aldersey, John Ven, John Humfrey, John Endecott, Symon Whetcombe, Increase Nowell, Richard Perry, Na. thaniel Wright, Samuel Vaffall, Theophilus Eaton, Thomas Adams, Thomas Hutchins, John Browne, George Foxcroft, William Vaffall, and William Pinchon to be the present Affiftants of the said Companie to continue in the said several offices respectively for such time and in such

manner as in and by these presents is hereafter declared and Power to af- appointed. And further we will, and by these presents, for semble the us, our heirs and fucceffors, do ordaine and grant that the faid Com

m. Governor of the said Companie for the time being, or in panic.

his abfence, by occasion of fickness or otherwise, the deputy Governor for the time being shall have authority from time to time, upon all occasions, to give order for the assembling of the said Companie, and calling them together to con

fult and advise of the business and affaires, of the said. Monthly Companie. And that the said Governor, deputy Governor Courts,..or and Afliftants of the said Companie for the time being, shall - Assemblies,

of the Go.. or may once every month, or oftner at their pleasures, afa vernor and semble and hould and keep a court or assembly of themAlliftants. felves for the better ordering and directing of their affairs.

Governour and Alli.

. And

reafreemen of the time bebe deputy

* And that any seven or more persons of the Aflistants, together with the Governor or deputy Governor so affembled, Thall be fáid, taketi, held, and reputed to be, and shall be a full and sufficient court or assembly of the said Companie, for the handling; ordering and dispatching of all such businesses and occurrents, as fhall from time to time happen, touching or concerning the said Companie or plantation. And that Fouřgeneral there shall or may be held and kept by the Governor or de

e Courts of puty Governor of the said Companie, and seven or more of Company in the said Affistants for the time being, upon every last Wed- a Year: nesday in Hillary, Easter, Trinity and Michaelmas Termes respectively for ever, one great, generall and solemn assembly, which four general Affemblies shall be styled and called, the foure greate and generall courts of the said Company: In all or any of which said greate and generall courts so affem. bled, We do, for us, our heires and successours, give and grant to the said Governour and Companie and theire successours, that the Governour, ör in his absence the deputy Governour, of the said Companie for the time being, and such of the Assistants and freemen of the said Companie as Thall be present or the greater number of them so affembled, whereof the Governour or deputy Governour and fix of the Affiftants, at the least to be seven, shall have full power and Power to authority to choose, nominate and appoint such and so many elect Free

1. men of the others as they shall thinke fitt, and that shall be willing to said accept the same, to be free of the said Company and Body, pany; and them into the same to admit: And to elect and constitute and to elect fuch officers as they shall thinke fitt and requisite for the or officers of dering, managing and dispatching of the affaires of the said the lame; Governor and Companie and theire succeflours : And to and to make make laws and ordinances for the good and welfare of the faid laws and orCompanie, and for government and ordering of the said lands dina

the same. and plantation, and the people inhabiteing and to inhabite the same, as to them from time to time shall be thought meete. So as such lawes and ordinances be not contrary or repugnant to the laws and statutes of this our realme of England. And our will and pleasure is, and we do hereby The Govere for us, our heires and fucceffours eftablish and ordaine, That nor and dem

puty Govers yearely once in the yeare forever hereafter, namely the last nor, and are Wednesday in Easter terme yearely, the Governour, deputy fittants, chall Governour and Affiftants of the said Companie, and all other be chosen officers of the said Companie shall be in the generall court, or assemblie, to be held for that day or time, newly chosen for the yeare infueing by such greater part of the said Companie for the time being, then and there present, as is aforesaid.

• And

to th

Manner of And if it shall happen the present Governour, deputy Go. supplying vacancies in v

Sin vernour and Affiftants by these presents appointed, or such

va the offices as shall hereafter be newly chosen into their rooms, or any of the said of them, or any other of the officers to be appointed for the said Company.

onsd Companie, to dye, or to be removed from his or their severall by deaths or offices or places before the said generall day of election (whom removals. we do hereby declare for any misdemeanor or defect to be rePowergiven moveable by the Governor, deputy, Governor, Afbftants and

om Companie, or such greater part of them in any of the publick pany to remove their courts to be assembled as is aforesaid) that then and in every officers for such case it shall and may be lawfull to and for the Governour, misbeha- 'deputy Coverna

deputy Governour, Asistants, and Companie aforesaid, or viour.

such greater part of them so to be assembled as is aforesaid, in any of their afsemblies to proceed to a new election of one or more others of their Companie in the room or place, rooms or places, of such officer or officers, so dyeing or removed, according to their discretions. And immediately upon and after such election and elections made of such Governour, deputy Governour, Asistant or Afiftants or any other officer of the said Compapie in manner and forme aforesaid, the authority, office, and power before given to the formerGovernour, deputy Governour, or other officer and officers foremoved, in whose stead and

place new fhall be so chosen, shall as to him and them and every The officers of them cease and determine. Provided also, and our will and of the Com- pleasure is that as well such as are by these presents appointed to pany shall hech

oth be che present Governour, deputy. Governour and Afiftants of of office. the faid Companie, as those that shall succeed thein, and all other

officers to be appointed and chosen as aforesaid, shall, before they undertake the execution of their laid offices and places respectively, take their corporall oathes for their due and faithfull performance of their duties in their several offices and places, before such person or persons asare by these presents hereunder appointed to take and receive the same, that is to say, the said Matthew Craddock, who is hereby nominated and appointed the present Governour of the said Companie, thall take the said oathes before one or more of the Masters of our court of chancery for the time being, unto which Master or Masters of the Chancery we do by these presents give full power and authority to take and adminifter the said oath to the said Governour accordingly. And after the faid Governour shall be .fo sworne, then the said Deputy Governour and Afhftants before by these presents nominated and appointed, thall take the faid several oathes, to their offices and places respectively, belonging, before the said Matthew Craddock the present Governour so sworne as aforesaid. And every such person as shall at the time of the annuall election, or otherwise, upon death or removall,


take an oath



be appointed to be the new Governour of the said Companie, fhall take the oathes to that place belonging before the Deputy Governour or two of the Aflitants of the said Companie at the least for the time being. And the new elected DeputyGovernour and Affiftants, and all other officers to be hereafter chosen as aforesaid from time to time, shall take the oathes to their places respectively belonging, before the Governour of the said Companie for the time being. Unto which said Governour, Deputy-Governour, and Afiftants, we do by these presents give full power and authority to give and administer the faid oathes respectively, according to the true meaning herein before declared, without any commiffion or further warrant to be had and obtained of us, our heirs and successors in that behalfe. And we do further Power to of our especial grace, certain knowledge, and meere motion, carry over to for us, our heires, and succesfours, give and grant to the said

Tard land such Governour and Companie and their succeffours for ever by persons as these presents, that it shall be lawfull and free for them and are willing their aflignes at all and every time and times hereafter, out the thi

"ther, toges of any of our realmes and dominions whatsoever, to take, ther with leade, carry, and transport for, in, and into their voyages, cattle, and and for and towards the faid plantation in New England, all

's an necessary such and so many of our loving subjects or any other strangers for their that will become our loving subjects and live under our subsistence. allegiance, as shall willingly accompany them in the same voyages and plantation, and also shipping, armour, weapons, ordinance, ammunition, powder, fhott, corne, victuals, and all manner of clothing, implements, furniture, beasts, cattle, horses, mares, merchandizes, and all other things necessary for the said plantation, and for their use and defence, and for trade with the people there, and in passing and returning to and fro, any law or statute to the contrary hereof in any wise notwithstanding, and without paying or yeelding any Exemption custome or subfidie, either inward or outward, to us, our from the

payment of heires or fucceffours, for the fame, by the space of seven cutti yeares from the day of the date of these presents. Provided subsidies in that none of the said per fons be such as shall be hereafter by England for

seven years. speciall name restrained by us, our heirès or successours. An And for their further incouragement, of our especial grace dinary inand favour, we do by these presents for us, our heires, and stance of

**dispensing fucceffours, yeeld and grant to the said Governor and Companie and theire fucceffours and every of them, their factors : and aflignes, that they and every of them shall be free and Exemption quitt from all taxes, fubsidies and customes in New-England from taxes

and customs for the like space of feven years, and from all taxes and im- in

in Nembaga H2




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