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of them, whereof the governor, or deputy governor, and fix of the assistants, to be always feven, to erect and make such judicatories for the bearing and determining of all actions, causes, matters and things happening within the said colony or plantation, and which shall be in dispute and depending there, as they shall think fit and convenient; and also, from

time to time, to make, ordain and establish all manner of to wholesome and reasonable laws, ftatutes, ordinances, direcmake laws, tions and instructions, not contrary to the laws of this realm and ordi- . of England, as well for settling the forms and ceremonies Dances not

to of government and magistracy, fit and necessary for the said the laws of plantation, and the inhabitants there, as for naming and England. styling all sorts of officers, both superior and inferior, which

they shall find needful for the government and plantation of the said colony, and the distinguishing and setting forth of the several duties, powers and limits of every such office and place, and the forms of such oaths, not being contrary to the laws and statutes of this our realm of England, to be administered for the execution of the said several offices and places; as also for the disposing and ordering of the election of such of the said officers as are to be annually chosen, and of such others as shall succeed, in case of death or removal, and administring the said oath to the new-elected officers, and granting necessary commissions, and for imposition of lawful fines, mulets, imprisonments, or other punishments, upon offenders

and delinquents, according to the course of other corporations Reference within this our kingdom of England; and the same laws, to other cor- fines, mulets and executions, to alter, change, revoke, annull, porations release or pardon, under their common feal, as by the said within the kingdom of general assembly, or the major part of them, shall be thought England. fit; and for the directing, ruling and disposing of all other

matters and things, whereby our faid people, inhabitants there, may be so religiously, peaceably and civilly governed, as their good life, and orderly conversation, may win and invite the natives of the country to the knowledge and obedience of the only true God and Saviour of mankind, and the Christian Faith ; which in our royal intentions, and the adventurers free profession, is the only and principal end of this plantation; willing, commanding and requiring, and by these

presents, for us, our heirs and successors, ordaining and apThe faid pointing, that all such laws, statutes and ordinances, instruclaws shall be tions, impositions and directions, as shall be so made by the writing governor, deputy governor and assistants, as aforesaid, and



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anv enemies

published in writing under their common feal, shall carefully under their and duly be observed, kept, performed, and put in execution,

? seal. according to the true intent, and meaning of the fame ; and these our letters patents, or the duplicate or exemplification thereof, shall be, to all and every such officers, superiors and inferiors, from time to time, for the putting of the same orders, laws, statutes, ordinances, instructions and directions, in due execution, against us, our heirs and successors a sufficient warrant and discharge. And we do further, for us, our The gov. of heirs and successors, give and grant unto the said governor said comand company, and their successors, by these presents, that pany shall

have power it shall and may be lawful to and for the chief commanders, to arremble governors and officers of the said company for the time and array, being, who shall be resident in the parts of New-England and arm the

* inhabitants hereafter mentioned, and others inhabiting there, by their of the colo leave, admittance, appointment or direction, from time to ny, and contime, and all times hereafter, for their special defence and duct them to safety, to assemble, marshal, array, and put in warlike an

war against posture, the inhabitants of the said colony, and to commis- that shall infionate, impower and authorize such person or persons as vade them ; they fhall think fit, to lead and conduct the said inhabitants, and to encounter, expulse, repel, and refist by force of arms, as well by fea as by land, and also to kill, play and destroy, by all fitting ways, enterprizes and means whatsoever, all and every such person or persons as shall, at any time hereafter attempt or enterprize the destruction, invasion, detriment or annoyance of the said inhabitants and planta tion, and to use and exercise the law martial in such cases only as occasion shall require, and to take or surprize, by all ways and means whatsoever, all and every such person or persons, with their ships, armour, ammunition, and other goods, of such as shall, in such hostile manner, invade or attempt the defeating of the said plantation, or the hurt of the said company and inhabitants, and, upon just causes, to and likeinvade and destroy the natives or other enemies of the said wise upon colony. Nevertheless our will and pleasure is, and we do invade cand

just causes to hereby declare unto all christian kings, princes and states, destroy their that if any persons, which Ihall hereafter be of the said com- enemies. pany or plantation, or any other, by appointment of the said Proviso in governor and company, for the time being, shall at any time case they or times hereafter rob or spoil, by sea or by land, and do iniu

Thall rob or any hurt, violence, or unlawful hostility, to any of the prince or subjects of us, our heirs or successors, or any of the subjects ftate, in 2

of mity with of England.


of any prince or state, being then in league with us, our heirs or fucceffors, upon complaint of such injury done to any such prince or state, or their subjects, we, our heirs and fucceffors, will make open proclamation within any parts of our realm of England, fit for that purpose, that the person or persons committing any fuch robbery or spoil fhall, within the time limited by such proclamation, make full restitution or satisfaction of all such injuries done or committed ; fo as the said prince or others so complaining may be fully satisfied and contented : And if the said person or personis, who fhall commit any such robbery or spoil, shall not make satisfaction accordingly, within such time fo to be limited, that then it shall and may be lawful for us, our heirs and successors, to put such person or persons out of our allegiance and protection; and that ii fhall and may be lawful and free for all princes and others to prosecute with hoftilities such offenders,

and every of them, their and every of their procurers, aiders, Reservation abettors, and counsellors in that behalf. Provided also, and to theKing's cur subjects re

Sour express will and pleasure is, and we do, by these prefiding in o-fents, for us, our heirs and successors, ordain and appoint, ther parts of that these prefents shall not, in any manner, hinder any of

hle our loving subjects whatsoever to use and exercise the trade berty of fish- of fishing, upon the coast of New-England in America ; ing and dry- but they, and every or any of them, shall have full and free

power and liberty to continue and use the said trade of fishing fish within power and the said co- upon the said coast, in any of the seas thereunto adjoina lony. ing, or any arms of the seas, or falt-water rivers, where

they have been accustomed to fish; and to build and set upon the waste lands belonging to the said colony of Connecticut, fuch warfs, stages, and work-houses, as shall be neceffary for the salting, drying, and keeping of their fish,

to be taken or gotten upon that coast; any thing in these Grant of the presents contained to the contrary notwithstanding. And soil of the know ye further, that we, of our more abundant grace, certain colony to the knowledge, and mere motion, have given, granted and concom ara firmed, and by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, company.

do give, grant and confirm, unto the faid governor and company, and their successors, all that part of our dominions in New England in America, bounded on the East by the Narrogancett River, commonly called Narrogancett Bay, where the said river falleth into the sea, and on the North by the line of the Massachusets plantation, and on the South by the sea, and in longitude, as the line of the


his dominic ons of a li.

ing their

Massachusets colony running from East to West, (that is to Tay) from the said Narrogancett Bay, on the East, to the South Sea, on the West part, with the islands thereunto adjoining, together with all the firm lands, soils, grounds, havens, ports, rivers, waters, fishings, mines, minerals, precious stones, quarries, and all and singular commodities, jurisdictions, royalties, privileges, franchises, preeminencies, and hereditamënts whatsoever, within the said tract, bounds. lands, and islands aforesaid, or to them, or any of them belonging. To have and to hold the same, unto the said Habendum. governor and company, their successor, and afligns, for ever, upon trust, and for the use and benefit of themselves, and their associates, freemen of the said colony, their heirs and afligns; to be holden of us, our heirs and successors, Tenendum. as of our manor of East Greenwich, in free and common foccage, and not in capite, nor by knights service; Yield- Reddendum ing and paying therefore to us, our heirs and successors, only the fifth part of all the ore of gold and silver, which from time to time and all times hereafter, shall be there gotten, had or obtained, in lieu of all services, duties and demands whatsoever, to be to us, our heirs or successors, therefore or thereout rendered, inade, or paid. And lastly, we do for us, our heirs and successors, grant to the said governor and company, and their successors, by these presents, that these our letters patents shall be firm, good, and effectual in the law, to all intents, constructions and purposes whatsoever, according to our true intent and meaning herein before declared, as shall be construed, reputed, and adjudged most favourable on the behalf, and for the best benefit and behoof of the said governor and company, and their successors, although express mention, &c. In witness, &c. Witness. the King, at Westminster, the three and twentieth day of April,

Per Breve de Privato Sigillo.

Rhode Inand CHARTER, granted by King Charles II.

in the Fourteenth Year of his Reign.

Quintadecima pars Patentium Arno Regni Regis CAROLI

Secundi Quintodecimo.

welhold, William Boulles, Rogerhall, Josep Samuel bo

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CHARLES the Second, by the grace of God, &c. To ali

ci to whom these presents shall come, greeting. Whereas we have been informed by the humble petition of our trusty and well beloved subjects, John Clarke, on the behalf of Benjamin Arnold, William Brenton, William Codington, Nicholas Easton, William Boulston, John Porter, John Smith, Samuel Gorton, John Weekes, Roger Williams, Thomas Olney, Gregory Dexter, John Cogeshall, Joseph Clarke, Randali Houlden, John Greene, John Roome, Samuel Wildbore, William Field, James Barker, Richard Tew, Thomas Har: tis, and William Dyre, and the rest of the purchasers, and free inhabitants of our island called Rhode Island, and the rest of the colony of Providence Plantations, in the Narraganset Bay, in New England in America, That they, pursuing with peace and loyal minds, their sober, serious, and religious intentions, of godly edifying themselves, and one another, in the holy Christian faith and worship as they were persuaded, together with the gaining over and conversion of the poor ignorant Indian natives, in those parts of America, to the sincere profession and obedience of the same faith and worfhip, did not only by the consent and good encouragement of our royal progenitors, transport themselves out of this kingdom of England into America ; but also fince their arrival there, after their first settlement amongst other our subjects in those parts, for the avoiding of discord, and those many evils which were likely to ensue upon those our subjects, not being able to bear in those remote parts their different apprehensions in religious concernments; and in pursuance of the afore. said ends, did once again leave their desirable stations and habitations, and with excessive labour and travel, hazard and charge, did transplant themselves into the midst of the Indian natives, who, as we are informed, are the most potent princes and people of all that country; whereby the good provi


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