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vince, both allegiance, and that all and singular the subjects and liege present and ne to come. . te and people of us, our heirs and fucceffors, transported or to be

transported into the said province, and the children of them, and of such as fhall descend from them, there already, born, or hereafter to be born, be, and shall be denizens and lieges of us, our heirs and succeffors, of our kingdoms of England and Ireland, and be in all things held, treated, repoted and esteemed, as the liege faithful people of us, our heirs and successors, born within our kingdom of England; and likewise, any lands, tenements, revenues, services and other hereditaments whatsoever, within our kingdom of Eng. land, and other our dominions, may inherit, or otherwise, purchase, receive, take, have, hold, buy and possess, and them may occupy and enjoy, give, fell, alien and bequeath, as likewise all liberties, franchises and privileges, of this our kingdom of England, freely, quietly and peaceably, have and poffefs, occupy and enjoy, as our liege people, born, or tobe born, within our faid kingdom of England, without the let, molestation, vexation, trouble or grievance of us, our heirs and successors; any statute, act, ordinance or provifion

to the contrary thereof notwithstanding. I Grant to And furthermore, that our subjects may bé the rather en. the said set- couraged to undertake this expedition with ready and chearlers of a lic

"ful minds, know ye, That we, of our special grace, certain trade to the knowledge, and mere inotion, do give and grant, by virtue said pro- of these presents, as well unto the said now Lord Baltimore, vince. eo and his heirs, as to all others who fhall, from time to time,

repair unto the said country with a purpofe to inhabit there, or to trade with the natives of the faid province, full licence to lade and freight in any ports whatsoever, of us, our heirs and fucceffors, and into the said province of Maryland, by them, their servants or asfigņs, to transport all and singular their goods, wares, and merchandizes, as likewisé all sorts of grain whatsoever, and all other things whatsoever necessary for food or cloathing, not prohibited by the laws and statutes of our kingdoms and dominions to be carried out of the faidkingdoms, any statute, act, ordinance, or other thing whatfoever to the contrary notwithstanding, without any lett or molestation of us, our heirs and successors, or of any the heirsof us, our heirs and successors; saving always to us, our heirs and successors, the legal impositions, customs, and other

duties and payments for the said wares and merchandize, -- any statute, act, ordinance, or other thing whatsoever to the contrary notwithstanding.




. And because in so remote a country, and situate near so Grant of a many barbarous nations, the incursions as well of the fava-Po

do vy forces & ges themselves, as of other enemies, pirates, and robbers, make war, may probably be feared, therefore we have given, and for us, and do every our heirs and successors, do give power, by these presents, be

IS, belongs to unto the said 'now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and assigns, the office" of by themselves or their captains, or other their officers, to a captain. levy, muster, and train all sorts of men, of what condition, generalofa

army; or wherefoever born, in the said province of Maryland, for the time being, and to make war, and pursue the enemies and robbers aforesaid, as well by sea as by land, yea, even without the limits of the said province, and (by God's allistance) to vanquish and take them ; and being caken, to put them to death, by the law of war, or to save them, at their pleasure ; and to do all and every other thing which unto the charge and office of a captain-general of an army bem. longeth, or hath accustomed to belong, as fully and freely as any captain-general of an army hath ever had the same.

Also, our will and pleasure is, and by this our charter, and of a we do give unto the said now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and power to affigns, full power, liberty and authority, in case of rebel- bellions and

* suppress re. lion, tumult or fedition, if any should happen (which God exercise forbid) either upon the land, within the province aforesaid, martial law

id, upon rebels or upon the main sea, in making a voyage thither, or return and defera ing from thence by themselves, or their captains, deputies, or ters. other officers, to be authorized under their seals for that purpose, (to whom we also for us, our heirs and successors, do give and grant by these presents, full power and authority) to exercise martial law against mutinous and seditious persons of those parts, such as shall refuse to submit themselves to his or their government, or shall refuse to serve in the wars, or shall fly to the enemy, or forsake their enfigns, or be loiterers or ftragglers, or otherways however offending against the law, custom, and discipline military, as freely and in as ample manner and form as any captain-general of an army, by virtue of his office, might, or hath accustomed to use the fame. • Furthermore, that the way to honours and dignities may Grant of a not seem to be altogether precluded and shut up to men power to well-born, and such as shall prepare themselves unto this conter ho.

nours upon present plantation, and shall desire to deserve well of us the internet and our kingdoms, both in peace and war, in so far diftant tants of the and remote a country : Therefore we, for us, our heirs and said pro:

vince, with fucceffors, do give 'free and absolute power unto the said proper ti

now iles

being other, now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and affigns, to confer favours, than those c used in Engde rewards and honours, upon such inhabitants, within the pro

ards and he land; vince aforesaid, as shall deserve the same, and to inveft them

with what titles and dignities foever as he shall think fit (fo.

as they be not such as are now used in England,) as and to ereét likewise to erect and incorporate towns into boroughs, and and incor- 1

te bo. boroughs into cities, with convenient privileges and immuni. roughs and ties, according to the merit of the inhabitants, and fitness of cities, with the places ; and to do all and every other thing or things,

no touching the premises, which to him or them fhall seem meet immunities, and requisite; albeit they be such as of their own nature

might atherwise require a more special commandment and

warrant than in these presents is exprefied. Liberty to We will also, and by these presents, for us, our heirs and export the successors, do give and grant licence, by this our charter, produce of " The raid orö. unto the faid now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and affigns, vince into and to all the inhabitants and dwellers in the said province England or aforesaid, both present and to come, to import, unlade, by Ireland, and

6 dire themselves or their servants, factors or afligns, all merchanpose of dizes and goods whatsoever, that shall arise of the fruits them; and commodities of the faid province, either by land or fea, or if they so into any of the ports of us, our heirs and succeflors, in our think fit, kingdoms of England or Ireland, or otherwise to dispose of within one the said goods, in the said ports, and if need be, within one year after they thall year next after the unlading of the fame, to lade the faid have unla- merchandizes and goods again, into the fame or other ships, den them in and to export the same into any other countries, either of fome Eng

ith or Drith our dominion or foreign, (being in amity with us, our heirs port, to ex- and successors.) Provided' always, that they pay such cusport them toms, impofitions, subsidies and duties for the same, to us,

to any our heirs and fucceffors, as the rest of our subjects of our try in amity kingdom of England, for the time being, shall be bound to with the pay ; beyond which, we will not that the inhabitants of the crown of England.

aforesaid province of Maryland shall be any way charged.

" c . And furthermore, of our more ample and fpecial grace,

to certain knowledge, and mere motion, we do, for us, our erect and heirs and successors, grant unto the said now Lord Baltimore, conititute, his heirs and affigns, full and absolute power and authority seaports and

ces to make, erect, and constitute, within the said province of for lading Maryland, and the isles, and isets aforesaid, such and fo many and unlad- fea-ports, harbours, creeks, and other places, for discharging ing goods

mers and unlading of goods and merchandizes out of the ships, chandizes, boats and other vefsels, and lading them in such and fo many

places, and with such rights, jurisdictions, and libertjes,



r to

other places

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and and privileges 'unto the faid ports belonging, as to him of them shall feem most expedient; and that all and fingular the ships, boats and other vessels, which shall come for merchandize and trade into the said province, or out of the same fball depart, shall be laden or unladen only at fuch ports as shall be so erected and constituted by the faid now Lord Baltimore, his heirs or assigns; any use, custom, or other things to the contrary notwithstanding: saving always unto us, our saving to heirs and succeffors, and to all the subjects (of our king- the King's doms of England and Ireland) of us, our heirs and succef-bject

offiding in fors, free liberty of fishing for sea filh, as well in the sea, England and bays, inlets, and navigable rivers, as in the harbours, bays, Ireland, the and creeks of the province aforesaid, and the privileges of liberty of

fishing and salting and drying their fish on the shore of the said province, drying their and for the same caufe, to cut and take under-wood or twigs fit, within there growing, and to build cottages and sheds neceffary in the said pro

* vince. this behalf, as they heretofore have, or might reasonably have used; which liberties and privileges, nevertheless, the subjects aforesaid of us, our heirs and fucceffors, shall enjoy without any notable damage, or injury to be done to the faid now Lord Baltimore, his heirs or asigns, or to the dwellers and inhabitants of the faid province, in the ports, creeks, and fhores aforesaid, and efpecially in the woods and copses growing within the faid province. And if any Thall do any such damage or injury, he shall incur the heavy displeasure of us, our heirs and successors, the punishment of the laws, and fhall moreover make satisfaction...

We do furthermore will, appoint and ordain, and by these Grant of a " presents, for us, our heirs and succeffors, we do grant unto power to re

ceive and the said now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and affigns, that he the enjoy fuck faid Lord Baltimore, his heirs and assigns, may from time to customs and time, for ever, have and enjoy the customs and fubfidies in port-duties

as shall be the ports, harbours, and other creeks and places aforesaid, imposed by within the province aforesaid, payable or due for merchan. them and dizes and wares there to be laded and unladed; the faid cuf- the assembly

of the proa toms and fubsidies to be reasonably affefted (upon any occa- vince. sion) by themselves and the people there, as atorefaid, to whom who give power; by thefe presents, for us, our heirs and succesfors, upon just cause, and in a due proportion, to aflefs and impofe the fame.;

• And further, of our special grace, and of our certain know. Grant of a ledge, and mere motion, we have given and granted, and by power

Th.. power to

grant lands thele prefents, for us, our heirs and fucceffors, do give and in inherite grant, unto the said now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and ar- ance, to be

Q 2

Signs, holden of

and t



themselves figns, full and absolute power, licence, and authority, that he heirs, not

of the said now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and assigns, from time. withstand- to time hereafter, for ever, at his and their will and pleasure, ing the fta- may assign, alien, grant, demise, or enfeoffe of the premises, so. tute Quia

.. many and such part or parcels to him or them that shall be emptores ter

willing to purchase the same, as they shall think fit; to have
and to hold to them the said person or persons willing to take ori
purchase the same, their beirs and assigns, in fee fimple, or in
fee tail, or for the term of life or lives, or years, to be held of
the said now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and assigns, by fuch
services, customs, and rents, as shall seem fit to the said now
Lord Baltimore, his heirs and assigns, and not immediately of
cus, our heirs or successors: And to the same person or per-
sons, and to all and every of them, we do give and grant, by
these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, licence, au-
thority and power, that such person or persons may take the
premises, or any parcel thereof, of the said now Lord Balti.,
more, his heirs or afsigns, and the same hold to themselves,
their heirs or assigns, (in what estate of inheritance foever,
in fee simple, or in fee tail, or otherwise, as to them and the
now Lord Baltimore, his heirs and assigns, Ihall seem expe-'
dient ;) the statute made in the parliament of Edward, son of
King Henry, late King of England, our .predecessor, com-
monly called the statute “ Quia emptores terrarum,” lately
published in our kingdom of England, or any other statute,
act, ordinance, use, law or custom, or any other thing, cause,
or marter thereupon heretofore had, done, published, ordain-

ed or provided to the contrary, in any wife notwithstanding. Power to e- ' And by these presents we give and grant licence unto the rect manors, said now Lord Baltimore and his heirs, to erect any parcels of

land within the province aforesaid into manors, in every the faid manors to have and to hold a court of Baron, with all. things whatsoever which to a court Baron do belong, and to have and to hold view of frank pledge (for the conservation of the peace, and the better government of those parts) by, themselves or their stewards, or by the lords, for the time being, of other manors to be deputed, when they shall be : erected, and in the same to use all things belonging to view

of frankpledge.. No taxes. And further our pica

And further our pleasure is, and by these presents, for us, shall be im- our heirs and successors, we do covenant and grant to and posed by the with the said now Lord Baltimore, and his heirs and affigns, Kings of

aindow that we, our heirs and successors, shall at no time hereafter on the inha- set or make, or cause to set any imposition, custom, or other


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