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TABLE 3.-Number of annuitants on the roll June 30, 1942, by sex, vocational classes, causes of retirement, and total and average annuities;

and survivor annuitants with total and average annuities—Continued


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Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. You have had some funds from the President's emergency fund, have you not?

Mr. CUSTER. We had an allotment during the fiscal year 1942, of which we have available this year, $23,019.

We also had an allotment of $5,100 this year for the payment of transportation and expenses of the Fourth Regional office employees who were decentralized.

That is a total of $28,119 from the President's fund as available during the current fiscal year.

Mr. WOODRUM. If you have not already done so will you put a statement in the record showing the amount of that fund, what it was used for, and what remains?

Mr. CUSTER. Yes, Mr. Chairman.
(The statement requested follows:)

Emergency fund for the President, National Defense, Civil Service Commission Allotment for 1942.

$51, 510 Expenditure, salaries 1942.

28, 491 Unexpended balance June 30, 1942.

23, 019 1942 allotment available in 1943..

23, 019 Allotment for travel in 1943.

5, 100

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COMPARISON OF APPROPRIATIONS, FISCAL YEARS 1936–43 AND ESTIMATES FOR 1944 United States Civil Service Commission, comparison of appropriations, fiscal years 1996 to 1944


Mr. WiggLESWORTH. Will you also put in the usual tables on the classification of personnel in the service? I think probably you have them with you.

Mr. Custer. Mr. Wigglesworth, we will supply those tables insofar as they can be supplied under the War Service regulations in effect. CIVILIAN EMPLOYMENT AND Pay ROLLS IN THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE

UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, JUNE 1942 The magnitude of the current war program was reflected at the close of the fiscal year, June 30, 1942, when civilian employment in the executive branch of the United States Government mounted to 2,207,754 employees. This was an increase of 1,193,637, or 117.70 percent over June 30, 1940, 1 month after the inauguration of the National Defense Program, when a total personnel enrollment of 1,014,117 was reported. From June 30, 1940, to June 30, 1941 there was an increase of 355,993 persons, or 35.10 percent, and from June 30, 1941, to June 30, 1942, the increase in personnel amounted to 837,644, or 61.14 percent.

From the end of May 1942 to the end of June 1942, employment figures for the entire executive branch of the Government rose from 2,066,873 to 2,207,754, an increase of 140,881 or 6.82 percent. Of this increase 122,528 appeared in the following departments and agencies: War Department, 81,444, Navy Department 33,811, Office of Price Administration 4,387, and War Production Board 2,886. Employment in the Civilian Conservation Corps dropped from 14,822 in May 1492 to 11,645 in June 1942, a decrease of 3,177 or 21.43 percent. Federal Credit Union employees, recently transferred from the Farm Credit Administration to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, are included in the latter agency's total for the first time in this report. The total pay roll for June 1942 was $353,364,409.

The change in employment in some of the principal war agencies during the past year is shown in the following table:

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At the end of June 1942, 269,167 civilian employees were reported in the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area.

This was an increase of 12,710, or 4.96 percent, over the May total of 256,457.

The principal increases occurred mainly in agencies and departments charged with the War program, namely: the War Department 5,317, or 10.82 percent; the Xavy Department 2.183, or 5.01 percent; the War Production Board 924, or 8.80 percent; and the Office of Price Administration 633 or 15.21 percent. Rapid expansion also was evident as follows: The War Shipping Administration employinent increased from 81 in Vay to 182 in June, the lien Property Custodian Bureau from 112 to 211, and the Board of Economic Warfare from 1,523 to 1,830.

About 1,400 guards and laborers, on a per diem basis, were added to the Public Buildings Administration of the Federal Works Agency, and an increase of 658 employees in the Census Burean was reflected in the Department of Commerce total. During the month of June 1942, the decentralization program was responsible for moving approximately het distributed chiefly among the Departments of Treasury and Agriculture, and the Veteran's Administration. The total pay roll for the Washington, D. C., metropolitan area was $45,286,667.

montside the Washington, D. C., metropolitan area, there was a gain of 128,171 The largest increases reported were: War Department. 76,127; Vavy Department, 31,628; the Cffice of Price Administration. 3,754; the War Production Board,


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