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Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. What about the construction subsidy? You told us last year that the granting of construction subsidies was optional; and that any granted were frozen

Admiral LAND. As of July 1939.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. What construction subsidies are you in fact allowing?

Admiral Land. The percentage of the subsidy and the number of ships building under title V are in the justifications. There is a table that shows what the subsidies are, and the percentage in each case, the contractor, and the type of ship. Mr. Kirsch can figure it out. I know it is here.

Mr. KIRSCH. Schedule 2 (a) shows the ships in our program, that is, the ships presently building and contracted for up to October 31, 1942, for which we require progress payments in 1944. It indicates the types of ships, whether they were built under title V or title VII, and, for those built under title V, the construction subsidy allowed.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. That covers all ships under construction?
Mr. KIRSCH. As of October 31, 1942.
Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. And the bulk of them are 50 percent?
Admiral LAND. They are.


Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. What about operating subsidies? You said last year that these had been cut down, except for a wage differential believed to exist at that time.

Admiral LAND. There is nothing in that now except wages. The only time we use that is when there is a continuation of a route, line, or service, and they are becoming materially less and less as time goes on, because there is not much left in the American merchant marine under the American flag where you have a route, line, or service. They go in a pool and we direct them.

Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. Will you put in the record a statement showing what ships have had operating subsidies, say since July 1, 1940, and how much each has had ?

Admiral LAND. Yes, sir. Mr. WIGGLESWORTH. And the total for the past fiscal year. (The statement requested is as follows:) The amount of operating subsidy paid during fiscal year 1941 (July 1, 1940, to June 30, 1941) was $13,061,301.06. For the fiscal year 1942, ending June 30, 1942, operating differential subsidies totaled $4,069,329.37, as indicated on the detailed schedule shown below.


Financial statement (partly estimaled), July 1, 1941, to June 30, 1942, accrued operating-differential subsidies



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• 1 ********** Financial statement (partly estimated), July 1, 1941, to June 30, 1942, nccrued operated-diferential subsidies



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Financial statement (partly estimated), July 1, 1941, to June 30, 1942, accrued operating-differential subsidies-Continued OVERAGE VESSELS, SUBSIDY APPROVED BY THE MARITIME COMMISSION-Continued


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2, 856,728.14 169, 193.29 $23,148.82 $203,902.72 $504,394, 43 $64,761. 94 $206,981.99 $65,220.07 4,069, 329. 37

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