Time Will Write a Song for You: Contemporary Writing in Tamil from Sri Lanka

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Kannan M
Penguin UK, Dec 18, 2014 - Literary Criticism - 304 pages
The three-decade-long conflict tore apart the Tamils’ world in Sri Lanka. This anthology, framed by war, brings together poems, stories and a memoir by Tamil writers living there and in the diaspora. Wide-ranging and from recent decades, till the war’s ending, these pieces have been translated with great skill for the first time into English. Stark, and sometimes lyrical, distilling memory, history, mythology and classical literary tropes, they powerfully echo the Tamils’ sorrows and deep fears, their longings and hopes for tomorrow. Laments about youths felled by gunfire, their forced disappearances, the loss of family and homes, desecration of shrines, repeated displacements, becoming international refugees alternate with remembrance of the beauteous forests and sea, of celebrations of Tamil language and culture, and the compassion of women providing people succour. Accompanied by an introduction to set the context, this rich and moving volume reveals the spirit of a wounded island and brings its voices to a new audience.


About the Author Introduction
The Temple Car and the Moon Mahakavi
Enlightenment Dominic Jeeva
An Appeal Mu Thalaiyasingam
Oh Driver Neelavanan
Walk Mu Ponnampalam
Yesterday Evening This Morning M A Nuhman
Your Plight Also A Jesurasa
Earthen Towns Nilanthan
Hanifa and the Two Bulls Kumarmurthy
A Story Lost in Time Lasting in Time Iravi Arunasalam
Questions for the One Who Is Coming Karunakaran
Appe Ratta V Gowribalan
Iron Birds V Gowribalan
Encounter Ilaiya Abdullah
Night S Vinodhine

Journey S Sivasegaram
Hope V I S Jayapalan
Seashore V I S Jayapalan
Unsung Songs Shanmugam Sivalingam
Lankapuri Raja Piramil
In the Evenings Sivaramani
Dont Have the Words Sivaramani
My Lineage and I Sivaramani
Jaffna University Canteen Sivaramani
Summer Scorches Day after Day Su Vilvarathinam
Time Will Write a Song for You S Ranjakumar
Woman Humiliated Sivaramani
Darkness Aswagosh
To Those Who Come with Sticks Ilavalai Wijayendran
Days in the Trenches Pa Ahilan
Diary of a Tamil Tiger Malaravan
A Space That No Longer Is Su Vilvarathinam
Heroes Rest Here Cheran
One Night Maalika
Am a Snail Shanmugam Sivalingam
The Eighth Ghost V I S Jayapalan
On the Surface of the Mind Majeed
The Sorrow within Me Has the Surface Area of a Straight Line Majeed
Lost Life R Muralisvaran
Veena Bose Nilhale
On the Present Bose Nilhale
Pyre Rashmy
The Song of an International Refugee Shanmugam Sivalingam
The Echo of Moonlight Su Vilvarathinam
Anxious Sermon Selvam Arulanandam
Questions Aruntati
Midday S Vinodhine
My Songs S Vinodhine
After Catastrophe Faheema Jahan
Merciless Ones S Chelian
Those Who Killed Them S Vinodhine
Take the Child from Me Faheema Jahan
Barreltoothed Ghost T Malar Chelvan
Burning Nest Karunakaran
Black Dog Karunakaran
The Warrior Who Could Not Part from His Shadow Karunakaran
Lets Move on Again to Yet Another Place Deebachelvan
A Boys Father Dies Tha Agilan
A Refugees Motherland Ki Pi Aravinthan
An Introduction to Its Soil Strata Pa Ahilan
Story of an Unwritten Letter Na Sathyabalan
Little Brother S Chelian
Myth of an Era Nilanthan
Keep All That to Yourself Karunakaran
The Sea and Dreams Ki Pi Aravinthan
A Memoir Malliappu Santhi Thilakar 68 Release V Gowribalan
Copyright Acknowledgements
Footnotes Introduction
Enlightenment Dominic Jeeva
An Appeal Mu Thalaiyasingam
One Night Maalika
Hanifa and the Two Bulls Kumarmurthy
A Story Lost in Time Lasting in Time Iravi Arunasalam
Appe Ratta V Gowribalan
Iron Birds V Gowribalan
Barreltoothed Ghost T Malar Chelvan
A Refugees Motherland Ki Pi Aravinthan

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About the author (2014)

Kannan M. (b. 1968) heads the Programme on Contemporary Tamil Culture, Department of Indology, French Institute of Pondicherry. Rebecca Whittington (b. 1987) is a PhD student in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research interests include Tamil and Bengali modern literature, comparative literature, literary modernism, and translation studies. D. Senthil Babu (b. 1972) is a historian of science affiliated to the Department of Indology, French Institute of Pondicherry. David C. Buck (b. 1948) has been translating Tamil works into English since 1965. He has also studied Cittar and Saiva religion and philosophy, as well as Carnatic music on the veena. His publications include a number of collaborations with the late Dr K. Paramasivam, including a translation of Iraiyanar Akapporul with Nakkirar’s commentary, as well as some Sangam poetry. He has also published a translation, with comments, of Thirukkurraalak Kuravanci. More recently, he has published a number of translations from contemporary Tamil literature in collaboration with Kannan M. of the French Institute in Pondicherry. David C. Buck is an Associate Professor Emeritus at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Kentucky, USA.

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