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Pete Dunne has touched my heart. He speaks my mind and birds like I do, with a holistic and broad brush approach. I found myself captivated by his narratives and descriptions. In much the same way as the early colonial explorers were required to rely upon their field notes and personal sketches, Dunne uses text to identify birds in a world where graphics and digital photography seems to rule. And he makes the birds so real I can almost see them in front of me. This is the most refreshing excursion into a bird guide that I have taken in a very long time.
I am acquainted with each of the other birding guides he refers to and have used most of them. It seems we agree on their characteristics so much it was as if he read my mind. Peter Dunne refers to this as a field guide companion and I think he has depicted it well. It is an adjunct resource for the photo and graphics driven bird guides. A reference to return to time and time again. Thank you, Peter Dunne.

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