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Of our duty after receiving . Page 195

All the preparations in the world will not avail us

if, after the facrament, we forget our holy reso


Some account of the method of this work, ib.
The second part of the New Week's Preparation

will enable the devout communicant to lead a

holy and godly life for the future, - ib.
The second part is perfectly orthodox, being ground.

ed upon the Church Catechism and Communion

- - - 196
Concerning the plain and comprehensive explanatia

on of that part of the Church Catechism which

relates to the facrament of the Lord's Supper, ib,

A plain and comprehensive explanation of that part

of the Church Catechism, which relates to the

facraments, especially that of the Lord's Supper,

with the authorities from scripture, upon which

this explanation is built, - - 197

SUNDAY Evening.

A preparatory prayer, proper to begin your devo-

tions, both morning and evening, - 211

The Meditation upon the fallen state of man, and

the great and gracious work of his Redemption

through Tesus Chrilt, - . ib.
The Hymn on the great blessings mankind received
in their Redemption,

· 217
Another Hymn,

Another Hymn,


The prayer for strength and grace in our falten

state - - - - - 220

A concluding prayer.; - - 222

A prayer when you lie down on your bed, 223


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