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not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life. The ancient churches accounted those only faithful, who had received the Lord's Supper, and our Church still continues that primitive doctrine, · Draw near (with faith, and take this holy sacrament to ( your comfort.' But if thou, my soul! askest what that faith is ; remember it is that faith, which hath God's mercy for its object through Christ, as the fountain and foundation of all those infinite blessings and comforts, which we gain by his manifestation in the flesh.

III. Now, my soul, I pray thy advice; tell me, what is here intended by a quiet con. science ? for I can never apply God's mercy to myself by faith, whilft I distrust the truth and sincerity of my own repentance, as being fincere and accepted of God: but I am as well convinced, that a man may mistake his case, and therefore a quiet eonscience is not always a secure state with respect to God: for, if a man believe he has repented truly, and yet has not, he is never the nearer pardon for thinking himself pardoned. So that,

IV. It is plain, a man may have a quiet conscience, when he is really in great danger; and again, he may have a troubled conscience, when he is indeed forgiven, and intitled to God's favour: yet though I am fearful of not having repented as I ought to do, I can never


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believe that God will judge men finally, by their present assurance or despondency, but by.. the truth and the sincerity of their repentance.

V. Here, methinks, O my soul, thou sendeft me for advice to the Church, who understands, by a quiet conscience, such a trust in God's mercy, as that if a man be duly qualified he shall be certainly accepted of him, and be forgiven : and directs such men, whose fins may be of such a nature, as that they shall be sorely perplexed to understand what sort of repentance is necessary to the obtaining forgiveness, to advise with their spiritual guides, to be instructed and fet aright. For,

VI. They will teach them the true extent of God's mercies in Jesus Christ, and what it is will qualify them for forgiveness of their fins. This is the quiet conscience that the Church requires of a communicant; a conscience well informed of the nature of God's promises and threats, and of the nature of repentance, and of its own state and condition. Thus, if I understand you right, you say, that the quiet of a man's conscience depends upon his firm opinion and persuasion.

VII. But, o my soul! I have found that our safety and security depend upon our prace tice; for God accepts us not according to what we believe of ourselves, but according to what we do and truly are. If therefore upon a serious examination of my life past, I

find I am, in earnest, very much concerned for having offended God, and stedfastly pur. pose to do so no more ; that by the assistance of his grace I am refolved to lead a new and better life for the time to come; and then I do firmly believe, if I do so, God will for Christ's fake accept of my repentance, and enable me more and more to walk carefully before him; I may come to the facrament, although 1, having often broke my good resolutions before, may be still afraid of the truth and fincerity of my repentance.

The Hymn for Thursday Evening.

To be repeated by a quiet conscience.
LORD! secure and blest are they,

Who feel the joy of pardod'd in : Should storms of wrath shake earth and fea,

Their minds have heaven and peace withio. The day glides sweetly o'er their heads,

Made up of innocence and love ; And soft and filent as the shades,

Their nightly minutes gently move. Quick as their thoughts their joys come on,

But fly not half so fast away; Their souls are ever bright as noon,

And calm as summer-evenings be. How oft they look to th' heavenly hills,

Where groves of living pleasures grow; And longing hopes and chearful smile's

Sit undisurbed upon their brow.

· They They scorn to seek out golden toys,

But spend the day and share the night, In numbering o'er the richer joys,

That Heaven prepares for their delight. While wretched we, like worms and moles,

Lie grovelling in the dust below, Almighty grace renews our souls, And we'll aspire to glory too.

Another. TAR from my soul fad thoughts be gone, T And leave me to my joys: My tongue shall triumph in my God,

And make a joyful noise.
Darkness and doubts had veild my mind,

And drown'd my head in tears,
Till fov'reign grace with shining rays,

Dispelld my gloomy fears.
Oh! what immortal joys I felt,

'And raptures all divine; When Jesus told me I was his,

And my beloved mine !
In vain the tempter frights my soul,

And breaks my peace in vain ;
One glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy face

Revives my joys again.

When Taptures all joys I felt



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The Prayer on Thursday Evening.

For peace and quietness of conscience. LORD God, our heavenly Father, who

for the greater confirmation of our faith and confidence in thy mercy, hast in thy holy gospel declared, that whosoever believeth in ihy Son Jesus Christ, shall not perish, but have everlasting life; and that this is life eternal, to know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast fent; increase this knowledge, and confirm this faith in me evermore. Grant that I may have such a lively faith as will fhew itself by love and good works ; such a victorious faith which may enable me to overcome the world, and conform me to the image of thy Son Jesus Christ. O grant me such a due sense of thy infinite mercy, shewo to mankind in so much misery, as may never depart out of my mind. I stedfastly believe, O blessed Jesus, that thou didst suffer upon the cross, to save me and all the world from the guilt and punishment of our fins. O give me that grace, that I may die to sin, and rise unto righteousness. Accept of my imperfect forrow, repentance, faith, and resolutions; and let the precious merits of my crucified Saviour supply all my wants and imperfections. Thou halt said, come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I


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