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The Meditation for Wednesday Evening. Upon a firm purpose of Amendment, and a .

. new life. In Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing

nor uncircuncifion, but a new creature : therefore wé inould walk in newness of life. Gal. vi. 15. - Rom. vi. 4. I. CEEING now, O my Soul that we have

taken all the steps for a reconciliation : with a provoked God, and by this Sacrament and repentance hope to make him a loving father ; let us then in the next place, stedfastly purpose to lead a now life* for the time to come : I mean that we resolve in good earneft to amend in all particulars wherein we' have found ourselves, upon examination, faulty. This is the most essential part of a fincere repentance, and the chief condition: of finding mercy with God. For,

II. The preceding parts of repentance, on which we have meditated in this course of our devotions must be esteemed only as a prepa-' rative to this. That which must complete and finish the work of a true convert, is to be." come a new creatuře, to turn from our evil ways, and to break off our sins by righteous. ness. This certainly must be our desire and intention, if ever we hope or expect any be

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• See the last cxhortation in the Communion Service in the common Prayer Book.

refill. If then d habitual defire or no Feceive

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nefit or advantage from this folemn rite or covenant, instituted by Christ himself ; for he that comes with a design or intention of continuing in his former sins, may most properly be compared to Judas, who came and received, and at the same time continued his resolution of betraying his master.

III. If then, my Soul, we resolve to live in the constant and habitual practice of any known fin, without the least desire or intention of amendment, we shall be unfit to receive the holy Sacrament; and our approach to the holy Table, no doubt will be to eat and drink our own damnation, since it is a plain mocking of God, and a great contempt and abuse of his divine authority. We must therefore (by the help and assistance of God's grace) resolve to lead a new life, following the commandments of God; for thus we read in the word of God i he that covereth his fins hall not profper, but whoso confesseth, and, forsaketh them, shall have mercy. Let the wicked man forsake his ways, and the un. righteous man his thoughts, and let him re. turn unto the Lord, and he will have mercy, upon him, and to our God, and he will abundantly pardon.

IV. If any man, says the Apostle, be in Christ, he is a new creature; *and on the contrary if we still continue in our fioful ways if we still join with wicked company, and are

* 2 Cor. v. 17.


as yet delighted with immodest objects, and irreligious books, or discourse, we may be fure that our former examinations were but slight and superficial, our sight and sense of fin trivial and indifferent, our sorrow and contrition of spirit forced and hypocritical, and our confession formal and odious in the fight of God.

V. Remember then the directions of the ho, ly Aposte* and let me resolve as he advises, saying, Let him that stole steal no more : if I have been guilty of lying, flandering, swearing, blafphemy, drunkenness, intemperance, or impurity, I will henceforward study to speak the truth, and to avoid those sins, and all occasions of falling into them, and be continually upon my guard against all the prevailing and usual temptations to them.

The Hymn for Wednesday Evening. The character of a Worthy Communicant, who'

has made restitution in order to a new life. I JE shall ascend thy heav'nly place, N1 Great God! and dwell before thy face, Who minds thy pure Religion now, And humbly walks with God below; Whose hands are just, whofe heart is clean, Whose lips still speak the thing they mean ; No Nanders dwell upon his tongue; He hates to do his neighbour wrong.

Scarce * Ephes, iv, 28.

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Scarce will he trust an ill report,
Nor vent it to his neighbour's hurt:
Sinners of state he can despise,
But Saints have honour in his eyes.
Firm to his word he ever stood,
And always makes his promise good;
Nor dares to change the thing he swears,
Whatever pain or loss he bears.
He never deals in bribing gold,
And mourns that justice should be sold :
While others gripe and grind the poor,
Sweet charity attends his door.
He loves his enemy and prays,
For those that curle him to his face:
And doth to all men still the same
That he would hope or wish from them.*
Yet, when his holiest works are done,
His foul depends on grace alone.
This is the man thy face shall fee :
And dwell for ever, Lord, with thee,

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The Prayer on Wednesday Evening.

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And I

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For a full purpose of Amendment, and to lead a

new life.
God! the great creator, gracious pre-

server, and wife governor of the world, I, thy unworthy fervant, falling down before

thec * Matt. vii. 12. Luke vi. 31.

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thee, at this time to present my prayers and fupplications before the throne of grace, admire and adore the incomprehensive perfections of thy nature, and gratefully acknowledge thy marvellous and undeserved goodness to me and all thy creatures.

I have nothing, O Lord! but what I have received from thee; thou gavest me my being, and didst make me in a capacity to know, and serve and enjoy thee for ever; and out of the same infinite bounty and goodness, thou hast continued to me the being which thou at first gareft me: hast delivered me from a multitude of evils, which might have justly befalleo me, and bestowed mercies and favours both on my Soul and Body, more than I can number.

O Lord, I do now, not only, with great shame and confusion of face, confess and be. vail the sinfulness and vanity of my whole life, but stedfastly resolve and purpose(through the affistance of thy grace and holy spirit directing me) to “renounce the devil and all his. “ works, the pomps and vanities of this wick« ed world, and all the sinful lufts of the “ fes.” Be pleased, O Lord, to strengthen and confirm these good resolutions in me. And I heartily thank thee, O heavenly Fa. ther, for calling me to the state of salvation through Jesus Christ my Saviour who died for my fins, and role again for my justification ;


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