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making our fiocere repentance acceptable to God; and subdue the violence of our passions by spiritualizing our affections, and by placing them upon God and virtue.

The second Meditation for Tuesday Evening.
Upon the true Repentance of a worthy

Repent ye therefore and be converted, that your fins may

be blotted out. Aets üi. 9. I. T KNOW, my foul! that we ought always : 1 to live as we hope to die, as become

good christians, constantly endeavouring to lead a new life ; but then remember that to guard against all presumptuous security in matters of eternal welfare, we should never presume to eat of that bread, and drink of that cup, without a previous preparation, if we mean to escape that judgment or condemnation, which the Corinthiaas brought upon them. selves for their irreverent, sinful, and disorderly behaviour at this facrament; who were accu

fed of being guilty of the body and blood of - Christ our Savour-of eating and drinking

their own damnation, not considering the Lord's body of kindling God's wrath against them--of provoking him to plague them with divers diseases, and fundry kinds of death, which we fall avoid and escape by coming worthily, by faith and repentance, tọ the


Lord's Supper. If we should call ourselves to account, and judge and condemn what we find amifs, fo effectually as to forsake it; we should not then be condemned, or punished by God. Let not then these terrible expressions trouble us or detain us from the holy Communion : but let us repent and believe, and we are se cure from falling into any of those dangers, which these sentences seem to'threaten us with, And when we fee such afflictions amongst us, we ought, before it be too late, to consider them as chastisements from the hand of God, in order to our present amendment; and designed for this good end, that we should not be finally condemned with the wicked part of the world in the day of judgment.

II. There is nothing dreadful in this facra, ment, but to the wilful, impenitent, and perfe. vering finner, whose condition in itself is dread. ful; but to the penitent and humble soul, no. thing is or can be dismal or affrighting in this holy feast. And the surest way to prevent our damnation, is to receive the facrament more frequently than men usually do; that by a constant participation of this spiritual food of the living bread, which comes down from heaven, our souls may be nourished in all goodness, and new supplies of God's grace and Holy Spirit may be continually derived to us, for our purification, and to enable us to run the ways of God's commandments with


more constancy, and delight, than we have done before, it being certain, 'that God will never cast any man into eternal flames, who strives to do his duty as well'as he can. If there be first a willing mind, it is acceptable accord. ing to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not. And consequently, such as account themselves most unworthy, are those very persons, who are deeply sensible of their own unworthiness. They that are whole have no need of a physician, but they that are sick.

III. This being the case of all mankind, with respect to their spiritual life, there is, my foul, no other way to free ourselves from this death of fin, but speedily to apply to this heavenly physician, who came into the world to feek and to save those who are lost and ready to perin. And let us trust in God, that as of ten as we come to the holy Communion with such an honest and true heart, as to exercise our repentance towards God, our faith and hope of his mercy through Christ for the forgiveness of our fios, and our love and charity for all mankind, such a temper and resolution of mind will doubtless render us worthy partakers of these holy mysteries, and prevent our eating and drinking damnation to ourfelves.

IV. But that our preparation may be well performed let us remember the end, and we fhall never do amifs: let us search our hearts,

and and examine our conscience, not only till we see our sins, but until we hate them; and inItead of those filthy rags of our own righteousness, let us adorn our minds with pure and pious dispositions, to fear God and keep his commandments : let us endeavour to be accepted of .by God, as worthy communicants; that he, who knoweth all the secrets of the heart, may approve of the sincerity of our repentance; and the King, who comes in to view the guests, may count us worthy of his favour and countenance; which never can be hoped for, except he finds us clothed with the marriage garment of fincere repentance.

The Hymn on Tuesday Evening.
The true Penitent's confesion and petition.
LORD! New pity; Lord! forgive;

Let a repenting rebel live.
Are not thy mercies large and free?
May not a finner trust in thee?
My crimes are great, but don't surpass
The pow'r and mercy of thy grace :
Great God! thy nature hath no bound,
So let thy pard’ning love be found.
Oh! wash my soul from every sin,
And make my guilty conscience clean :
Here on my heart the burthen lies,
And past offences pain my eyes.

E 2 :


My lips with shame my fins confess
Against thy law, against thy grace: ·
Lord, should thy judgments grow fevere,
I am condemn’d, but thou art clear.
Should sudden vengeance seize my breath,
I must pronounce thee just in death :
And if my soul were doom'd to hell,
Thy righteous law approv'd it well.
But fave a trembling finner, Lord!
Whose hope, still hov'ring o'er thy word,
Would fix on some tweet promise there,,
Some sure support against despair.

The Prayer for Tuesday Evening.

For a true and fincere repentance. . THOU great and glorious God! Father

of all mercies and comforts, who takest pleasure in those that come unto thee with faith, and willest not the death of a finner, but rather that he would be converted and live; look down, I beseech thee, with pity and compassion upon me, who fall low upon my knees before thee, confessing that I have provoked thy divine majesty, in divers instances of my sinful life : but now I fy unto the arms of thy mercy for pardon and forgiveness: O let the infinite merits of my dear Redeemer make satisfaction for me, in the pardon and forgiveness of all my sins.


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