The History of the Consulate and the Empire of Napoleon

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Bohn, 1850 - Europe - 314 pages

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Page 107 - Yes, the battle is lost; but it is only three o'clock; there is time enough to gain another.
Page 341 - Proofs of nobility shall not be necessary for the admission of knights of this language; and they shall be moreover admissible to all offices, and shall enjoy all privileges in the same manner as the knights of the other languages.
Page 54 - Sierra occupied by the 3d division of infantry. — One division of French infantry arrived at the top of the ridge...
Page 357 - I defy you," replied the first consul, " to show me a republic, ancient or modern, in which distinctions did not exist; you call them toys; well, it is by toys that men are led. I would not say as much to a tribune, but in a council of wise men and statesmen we may speak plainly. I do not believe that the French love liberty and equality. The French have not been changed by ten years of revolution...
Page 373 - ... a statue of peace, holding in one hand the laurel of victory, and in the other the decree of the senate, should attest to posterity the gratitude of the nation.
Page 373 - The Senate will convey to the First Consul the expression of the confidence, the love, and the admiration of the French people.
Page 341 - The independence of the iĞleĞ of Malta, Gozo, and Comino, as well as the present arrangement, shall be placed under the protection and guarantee of France, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Russia, and Prussia.
Page 32 - Are there no means of coming to an understanding ? How can the two most enlightened nations of Europe, powerful and strong beyond what their safety and independence require, sacrifice to ideas of vain greatness the benefits of commerce, internal prosperity, and the happiness of families...
Page 342 - Sicilian majesty shall be invited to furnish two thousand men, natives of his states, to serve in garrison of the different fortresses of the said islands. That force shall remain one year, to bear date from their restitution to the knights; and if, at the expiration of this term, the order should not have raised a force sufficient, in the judgment of the...
Page 168 - I am not insensible to the misfortunes of your family; and I shall learn with pleasure that you are surrounded -with all that can contribute to the tranquillity of your retirement.

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