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User Review  - JenJohnson -

Milliet is a Mormon apologist. As such his goal is to make Christians accept Mormonism as just another Christian denomination. To do this, he misleads, omits key doctrines, and outright lies about LDS ... Read full review

User Review  - Darren -

Finally, we have a fantastic resource in a book written about the Mormons by a renowned theologian of the LDS Church. As you read this book, you will find that when it all boils down to it -do Mormons ... Read full review

User Review  - Julia Cutler -

What makes anyone think that if we gave the book no stars we didn't read it? As a former Mormon I was frightened by all the fallacies in the book. Robert Millet has MUCH to hide, and the Mormon Church ... Read full review

User Review  - Rick -

Its laughable how zero star people use a review as a soapbox to ding for selling this book or the LDS Church in general. Its obvious they hadn't read it. Its rejected because its about the LDS ... Read full review

User Review  - Julia Cutler -

I am a former "temple Mormon" I was one for over forty years, before I left it's false teachings and found Jesus Christ. I actually bought this book from CBD, and after receiving it was appalled at ... Read full review

User Review  - Ronnie Bray -

An excellent book by someone who seems to know his subject extremely well. This will allow Non-LDS Christians to see Mormonism in the light of day, and not through the distorting dark lens of BGod bless you to continue to feed our minds and spirits by serving the Master of Truth. Read full review

User Review  - K. White -

Thank you, Christian Book, for offering a resource for those of us who want to learn for ourselves what the Mormons believe. If I want to know what a Baptist believes, would I get better information ... Read full review

User Review  - Steve Staker -

If you wanted to know what the Saints believed in the First Century, would you have read the texts of Roman pagans who called them atheists? If you want to know what the Latter-day Saints believe, you ... Read full review

User Review  - Garth Aamodt -

It is sad to see the arrogance and condescension of so many people, who call themselves "Christian". Robert Millet is the author or co-author of 27 scholarly works on various religious topics in the ... Read full review

User Review  - Susan Saville -

From its beginning, Mormonism and its "Jesus" are a lie. Any book promoting this lie has no place whatsoever in any ACTUAL Christian media. Promotion of this book on this site is offensive. Read full review

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