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User Review  - JenJohnson -

Milliet is a Mormon apologist. As such his goal is to make Christians accept Mormonism as just another Christian denomination. To do this, he misleads, omits key doctrines, and outright lies about LDS ... Read full review

User Review  - Julia Cutler -

What makes anyone think that if we gave the book no stars we didn't read it? As a former Mormon I was frightened by all the fallacies in the book. Robert Millet has MUCH to hide, and the Mormon Church ... Read full review

User Review  - Julia Cutler -

I am a former "temple Mormon" I was one for over forty years, before I left it's false teachings and found Jesus Christ. I actually bought this book from CBD, and after receiving it was appalled at ... Read full review

User Review  - Susan Saville -

From its beginning, Mormonism and its "Jesus" are a lie. Any book promoting this lie has no place whatsoever in any ACTUAL Christian media. Promotion of this book on this site is offensive. Read full review

User Review  - Tracy -

Like many reviewers before me, I too am deeply saddened and disappointed that Christianbook would carry this book. I am a former Mormon and can tell you from personal knowledge it is nothing but ... Read full review

User Review  - Rex Smith -

I am unsure of how many theologians work for but I believe that it should alarm them that well known and proven Christian apologists who have spent years witnessing and debating with ... Read full review

User Review  - Sandy Simpson -

Why are you selling a book by a Mormon? Are you a Christian bookseller or a cult bookseller? Mormonism is a cult and continues to follow a false prophet and use a false scripture. There is no excuse ... Read full review

User Review  - milinda -

unless one has lived through the devastation of false teachings and false doctrines, and knows the desolation that it can bring to a person's life, you will not be able to understand the false jesus ... Read full review

User Review  - Steve Muse -

Robert Millet gives us an excellent apologetic of his Mormon beliefs in A Different Jesus. I find it is quite bizarre to see several noted Christian apologists and scholars giving their approval of a ... Read full review

User Review  - cassandrah batya -

I find it to be irresponsible that a Christian book store would promote such blasphemous literature. I am concerned about those who are looking for Christ and may believe this is the way to Him. We ... Read full review

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