Laws enacted in the general assembly of the commonwealth

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Page 13 - State one year next preceding an election, and for the last four months a resident of the county, and for the last thirty days a resident of the election district in which he may offer his vote, shall be entitled to vote at such election in the election district of which he shall at the time be a resident, and not elsewhere...
Page 441 - ... provided that in time of war no elector in the actual military service of the State, or of the United States, in the army or navy thereof, shall be deprived of his vote by reason of his absence from such election district; and the Legislature shall have power to provide the manner in which and the time and place at which such absent electors may vote, and for the return and canvass of their votes in the election districts in which they respectively reside.* 2.
Page 13 - For the purpose of voting, no person shall be deemed to have gained or lost a residence by reason of his presence or absence while employed in the service of the United States ; nor while engaged in the navigation of the waters of this State or of the United States, or of the high seas ; nor while a student of any seminary of learning, nor while kept at any almshouse or other asylum at public expense ; nor while confined in any public prison.
Page 440 - ... shall be entitled to vote at such election in the election district of which he shall at the time be a resident, and not elsewhere, for all officers that now are or hereafter may be elective by the people...
Page 274 - It shall be the duty of said Board, on or before the first Monday of December in each year, to make a report in writing to the Governor of this State upon the sanitary condition and prospects of the State...
Page 211 - ... who shall manage its affairs for the first year, and until others are chosen in their places. Each subscriber to such articles of association shall subscribe thereto his name, place of residence, and the number of shares of stock he agrees to take in said company.
Page 170 - ... shall always remain easy of access and ready for use in each of said buildings, to give notice to the inmates in case of fire; and every keeper of such hotel...
Page 137 - ... government of the United States, in like manner and to all intents and purposes as if the same had been within the purview of the above recited act : Provided, That nothing herein contained shall authorize the erection of the public buildings otherwise than on the Maryland side of the river Potomac, as required by the aforesaid act.
Page 12 - Third. He shall have resided in the election district where he shall offer to vote at least two months immediately preceding the election, fourth. If twenty-two years of age or upwards he shall have paid within two years a State or county tax, which shall have been assessed at least two months and paid at least one month before the election.
Page 432 - July in each year; and if any such company, firm, co-partnership, jointstock association, association or limited partnership or corporation, shall neglect or refuse for a period of thirty days after such tax becomes due, to make said returns or to pay the same, the amount thereof with an addition of ten per centum thereto, shall be collected for the use of the commonwealth as other taxes are recoverable by law...

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