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2100.735–101 Adoption of regulations. 2100.735–102 Review of statements of em

ployment and financial in

terests. 2100.735–103 Disciplinary and other reme

dial action. 2100.735–104 Gifts, entertainment, and

favors. 2100.735–105 Outside employment and other

activity. 2100.735–106 Specific provisions of agency

regulations governing spe

cial Government employees. 2100.735–107 Statements of employment

and financial interest. 2100.735–108 Supplementary statements.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 2100 issued under E.O. 11222; 3 CFR, 1964 1965 Comp.; 5 CFR 735.104.

SOURCE: The provisions of this part 2100 appear at 33 F.R. 485, Jan. 13, 1968, unless otherwise noted. $ 2100.735–101 Adoption of regula

tions. Pursuant to 5 CFR 735.104(f), the U.S. Soldiers' Home (referred to hereinafter as the agency) hereby adopts the following sections of Part 735 of Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations: 88 735.101-735.102. 735.201a. 735.202 (a). (d), (e), (f)-735.210, 735.302, 735.303(a), 735.304, 735.305(a), 735.306, 735.401, 735.403(a), 735.404(b), 735.405, 735.407735.411, 735.412 (b)-(d). These adopted sections are modified and supplemented as set forth in this part.

NOTE: Paragraphs (c) and (d) of $ 735.203 of Part 735 of Title 5, Code of Federal Regu

lations, previously adopted by $ 2100.735–101, were amended in the Civil Service Regulations, and these amendments are now adopted in the agency regulations and read, 33 F.R. 11535, August 14, 1968:

(c) Employees are encouraged to engage in teaching, lecturing and writing that is not prohibited by law, the Executive order, this part, or the agency regulations. However, an employee shall not, either for or without compensation, engage in teaching, lecturing, or writing, including teaching, lecturing. or writing for the purpose of the special preparation of a person or class of persons for an examination of the Commission or Board of Examiners for the Foreign Service, that depends on information obtained as a result of his Government employment, except when that information has been made available to the general public or will be made available on request, or when the agency head gives written authorization for use of nonpublic information on the basis that the use is in the public interest. In addition, an employee who is a Presidential appointee covered by section 401(a) of the order shall not receive compensation or anything of monetary value for any consultation, lecture, discussion, writing, or appearance the subject matter of which is devoted substantially to the responsibilities, programs, or operations of his agency, or which draws substantially on oficial data or ideas which have not become part of the body of public information.

(d) [Deleted] § 2100.735–102 Review of statements of

employment and financial interests. Each statement of employment and financial interests submitted under this part shall be reviewed by the Governor. When this review indicates a conflict between the interests of an employee or special Government employee of the agency and the performance of his serv


ices for the Government, the Governor of conduct applicable to employees as shall have the indicated conflict brought set forth in this part and adopted under to the attention of the employee or spe- $ 2100.735-101, except § 735.203(b) of this cial Government employee, grant the title. employee or special Government em (b) Special Government employees of ployee an opportunity to explain the in- the agency may teach, lecture, or write dicated 'conflict, and resolve the in- in a manner not inconsistent with dicated conflict with due consideration $ 735.203(c) of this title. of the recommendation of the counselor

(c) Pursuant to $ 735.305(b) of this for the agency designated under $ 735.

title, the agency authorizes the same ex105(a) of this title.

ceptions concerning gifts, entertain$ 2100.735–103 Disciplinary and other ment, and favors for special Government remedial action.

employees as are authorized for emAn employee or special Government ployees by § 2100.735–104. employee of the agency who violates any $ 2100.735-107 Statements of employ. of the regulations in this part or adopted

ment and financial interest. under $ 2100.735–101 may be disciplined.

(a) In addition to the employees reThe disciplinary action may be in addition to any penalty prescribed by law for

quired to submit statements of employthe violation. In addition to or in lieu of

ment and financial interest under disciplinary action, remedial action to § 735.403(a) of this title, employees in end conflicts or appearance of conflicts the following named positions shall subof interest may include but is not limited mit statements of employment and finan

cial interest: Quartermaster, Engineer, (a) Changes in assigned duties;

and Purchasing Officer. (b) Divestment by the employee or (b) Each statement of employment special Government employee of his con

and financial interest required by this flicting interest; or

section shall be submitted to the Gover(c) Disqualification for a particular

nor, U.S. Soldiers' Home. assignment.

(c) An employee who believes that his § 2100.735–104 Gifts, entertainment, position has been improperly included and favors.

in this section as one requiring the subThe agency authorizes the exceptions mission of a statement of employment to $ 735.202(a) of this title set forth in and financial interests may obtain a re§ 735.202(b) (1)-(4) of this title.

view of his complaint under the agency's $ 2100.735-105 Outside employment

grievance procedure. and other activity.

$ 2100.735-108 Supplementary stateAn employee of the agency may engage

ments. in outside employment or other outside Notwithstanding the filing of the anactivity not incompatible with the full nual supplementary statement required and proper discharge of the duties and by $ 735.406 of this title, each employee responsibilities of his Government em

shall at all times avoid acquiring a fiployment.

nancial interest that could result, or § 2100.735–106 Specific provisions of taking an action that would result, in a

agency regulations governing special violation of the conflicts-of-interest proGovernment employees.

visions of section 208 of title 18, United (a) Special Government employees of States Code or the regulations in this the agency shall adhere to the standards part or adopted under $ 2100.735–101.


Part 2200

Employee responsibilities and conduct.


Subpart A-General Provisions


2200.735–101 Purpose. 2200.735–102 Definitions. 2200.735–103 Interpretation and advisory

service. 2200.735–104 Review of statements of em

ployment and financial in

terests. 2200.735–105 Disciplinary and other reme

dial action. Subpart B-Agency Regulations Governing Ethi.

cal and Other Conduct and Responsibilities of

Employees 2200.735–201 Proscribed actions. 2200.735–2012 Gifts, entertainment, and fa

vors. 2200.735–202 Outside employment and other

activity. 2200.735–203 Financial interests. 2200.735–204 Use of Government property. 2200.735–205 Misuse of information. 2200.735-206 Indebtedness. 2200.735-207 Gambling, betting, and lotter

tes. 2200.735–208 General conduct prejudicial to

the Government 2200.735–209 Miscellaneous statutory provi


Sec. 2200.735–305 Miscellaneous statutory provi

sions. 2200.735–306 General conduct. Subpart D Agency Regulations Governing Statements of Employment and Financial Interests 2200.735-401 Form and content of state

ments. 2200.735–402 Employees required to submit

statements. 2200.735-402a Employee's complaint on fil

ing requirement. 2200.735-402b Employees not required to

submit statements. 2200.735-403 Time and place for submission

of employees' statements. 2200.735-404 Supplementary statements. 2200.735-405 Interests of employee's reia

tives. 2200.735-406 Information not known by

employees. 2200.735-407 Information prohibited. 2200.735-408 Confidentiality of employees'

statements. 2200.735–409 Effect of employees' statements

on other requirements. 2200.735–410 Specific provisions of Agency

regulations for special Gov

ernment employees. AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 2200 issued under E.O. 11222; 3 CFR, 1964 1965 Comp.; 5 CFR 735.104.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 2200 appear at 31 F.R. 13787, Oct. 27, 1966, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-General Provisions $ 2200.735–101 Purpose.

The maintenance of unusually high standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality, and conduct by Government em

Subpart C-Agency Regulations Governing Ethi.

cal and Other Conduct and Responsibilities of

Special Government Employees 2200.735–301 Use of Government employ

ment. 2200.735–302 Use of inside information. 2200.735–303 Coercion. 2200.735–304 Gifts, entertainment, and fa


ployees and special Government em. of attainment in a professional, scienployees is essential to assure the propertific, technical, or other field. His performance of the Government business knowledge and mastery of the principles, and the maintenance of confidence by practices, problems, methods, and techcitizens in their Government. The niques of his field of activity, or of a avoidance of misconduct and confiicts of specialized area in the field, are clearly interest on the part of Government em superior to those usually possessed by ployees and special Government em- ordinarily competent individuals in that ployees through informed judgment is activity, His attainment is such that indispensable to the maintenance of he usually is regarded as an authority or these standards. To accord with these as a practitioner of unusual competence concepts, the regulations in this part set and skill by other individuals in the proforth the Agency's standards covering fession, occupation, or activity. (Chapthe Agency's employees and special Gov- ter 304, Federal Personnel Manual.) ernment employees, prescribing stand- (1) “Head of the Agency" means the ards of conduct and responsibilities, and Executive Director with respect to any governing statements reporting employ employee or special Government emment and financial interests.

ployee except Board Members; and $ 2200.735–102 Definitions.

means the Chairman with respect to the

Executive Director and Board Members. (a) "Agency” means the District of

(j) “Person" means an individual, a Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency.

corporation, a company, an association, (b) "Board Member" means a mem

a firm, a partnership, a society, a joint ber of the Board of Directors of the Dis

stock company, or any other organizatrict of Columbia Redevelopment Land

tion or institution. Agency appointed pursuant to Title 5,

(k) "Special Government employee" section 703, D.C. Code 1961.

means a Board Member and any oficer (c) “Chairman" means the Chairman

or employee of the District of Columbia of the Board of Directors of the District

Redevelopment Land Agency who is reof Columbia Redevelopment Land

tained, designated, appointed, or emAgency.

ployed to perform, with or without com(d) “Consultant” means an individual

pensation, for a period not to exceed 130 who serves as an adviser to an officer or

days during any period of 365 consecuInstrumentality of the Government, as

tive days, temporary duties either on & distinguished from an officer or employee full-time basis, or intermittent basis. who carries out the agency's duties and

(18 U.S.C. 202.) responsibilities. He gives his views or

(31 F.R. 13787, Oct. 27, 1966, as amended at opinions on problems or questions pre

32 F.R. 17573, Dec. 8, 1967) sented him by the Agency, but he neither performs nor supervises performance of

$ 2200.735-103 Interpretation and adoperating functions. Ordinarily, he is

visory service. expert in the field in which he advises, (a) The General Counsel of the but he need not be a specialist. His ex Agency, or such other officer as the Expertness may lie in his possession of a ecutive Director in his discretion shall high order of broad administrative, pro from time to time appoint, after notificafessional, or technical experience indi tion to the Civil Service Commission, cating that his ability and knowledge shall be the Counselor for the Agency on make his advice distinctively valuable matters of interpretation of the regulato the Agency. (Chapter 304, Federal

tions in this part and shall be the AgenPersonnel Manual).

cy's designee to the Civil Service Com(e) "Division Head" means the head

mission on matters covered by the reguof a unit within the District of Columbia

lations in this part. The Counselor will Redevelopment Land Agency designated

be responsible for coordination of the as a Division by the Head of the Agency for the purposes of this part

Agency's counseling services provided (f) "Employee" means an officer or

under paragraph (b) of this section and employee of the Agency, but does not in

for assuring that counseling and interclude a special Government employee.

pretations on questions of conflicts of (g) "Executive Order" means Execu

interest and other matters covered by tive Order 11222 of May 8, 1965.

this part are available to Deputy Coun(h) “Expert” means a person with ex- selors designated under paragraph (b) cellent qualifications and a high degree of this section.

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