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(d) Each level shall include titles of classes of teaching positions which are appropriate for the various categories of teaching positions which should properly be placed in the same level. To the extent appropriate, titles should be of a broad, general nature (i.e., “Classroom Teacher”, “Librarian", etc.). § 1601.10 Compensation of teaching

positions. (a) Basis. Rates of basic compensation for teaching positions will be fixed by the Secretaries of the military departments in relation to rates of basic compensation for similar positions in the continental United States, exclusive of Alaska and Hawaii, but no such rate shall exceed the highest rate of basic compensation for similar positions of a comparable level of duties and responsibilities under the municipal government of the District of Columbia.

(b) Schedules. A single, coordinated, uniform compensation schedule will be jointly developed and adopted, and from time to time adjusted, as appropriate, by the three military departments, which will:

(1) List the various classes and levels of teaching positions;

(2) For each level, establish and prescribe on a school year basis the basic compensation step rates. At each level the schedule will also provide, in each step rate, for an appropriate additional increment for those teachers who possess a Master's degree and may provide a further increment for those who have completed a higher level of academic preparation.

(3) Prescribe a flat daily rate for substitute teachers and summer school teachers.

(4) Provide for appropriate additional compensation for certain extracurricular activities normally associated with elementary and secondary school programs.

(c) Rules for fixing compensation(1) New appointments. Each new appointment of teachers who meet mininum qualifications requirements will be made at the first numerical step rate for the level to which the employee is assigned, plus any additional increment to which he would be entitled in accordance with paragraphs (b) (2) of this section. Those appointed who do not meet minimum qualifications standards will be appointed to special step rates which will be prescribed in the compensation schedules.

(2) Reemployments, transfers, reassignments and demotions other than for cause. Upon reemployment, transfer, reassignment or demotion other than for cause pay may be fixed at any step rate for the level in which employed which does not exceed the highest previous rate received in Federal employment. However, if the highest previous rate falls between two scheduled service step rates of the new level pay may be fixed at the higher step rate. In those cases where former Federal employment was under a different pay schedule the highest pre vious rate shall be determined as 10/12's of the salary received under such other schedule if such salary was on an annual basis. If the reemployment, transfer on reassignment occurs in the school following satisfactory completion of a school year, the teacher may be granted the step increase earned in the previous year.

(3) Eligibility for additional pay in. crement upon completing advanced educational preparation. A teacher who completes advanced educational preparation for which an additional pay increment is provided shall be assigned to the higher rate effective on the first day of the first pay period following the receipt of documentary evidence that the work has been completed.

(4) Promotions between levels. A teacher who is promoted to a higher level shall be assigned to the lowest numerical step on the schedule for his new level which will give him an immediate increase in school year salary rate at least equal to a service step increment in the level from which promoted.

(5) Demotions for cause. Teachers who are demoted for cause shall be assigned to a step rate in the level to which demoted which does not exceed the numerical step held in the level from which they were demoted.

(6) Initial conversion from classification Act Schedule to the Teacher Schedule. (i) Upon initial conversion a teacher will be converted to a level in the new compensation schedule which is prescribed as equivalent to the Classification Act grade from which converted, The step to which the teacher is converted in the new level shall be the numerical step equivalent to the step held under the Classification Act.

(ii) If after conversion the position as a result of the classification standards prescribed pursuant to § 1601.9(a), is reclassified to a lower level the usual rules


determining salary rates will apply, ment will not be paid for the teaching except that if the salary exceeds the days or school recess period days occurhighest rate in the range for the level in ring prior to the day of arrival at the which the position is placed, such rate post of duty. shall be retained as long as the incum (3) Early arrivals at teaching posts. bent remains in a position in the same (1) Teachers who arrive at their post of

assignment prior to the start of the (7) During travel. While enroute to school year will not be entitled to comand from overseas assignments, teachers pensation until the start of the school will be in a non-pay status. However, year. they will receive appropriate per diem (ii) Teachers who are required to rewhile traveling.

port at their post of assignment and to (8) Daily rate. The daily rate for a perform work prior to the start of the teacher will be his school year salary school year shall be paid at the daily rate divided by the number of calendar days for their level and numerical service step in the school year, excluding Saturdays for each day of such work performed. and Sundays.

(4) Late departures from teaching (d) Step increases-(1) Eligibility. posts. (1) Teachers who cannot leave

posts. (1) Teachers who cg Each employee in a teaching position promptly at the end of a school year bewhose salary is fixed under Subpart B of cause of circumstances beyond their this Part 1601 and who is serving under control such as a lack of available transan appointment without time limitation portation facilities will not be entitled shall advance one numerical service step to compensation for the period between for each school year of satisfactory serv the end of the school year and the date ice until he reaches the highest step on of departure. the schedule for his level: Provided, That (ii) Teachers who are required to perhe has been in a pay status at least 150

form work after the end of the school working days during his last previous year shall be paid at the daily rate for school year in a Department of Defense

their level and numerical service step for Overseas Dependents School, for which a each day of such work performed. step increase has not been granted. Eli

(24 F.R. 8921, Nov. 3, 1959, as amended at 25 gibility for an additional advancement F.R. 473, Jan. 21, 1960) within the same level (by reason of attaining higher acadamic qualifica

$ 1601.11 Personnel actions. tions) shall not preclude the teacher (a) Qualification standards. The milfrom receiving a service step increase if itary departments will develop and use otherwise eligible.

uniform minimum experience and train(2) Effective date. Step increases ing qualification standards for all teachshall be made effective at the beginning ing positions. of the school year.

(b) Actions Affecting teachers-(1) (e) Compensation payment-(1) Sal Appointments. Appointments will be ary computation. Compensation of made under Schedule A, Part 213 of the teachers, substitute teachers, and sum Civil Service Regulations and in full mer school teachers shall be in accord recognition of applicable civil service ance with the payroll and leave account appointment requirements and regulaing procedures of the employing depart tions of the military departments ment and such policies and instructions

concerned. as may be prescribed by the Assistant

(2) Trial period. Appointees are reSecretary of Defense (Comptroller).

quired to serve a trial period of one (2) Late arrivals at teaching posts.

school year except as follows: (1) Teachers who are employed with the

(i) Present and former teachers who understanding that they will serve for

have already satisfactorily completed at an entire school year or a specified part

least one school year as a teacher in thereof and who through no fault of

the Department of Defense dependents their own as a result of transportation or processing delays after appointment

school system. arrive late at their post of assignment

(ii) Persons transferred or appointed will be administratively excused and without a break in service of more than paid as if they had arrived on time and 30 calendar days while serving a trial actually served during the lost time. period as a teacher may complete the

(ii) Teachers who through their own trial period in the teaching position to fault arrive late at their post of assign which appointed.

(3) Reassignment. Reassignments may be effected at any time following appointments. Consent of the teacher while desirable need not be a decisive factor for reassignment either within the same school or to another school within a school area as defined by each military department when the need for a teacher with particular qualifications is clearly evident.

(4) Promotion. Promotions will be based on qualifications and merit. No time in level restrictions governing promotions will be applied by the military departments.

(c) Actions affecting substitute teachers. (1) Substitute teachers will be given excepted appointments not to exceed one year on a when-actually-employed (WAE) basis under Schedule A, Part 213 of the Civil Service Regulations.

(2) The same minimum experience and qualifications standards used for regular teachers will be applicable to substitute teachers. Waivers may be authorized by regulations of the military departments.

(d) Change from substitute teacher to teacher. When it is determined that the services of a substitute teacher will be required full time for the balance of the school year, action may be taken to appoint him as a teacher provided he is otherwise eligible for such appointment.

(e) Actions affecting summer school teachers. Teachers who are employed as summer school teachers will be given excepted appointments not to exceed the length of time for which their service will be required, on a when-actuallyemployed (WAE) basis under Schedule A, Part 213 of the Civil Service Regulations. § 1601.12 Leave.

(a) Amount and accrual rate. A teacher (other than an individual employed as a substitute teacher) shall be entitled to cumulative leave, with pay, which shall be known as “teachers leave”, which shall accrue at the rate of one day for each calendar month or part thereof, of a school year, except that:

(1) If the school year includes more than eight months, any teacher who shall have served for the entire school year shall be entitled to ten days of cumulative leave with pay:

(2) Not more than seventy-five days of leave may accumulate to the credit of

a teacher at any one time under this paragraph; and

(3) Such leave, not to exceed the amount which may be accrued during the school year, may be advanced for use at any time within the school year. Such advance shall be subject to subsequent earning of such leave, or repayment upon separation or at the end of the school year, for leave advanced but not earned.

(b) Summer school teachers. Leave will not be earned by summer school teachers, nor will teachers leave accumulated during school years be granted for summer school absence.

(c) Substitute teachers. Substitute teachers will not earn leave of any kind.

(d) Non-work days. Saturdays, Sundays, regularly scheduled holidays and other administratively authorized non. work days shall not be considered to be days of leave.

(e) Use of leave. Leave earned by any teacher under this section may be granted during the school year:

(1) For maternity purposes;

(2) In the event of the illness of such teacher;

(3) In the event of illness, contagious disease, or death in the immediate family of such teacher and requiring their absence;

(4) In the event of any personal emergency; and

(5) If appropriate advance notice is given of the intended absence of a teacher, not to exceed three days of such leave may be granted for any purpose in each school year to such teacher.

(f) Conversion of leave. (1) A teacher shall be credited, for the purposes of the leave system provided by this section, with the annual and sick leave to his credit immediately prior to the effective date of his conversion, transfer, promotion, demotion, or reappointment to a teaching position provided:

(i) He is holding a position which is determined to be a teaching position, or

(ii) He is an employee of the Federal Government or the municipal government of the District of Columbia who is transferred, promoted, or reappointed, without break in service, from a position under a different leave system to a teaching position.

(2) Sick leave so credited shall be included in the leave provided for in paragraph (a) of this section. Annual leave so credited shall not be included in the leave provided for in such para

graph but shall be used under regulations which shall be prescribed by the Secretary of the military department concerned.

(3) In any case in which the amount of sick leave, which is to the credit of any individual under a different leave system immediately prior to the date on which he becomes subject as a teacher to the leave system provided by this section and which is included in the leave provided for in paragraph (a) of this section, is in excess of the maximum amount of accumulated leave allowable under paragraph (a) (2) of this section, such excess shall remain to the credit of such teacher until used. However, the use during any leave year of any amount in excess of the aggregate amount which shall have accrued during such year shall reduce automatically the maximum allowable amount of accumulated leave at the beginning of the next leave year until such amount no longer exceeds the maximum amount allowable under paragraph (a) (2) of this section,

(g) Minimum charge. The minimum charge for leave shall be one-half day and additional charges shall be multiples thereof. Absence from duty of less than one-half day may be excused for adequate reasons without charge to leave, at the discretion of administrative authority.

(h) Transfer and recredit of teacher's leave. (1) When a teacher is separated from a teaching position and is reappointed in another teaching position without a break in service of more than one school year, his leave account (teachers leave) shall be certified to the employing agency for credit or charge.

(2) When an employee is separated from a teaching position and is reappointed in a position subject to another leave act without a break in service his leave account shall be certified to the employing agency for credit or charge in accordance with regulations to be issued by the Civil Service Commission.

(i) Liquidation of leave upon separation. (1) Any annual leave earned under a different leave system and remaining to the credit of a teacher upon separation shall be liquidated by a lump-sum payment in accordance with the Act of December 21, 1944 (5 U.S.C. 61b).

(2) The teacher's leave earned or included under paragraph (a) of this section shall not be liquidated through lump-sum payment when the teacher is separated.

$ 1601.13 Allowances and differentials.

(a) Entitlement to cost-of-living allowances and post differentials. (1) Entitlement of teachers and summer school teachers to quarters, quarters allowances, cost-of-living allowances and post differentials shall be in accordance with “Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians, Foreign Areas)” issued by Department of State, June 1953, as amended, and Department of Defense Instruction 1418.1, dated December 3, 1957, “Policy in Regard to Payment of Allowances in Foreign Areas".

(2) Substitute teachers will not be entitled to quarters, quarters allowances, cost-of-living allowances, post differentials or storage of household goods.

(b) Entitlement to storage of household effects. When a teacher is reassigned to another location between school years or for another reason relinquishes his quarters during the summer with the result that a quarters allowance is not payable, or when goyernment quarters assigned for the school year are not made available to the teacher for the vacation period, storage (including packing, drayage, unpacking and transportation to and from storage) of his household goods and personal possession, will be authorized by the employing agency at no cost to the teacher, subject to the weight limitations applicable to the shipment of household goods and personal effects of civilian employees. § 1601.14 Orientation of teachers.

Prior to their departure from the United States, teachers employed for the overseas dependents schools will be given an adequate orientation on the condi. tions under which they will live and work. This information will be included in printed form and will cover the following matters as a minimum.

(a) The nature, extent and duration of the service which the Government of the United States expects from them as provided uniformly in the regulations of the employing agency.

(b) The transportation, pay, allowances, logistic service and other fringe benefits which the Government will provide to them in consideration of such services.

(c) The high importance of conducting themselves in the foreign area in a manner to reflect credit upon the American educational system, and as influential representatives of the United States.

PART 1602—ABSENTEE VOTING of the United States and the District of

Columbia, and their spouses and dependSec. 1602.1 Purpose.

ents when residing with or accompany1602.2 Applicability and scope.

ing them. 1602.3 Definitions.

(3) Members of all other Federal agen1602.4 Policy.

cies while serving outside the territorial 1602.5 Responsibilities.

limits of the United States and the DisAUTHORITY: The provisions of this part

trict of Columbia, and their spouses and 1602 issued under Federal Voting Assistance

dependents when residing with or accomAct, Public Law 296, 84th Congress, as panying them. amended by Public Laws 90–343 and 90–344 (4) Members of the Merchant Marine (50 U.S.C. 1451-1476) and Executive Order of the United States, and their spouses 10646, November 23, 1955 (20 F.R. 8681). and dependents.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 1602 (5) Other citizens of the United States appear at 36 F.R. 15107, Aug. 13, 1971, unless temporarily residing outside the terriotherwise noted.

torial limits of the United States and the $ 1602.1 Purpose.

District of Columbia and their spouses

and dependents when residing with or This part implements the provisions of

accompanying them. E.O. 10646 wherein the Secretary of De

(b) "Voting residence" is the legal fense was designated the Federal Coordi

residence, or domicile in which the voter nator for assigning responsibility and

could vote if present. prescribing procedures to implement the absentee voting program authorized by

§ 1602.4 Policy. the Federal Voting Assistance Act (here To further the objectives of the Act, inafter referred to as the Act). It assigns Department of Defense components and responsibility and delegates authority to other participating Federal departments the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Man and agencies concerned with the abpower and Reserve Affairs) to carry out sentee voting program shall encourage this program on behalf of the Secretary voters to avail themselves of the absentee of Defense.

voting privileges provided by the several § 1602.2 Applicability and scope.

States. In addition,

(a) The absentee voting program shall The provisions of this part apply to all

be administered in such a manner as to Department of Defense components

ensure that voters are provided all neces(worldwide). Other Executive depart

sary voting information including voting ments and agencies will be requested to

age requirements, election dates, officers participate by lending assistance in

to be elected, constitutional amendments carrying out the absentee voting program

and other ballot proposals, absentee regas provided by section 1461 of the Act.

istration and voting procedures. (Participating departments and agencies (b) Each DOD component and parshall adopt regulations and procedures

ticipating Federal department and which conform to this part to the extent

agency shall facilitate the disseminapracticable, consistent with their organi

tion of absentee voting information and zational missions).

provide assistance to its own personnel, § 1602.3 Definitions.

including the services of an official au

thorized to administer oaths. For the purpose of administering the

(1) In overseas areas, arrangements absentee voting program the following definitions apply:

shall be made with designated depart

ments and agencies to provide absentee (a) “Voter" means a person in any of

voting information and assistance to the following categories who is eligible

voters described in § 1602.3(a) (1), (2), to vote in any primary, special or gen

and (3). eral election, but who is absent from the

(2) To the extent practical, informaplace of his voting residence.

tion and assistance will also be made (1) Members of the Armed Forces

available to voters described in § 1602.3 while in the active service and their

(a) (4) and (5). spouses and dependents, wherever

(c) Where practicable and compatible stationed.

with operational conditions, every voter (2) Civilian members of the Depart- shall be afforded an opportunity to regment of Defense and its components ister and vote by absentee process in any while serving outside the territorial limits election for which the State of his vot

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