Free East Timor: Australia's Culpability in East Timor's Genocide

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Jim Aubrey
Random House Australia, 1998 - Australia - 298 pages
'This book is a testimony for the historical record, to document the actions of some of those who did everything they could to help East Timor - average everyday people ashamed of their Government's indecent obsession with Indonesia and its complicity in Indonesia's genocide in East Timor.As an Australian, I must ask at what point in the balancing of international relations is our national integrity and honour dispensable? Before or after the people of East Timor completely disappear? As a testimony of our civilisation, it cannot be said that we have advanced the humanity of our nation, and with just cause our children and our children's children will condemn us for our indifference, our apathy, and our Government's appalling record of complicity in the genocide in East Timor.' JIM AUBREY 'The problem of East Timor will not go away, and we must not condone the inaction of our Government to address the significant human rights abuses in East Timor by remaining silent. Listen carefully to some of the voices in this book.East Timorese leader Xanana Gusmao says of Australia, "It is inconceivable and unacceptable that a democratic country with a western way of life, a country which claims to be the defender of human rights, should profit from the blood of other people.".As James Dunn has so eloquently written, the real test of a Government's commitment to the universality of human rights is a measure of the state of our civilisation. It is incumbent on Australia to resolve to work within the international community to remedy a gross violation of those standards against a small and vulnerable people.' SENATOR NATASHA STOTT DESPOJA 'Never once did the Timorese betray us. They were unbelievably loyal to us. That loyalty is why we survived and why I am able to stand here more than five decades later, to tell you of the debt my comrades and I owe to the Timorese people. It is a debt that we owe unto the third and fourth generations, and all the generations to come.Why has the Australian Government forgotten the Timorese? Here I am, at the age of seventy-seven, to plead with you to support the Timorese people. In 1942-3, at least 20,000 Timorese were killed by the Japanese, and by the war's end that figure had reached 60,000. That was the price the Timorese paid for helping us. More than 200,000 - that is, over one-third of the Timorese population - have been massacred by the Indonesians since 1975. This is genocide.' HARRY LEVY 2/4TH INDEPENDENT COMPANY With contributions from leading international writers like John Pilger and Noam Chomsky; jailed East Timorese resistance leader, Xanana Gusmao; Nobel Peace Prize winner and activist Jose Ramos Horta, human rights advocate Justice Marcus Einfeld, and many more, Free East Timor is the definitive and timely account of how Australia has turned its back on a near neighbour whose human rights are being violated every day. Attached is Justice Marcus Einfeld's impassioned account likening East Timor's genocide to the annihilation of the Jews in the second world war. The figures of destruction are truly shocking, but what is even more appalling is the fact that one-third of the population of a country can be wiped out before the eyes of the world, yet the world continues to ignore this outrage. Free East Timor is a vitally important book - because it literally is about life and death. The book contains 4 pages of horrifyingly explicit photographs of the torture of East Timorese women by Indonesian soldiers, soldiers who continue to be trained by the Australian defence forces. The book will be launched at the Sydney Writers' Festival on May 14, and there will also be a discussion on East Timor as part of the festival which will included John Pilger and Jim Aubrey, the editor of the book.

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