The Young Job Printer: A Book of Instructions in Details on Job Printing for Beginners

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Page 14 - Excelsior. 3 points; brilliant 3J; semi-brevier, 4; diamond, 4J; pearl, 5; agate, 5J; non pareil. 6; minion, 7; brevier, 8; bourgeois, 9; long primer 10; small pica, 11; pica. 12; English, 14; two-line brevier 16; great primer. 18; paragon. 20; two-line small pica, 22 two-line pica, 24; two-line English, 28; four-line brevier ' 32; three-line pica, 36; double paragon, 40; four-line small . pica, 44, and four-line pica, 48 points.
Page 23 - Howe'er it be, it seems to me, Tis only noble to be good ; Kind hearts are more than coronets, And simple faith than Norman blood.
Page 8 - Furniture. — Strips of wood or metal placed around and between pages when imposed. Galley. — A wooden or brass flat oblong tray, with side and head ledges, for holding type when composed. Galley-slaves. — An ancient term of derision applied by pressmen to compositors. Gauge. — A strip of reglet with a notch in it, passed with the make-up, to denote the length of the pages. Get in.— To set close. Good colour. — Sheets printed neither too black nor too light. Guide. — A piece...
Page 9 - LEADS AND SLUGS. Leads are designated as "— to-Pica," the number being that fraction of a Pica which the Lead is, viz : a 6-to-Pica Lead is one-sixth of a Pica in thickness, or six 6-to-Pica's are equal to one Pica ; four 4-to-Pica's one Pica, and so with other sizes or thickness of Leads.
Page 45 - Black and warm brown, violet and pale green, violet and light rose color, deep blue and golden brown, chocolate and bright blue, deep red and grey, maroon and warm green, deep blue and pink, chocolate and pea green, maroon and deep blue, claret and buff.
Page 9 - Low-line. Applied to a type that ranges lower than the rest in a line. • Mackle. When part of the impression appears double. Make-up. To arrange the lines of matter into pages. Making margin. In imposition, arranging the space between the pages of a form so that the margin will be properly proportioned. Making ready. Preparing a form on the press for printing. Mallet. A wooden hammer. Matter. Composed type. Measure. The width of a page. Monk. A black spot in a printed sheet, owing to the ink not...
Page 46 - Yellow and carmine or deep red produce impure scarlet. Carmine and blue produce deep lilac, violet and plum. Blue and black produce deep blue or blue-black. Vermilion and black produce rich brown. Yellow and black make bronze green. Yellow, blue and black make deep green. Orange, mineral and white make beautiful flesh tints. Yellow and blue produce green. Carmine and white make pinks of any depth.
Page 45 - Black and warm brown. Violet and pale green. Violet and light rose color. Deep blue and golden brown. Chocolate and bright blue. Deep red and gray. Maroon and warm green. Deep blue and pink. Chocolate and pea green. Maroon and deep blue. Claret and buff.

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