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1919 od jard Mr. Putnam lived in Connecticut. Mr. P. called his negro, They took his gun. They went into the woods. They called his dog. The dog came to them. They send dog to smell on the snow after tracks. They followed the dog. The dog went to the den. They looked in the den. Mr. P. sent negro to go into the den. But the negro was afraid.' Mr. P. tied rope round leg. Mr. P. took his candles in the hand. Mr. P. told negro to hold rope. Mr. P. took his candles, club and gun. Mr. P. went into the den. Mr. P. looked at the red eyes of the wolf which growled. The negro hauled him ont of the den. Mr. P. told negro he made a mistake. Mr. P. went into the den. Mr. P. looked at the wolf and red eyes. Mr. P. shot at wolf's forehead. The wolf was killed. The negro hauled him out of the den. Mr. P. put the gun up the tree. Mr. P. went into the den. Mr. P. looked for the wolf. Mr. P. held it. The negro hauled him out of the den. Mr. P. put it on the ground. They looked at the new wolf's sharp teeth. They took it. They carried it to the house. They put it on the floor. Mr. P. called his wife and a woman. She looked at the large . wolf. They were pleased.'."

. .. ABOUT AN INDIAN AND A WHITE MAN. Some years ago a few white men lived in Virginia. An Indian hunter for the deer in the woods. He was very tired. He saw a

honse and he went into the house. He met a man, and the Indi. an asked for some bread and water. The selfish man did not give some bread and water to him. He told hiin begone. The Indian was very sorry. The Indian walked some miles, and he arrived at his hut. He was very hungry to eat bread and drink water. Some years afterward the man went the woods, and when the sun set the man lost his way in the woods, and he looked for his house, but he came to the same hut. He asked the Indian to let him stay in his hut. The Indian knew him. The man did not know him. They slept in his hut till sunrise. They ate some food breakfastThe man told the Indian he lost his house. The Indian knew it, and he led him to his house. The Indian asked it, he knew the Indian. The man was ashamed. He was selfish. The Indian told him that if any Indians came and they ask him, must give some bread and water to them. The Indian was a good and kind Indian,

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A man lived in Texas. He rode a horse into the woods. He travelled through the woods. He heard a wolf howl loudly. He was afraid to ride through the prairie which was on fire. He covered the horse with a blanket. He rode him through the prairie on fire. The wolf did not chase the horse. The wolf ran in the prairie on fire till he was dead. The man rode the horse out of the prairie on fire. It hurt him very severely. The man got off the horse's back. He discovered that the skin was burnt off. He was thirsty and hungry. He heard the wolves howl loudlyThe man rode the horse fast. The wolves ran and chased the horse and be stopped his horse and tied him with the reins round

a tree. He climbed up the tree. He stood on the limbs of the tree. He shot some wolves. He could not kill all, and they destroyed the horse. The wolves could not climb up it. They were hungry. They watched him on the tree. They watched the man one day and night. They heard the buffalo run through the woods. They left and ran away. The man climbed down the tree. He cut down small trees and made them to stand round the ground. He made the fire to destroy the trees. The man had to eat the dead wolf but the wolves could not enter the fire. They dispersed through the woods. The man walked to his house. He told his wife and people about the story. The people and the wife laughed at the story. The man was scrry for his dead horse. The horse was worth 100 dollars.


ABOUT HELEN HEWS... Miss Helen Hews had been at school'one and half years. She tried to study her lessons, then she improve fast. Last vacation we took leave of school and went home. 'Miss Hews, Master Hews and Miss Helen Hews 'took leave of school and went home. They were very glad to see their parents,' brothers and sisters. Last August Miss Helen Hews took leave of home and was walk ing on the railroad. The locomotive joined to eighteen cars came behind her while she was walking on the railroad. It could not stop, and the cow'catcher threw her down. It ran away. Master Hews saw her lying on the ground near the railroad. ! He was very afraid and soon ran home. He told his parents, brothers and sisters about Miss Helen Hews, who was now mangled and laid on the ground near the railroad. They were very sorry, and ran to her and carried her home. Parents and Doctors watched her,

who was very much hurt. She could not get better, and she died. The parents and some people felt and wept for her. They put her in a coffin and carried it to the grave. They put it in the ground and filled the grave. Mr. Jenkins explained to the deaf and dumb pupils about her who was dead. They felt sad.


The people were wicked and could not love God, but Noah was very good and loved him. God loved Noah and blessed him.He told Noah that the people were wicked and would destroy them. God told Noah to build a new ark, for he would cause the clouds to rain forty days. Noah obeyed and believed God. He went to the wicked people and preached to them about the bible, but they could not love and obey God, and would laugh at him. Noah was very sorry, and chose some hired men to build the new ark. They built it in twenty years; and the wicked people laughed at Noah as being foolish. He was patient and built it in twenty years. Noah sent two kinds of beasts to go into the ark, and Noah and his family went into the ark. God caused the door to shat. The wicked people could not enter it. God was angry and caused the clouds to rain forty years. They were very afraid of it rain. ing for forty years. They ascended up the mountains, but it in. creased and covered the mountains with water. They were drowned, and it had rained forty years. Noah and his family were very happy and loved God, because God took care of them in the ark that could not drown in the water. The water abated down to the ground. They went out of the ark, and the sun shine on the world, which was dry again. Noah and his family went out of the ark, and the two kinds of beasts went out of the ark, and

played with each other. They made an altar with stones, and caught the little lamb and put it on the stone. Noah sacrificed it to God, and they thanked God, then he blessed them. They were very happy, for it was a pleasant day. The family had many children, and the world increased in people. They must love and obey God. Noah and his family were pious.

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