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* and stitching, 50 cents per 100. Binding in pasteboard covers, with sheep corners and backs, 15 cents per volume. Blanks, 50 cents per quire.

. : DENSMORE'S BID.' * Composition a thousand, fifteen cents. Press work a token,

eighteen cents. Folding, stitching, binding, covering, &c., accord'ing to the requirements of law, for each volume, documemt or piece, two cents. Paper, (quality corresponding to the specifications on file) eighteen by twenty-four inches in size, a quire, fifteen cents. Blanks a quire, twenty cents.

For the purpose of the examination, we will adopt the estimate of printing made by the Secretary of State, when the case was before him, adding only such items as he has omitted, and such others as the law has added. : Estimate and figures made by the Secretary on Mr. Brown's bid:

Composition 13,102 Ems, 15 cts: 1,965 30
Press Work . 6,130 Tokens 15 do. : 919 50
29,542 Quires 15 do

4,431 30 Covering

100,000 Copies 50 do per 100 500 00 Binding 14,500 Volames 15 do

2,175 00 Blanks 750 Quires

375 00

: $10,356 10 Estimate and figures on Mr. Densmore's bid. Composition 13,102 Ems 15 cts

$1,965 30 Press Work 6,130 Tokens 18 do

1,103 40 Paper 29,542 Quires 15 do

4,431 30 · Covering 100,000

2 do

2,000 00 Binding

2 do

290 00 :: Blanks

• 750 Quires 2 do .. 150 00

... $9,940 00 .. It will be seen that the Secretary by this estimate makes Mr.

Densmore's bill $416 10 less than Mr. Brown's. The bids are the same as to composition and paper. Mr. Brown's is $183 90 less on Press Work, and fifteen hundred dollars less on the item of "covering." On the item of "binding,” Mr. Densmore's bid is $290, and Mr. Brown's $2,175, and if the laws and journals should be covered with paper az heretofore, Mr. Brown's bid would be nearly two thousand dollars lower.

The estimate of work and the calculation made by the Secretary of State are based on the amount of work done during the last year, and he has omitted entirely the item of bills furnished for the two houses of the Legislature, most of which are to be folded, and many folded and stitched, for which Mr. Densmore's bid would give him two cents a piece, while Mr. Brown's would give 50 cts. per 100 or one half cent a piece.

Last winter there were one hundred and seventy-four printed bills introduced into both branches of the Legislature, and 250 copies of each bill ordered. This would make 43,500 pieces for the folding and stitching of which Mr. Densmore would receive two cents a piece, and this item alone would add to his bill $870, and only $217 50 to Mr. Brown's, leaving a difference in his favor on this item not included in the estimate of the Secretary of $553,00, and making Mr. Brown's bid $137 less than Mr. Densmore's.

, 'n The number of printed bills last winter was unusually small, not more than half as many as the year before. It will doubtless be greater during the coming two years, and as the number of pieces to be either fulded or stitched increases, so much greater is the difference in favor of Mr. Brown's bid. .

There will be more reports this year than last, and on all such · work Mr. Brown's bid is very much the lowest. 1. We are unanimously of the opinion, therefore, that even if Mr. Densmore's bid were in compliance with the law, the bid of Mr. Brown is the lowest and best bid. And we have for the reasons above stated awarded to him the printing of the State for the years 1855 and 1856.".

.. WM. A. BARSTOW, Governor. '

EDWARD H. JANSSEN, State Treasurer. "GEORGE B. SMITH, Atty General.

“H.” Abstract of proposals received by the Secretary of State for doing the State printing for the years 1855 and 1656. ..

,' .. ' 1. J. T. MARSTON & Co.

Composition 14 cents per 1000 ems. Press work 20 cents per token. Paper mediuın size and for all less sizes and in any class of work and of quality reqaired 15 cents' per quire. Folding, stitching and binding in manner and quality required. 6 1.4 cents per volume or copy. Blanks per quire, including paper 28 cents

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per quire.”

. .,' ; *:" 2. JAMES DENSMORE. . . '.'.' .',

“Composition per 1000 ems 15 cents. Press work per token 18 cents. Folding per qyire 2 cents. Stitching per quire 2 cents, covering, according to the requirements of law, per copy of each volume or document 8 cents. Paper quality, corresponding with the specimen on file: 18x24 inches in size, per quire 15 cents. Blanks per quire 20 cents.” ........ ...... to Firebii : . 3. JAMES DENSMORE.

. ..... ,

. "Composition a thousand 15 cents, Press,work a token 18 cents Folding, stitching, binding, covering, &c., according to the red quirements of law for each volume, document or piece 2 cents.Paper, quality corresponding to the specification on file 18x24 inches in size, a quire 25 cents, Blanks a quire-20 cents...";.

4. Ç. C. SHOLES. . I.Topluss 3.4.37!,!

1 2 !,!! 15 s. ,, *t "Composition per 1000 ems, 9 cents Press work per token 18 cents. Folding, stitching and binding according to the requirements of law, for each volume or document folded, stitched or bound, 4 cents. Paper,, (quality corresponding with requirements of law and specimens on file) size 12 by 18, per quire, 12 cents, Blanks per quire, 18 cents."

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“Composition per thousand ems 18 cts. Press work per token 20 cts. Paper, (according to specimens on file) size 18 by 24 inches, per quire 18 cts. Folding, stitching and binding the same in accordance with the requirement of the law, for each volume, pamphlet or document folded, stitched, or bound 4 cts. Blanks per quire 30 cts.”

6. CHARLES CLEMENT. “Composition, per 1000 ems, 17 cts. Press work, per token, 21 cts. Paper, per quire, (of the quality offered for inspection) size 12 by 18, 15 cts. Folding, stitching and binding, as wanted for the legislature, per copy and number, 4 cts. Blanks, per quire, 38 cts.

7. ATWOOD & RUBLEE. "Composition, on first two classes, 18 cts. per 1000 ens. Press work, on first two classes, 20 cts. per token.' Paper, medium size, and all smaller sizes required, and of qualities required, sixteen cts. per quire. Folding, stitching and covering all documents in the usual pamphlet style, three cts. per volume or document. Folding and binding journals and documents in boards, with leather backs and corners, twenty-five cents per volume or document. Blanks, paper included, 40 cents per quire.”


8. 8. F. M'HUGH. “Composition, 8 cents per 1000 ems. Press work, 8 cents per token. Paper, 18 by 24, and all other kinds specified, according to the quality of the samples furnished, 15 cents per quire. Folding, 5 cents a hundred. Binding, 12 1-2 cents apiece. Blanks, 50 cents a quire.

9. E. A. CALKINS. "Composition, 10 cents per 1.000 ems, Press work, 10 cents per token, Folding, 5 cents per 100 sheets. Paper, 18 by 24 inches, first quality book, 15 cents per quire. All other paper used 15" cents per quire. Binding, in board with sheep skin backs and covers, 15 cents a piece. Blanks, 50 cents per quire.”

10 BERIAN BROWN. “Composition, 15 cents per 1000 ems. Press work, 15 cents per token. Paper, 18 by 24 inches in size, of the qnality of the samples in the Secretary's office, 15 cents per quire. Folding and stitching, 50 cents per 100. Binding in paste board covers, with sheep skin corners and backs, 15 cents per volume. Blanks, 50 cents per quire.

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“I do hereby propose to execute the public printing for the State of Wisconsin for the next coming two years, in bang-up style, and be the saine more or less as the case may be, in any style, shape, manner and quantity, for the sum of $100,000 per annum.

12. RUFUS KING & Co.

“Composition, 14 cents per 1000 ems. Press work, 20 cents per token. Paper, 18 by 24, 15 cents per quire. Folding, 3 cents per volume. Binding, 12 1-2 cents. Blanks, 30 cents per quire.

13. RUFUS KING & co. “Composition, 14 cents per 1000 ems. Press work, 18 cents per token. Paper, medium size, 15 cents per quire, and same for flat cap or other lesser size. Quality as required. Folding, stitching and binding each copy of every volume or document, five cents per volume or copy. Blanks, paper included, 30 cents per quire.

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