The Sentence of the Court-martial... for the Trial of the Hon. Lieut. Gen. James Murray, Late Governor of Minorca, on the Twenty-nine Articles Exhibited Against Him by Sir William Draper: With His Majesty's Order Thereon. To which are Added, the Whole of the Evidence on the Two Articles of which the General was Found Guilty; and Likewise Upon the Four Articles of Complaint of Personal Wrong and Grievance. Taken in Short-hand by Joseph Gurney

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M. Gurney, 1783 - 100 pages

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Page 72 - I am attempting to take the command from you is false and infamous ' did not import the charge of any actual attempt to take the command from him, which hurt, as I then felt myself to be, I had conceived. I do not hesitate to acknowledge that those words were very improper and unjustifiable, and I declare my concern for having used them, and I do, in deference to the sense of the courtmartial, desire that...
Page 67 - We are forry to add, that it does not appear to us that any one now in the hofpital will be able to do the fmalleft duty under the prefent circumftances, where no vegetable food is to be had, or free air. . We have the honour to be, &c.
Page 68 - We judge it neceflÓry to add, that thofe men fpecified in the returns, will, in all probability, be. in a few days incapable of performing any duty, from the rapid progrefs the fcurvy makes amongft them : neither is it in our power to check this prevailing malady.
Page 36 - December, 1?83, and to continue during our pleasure : and, for so doing this shall be as well to you as to all others our officers and ministers, who shall or may be concerned herein a
Page 7 - Sentence of the court-martial, held at the horse-guards for the trial of . To which are added the whole of the evidence .... correspondence, etc., taken in shorthand, by Joseph Gurney.
Page 72 - I have the honour to be, Sir, Your moft obedient and moft humble fervant, JAMES MBYRICK.
Page 20 - Charge, the. embrafures and merlons of the batteries would have been deftroyed by our own idle firing. The order, however, did not extend to firing in the night, when the operations of the Enemy were chiefly carried on, nor to the detached work of the Marlborough ; and I befides explained the intent of it, and gave a reafonable latitude to thofe officers who were not within its fpirit. As to Capt. Parry, he was among thofe who were moft wanton, and leaft controulable in the direction of his fire.
Page 69 - Murray, ought to be completely satisfied with the said declaration, and express that satisfaction in the following words : — " I do accept this acknowledgment as a sufficient and full apology for the words used by Sir W. Draper in his letter to me, and I do, on my part, express my concern that I should have made use of any words which could have so much hurt the feelings of Sir W. Draper.
Page 4 - ... rapid approach to Mahon, fo that even his own goods, plans, and papers, were feized, and the troops retired into the fort with great confufion, lofs, and dif.grace.
Page 95 - Thefe, with ma^y other refources, are what I meant in my report to his Majefty, by defending the place by chicanes ; let me fall or ftand by the juftice of thefe ideas, I hazard them to the court, and I hazard them to all Europe. It has been mentioned that the...

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