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Scarcely any name can be imagined from which less envy or competition is to be dreaded. The Idler has no rivals or enemies. The man of business forgets him; the man of enterprise despises him; and though such as tread the same track of life fall commonly into jealousy and discord, Idlers are always found to associate in peace; and he who is most famed for doing nothing, is glad to meet another as idle as himself. What is to be expected from this


whether it will be uniform or various, learned or familiar, serious or gay, political or moral, continued or interrupted, it is hoped that no reader will enquire. That the Idler has some scheme, cannot be doubted, for to form schemes is the Idler's privilege. But though he has many projects in his head, he is now grown sparing of communication, having observed, that his hearers are apt to remember what he forgets himself; that his tardiness of execution exposes him to the encroachments of those who catch a hint and fall to work; and that very specious plans, after long contrivance and pompous displays, have subsided in weariness without a trial, and without miscarriage have been blasted by derision.

Something the Idler's character may be supposed to promise. Those that are curious after diminutive history, who watch the revolutions of families, and the rise and fall of characters either male or female, will hope to be gratified by this paper; for the Idler is always inquisitive and seldom retentive. He that delights in obloquy and satire, and wishes to see clouds gathering over any reputation that dazzles him with



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NUMB. 68 History of translations 69 History of translations 70 Hard words defended 71 Dick Shifter's rural excursion 72 Regulation of memory 73 Tranquil's use of ricbes 74 Memory rarely deficient 75 Gelaleddin of Bassora 76 False criticisms on painting 77 Easy writing 78 Steady, Snug, Startle, Solid, and Misty 79 Grand style of painting 80 Ladies' journey to London 81 Indian's speech to his countrymen 82 The true idea of beauty 83 Scruple, Wormwood, Sturdy, and Gentle 84 Biography how best performed 85 Books multiplied by useless compilations 86 Miss Heartless's want of a lodging 87 Amazonian bravery revived 88 What have ye done? 89 Physical evil moral good 90 Rhetorical action considered 91 Sufficiency of the English language 92 Nature of cunning · 93 Sam Softly's history 94 Obstructions of learning 95 Tim Wainscot's son a fine gentleman 96 Hacho of Lapland 97 Narratives of travellers considered 98 Sophia Heedful 99 Ortogrul of Basra 100 The good sort of woman 101Omar's plan of life 102 Authors inattentive to themselves 103 Horrour of the last

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HISTORY of RASSELAS, Prince of Abissinia



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