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By William Sherlock, D. D.

Late Dean of St. Paul's.

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LONDON: Printed for J.Walthoe, D.browne, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J.clarke, J. Hinton, John Rivington, James Rivington and J. FletCher, J. Ward, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, S. Crowder and T. Lownds, P. Davey and B. Law, T. Longman, and C. and R. Ware,


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Masters of the Bench,

And the Rest of the

Members of the Two Honourable Societies

o F T H E

T E M P L E.

My much honoured Friends,

jj** jj N E Reason .os Publishing }ec 0 & this plain Discourse is, bekJeCJeCjrf cause I cannot now preach to you as formerly I have done, and have no other Way left of discharging my Duty to you, but by making the Press supply the Place of the Pulpit. Part os this you have already heard, and should have heard the rest, had I enjoyed the same Liberty still; which God restore to me again when he sees fit; if not, his Will he done.

And the only Reason of this Dedication is, to make this public and thankful Acknowledgment (before I am forced ced from you, if I must be so ui of your great Respects and many singular Favours to me; which have been always so free and generous, that they never gave Time, nor left any Room for me to aik: especially that obliging Welcome you gave me at my first Coming, I mean your Present of a House, which, besides the Conveniences and Pleasure of a delightful Habitation, has afforded me that which I value much more, the frequent Opportunities of your Conversation.

Tho' I am able to make you no better Return than Thanks, I hope •that Great MASTER whom I serve will; and that GOD would multiply all temporal and spiritual Blessings on you, is, and always shall be, the sin~ cere and hearty Prayer of,


Tour moft Obliged)

and Humhk Servanty

W. Sherlock. THE

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