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Apiary of Wm. Babberger, Canon City, Colorado
From 25 to 45 colonies make up the apiary. One season he harvested 23,000 sections of No.
oney from 25 colonies.

This photograph took second prize in our picture contest recently decided. See Far West
tment ?

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IMPORTANT NOTICE THE SUBSCRIPTION PRICE of this Journal is $1.00 a year, in the United States of America and Mexico; in Canada, $1.10; and in all other countries in the Postal Union, 25 cents a year extra for postage. Sample copy free.

THE WRAPPER-LABEL DATE indicates the end of the month to which your subscription is paid. For instance, “deci2 on your label shows that it is paid to the end of December, 1912.

SUBSCRIPTION RECEIPTS.-We do not send a receipt for money sent us to pay subscription, but change the date on your ad. dress-label, which shows that the money has been received and credited.

Your Name and Address will be put on one side of the handle as shown in the cut, and on the other side a picture of a Queen-Bee, a Worker-Bee, and a Drone-Bee. The handle is celluloid, and so transparent, through which is seen your name. If you lose this Knife it can be returned to you, or it serves to identify you if you happen to be injured fatally, or rendered unconscious. The cut is the exact size; it is made of best steel. When ordering be sure to write exact name and address. Knife delivered within two weeks after we receive order.

Price, postpaid, $1.00; or with a year's subscription to the AmericanBee Journal—both for $1.80; or given Free as a premium for sending us 3 New subscriptions at $1.00 each.

American Bee Journal, Hamilton, Illinois.

SURE, Old Combs are Valuable


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Advertising Rate, Per Agate Line, 15c.
14 lines make one inch.

Nothing less than 4 lines accepted.

We Extract 99% Percent of Wax 3 times ac a line 9 times ric a line

(1 yr.) 100 a line

And then Pay you Highest Market Prices, or 2 cents addiReading Notices, 25 cents, count line. Goes to press the 25th of the preceding

tional in Trade month.

YOU CAN'T APPROACH THAT FOR PROFIT Southern Bee-keepers! We need great quantities of Comb and Extracted Honey !

Write us
I have a Large and Complete Stock of BEE-
SUPPLIES at Cordele, Ga., and have erec-

ted a large Warehouse and filled it with
New Bee - Supplies at O'Brien, Fla., near

“The Busy Bee-Men" Live Oak, the best shipping-point for all sections of Florida, Southeast Georgia and

204 Walnut Street,

CINCINNATI, OHIO Southern Alabama.

Send all orders to CORDELE, GA., and state from which point you wish your Supplies shipped.


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We manufacture Millions of Sections
every year that are as good as the best. The
CHEAPEST for the Quality ; BEST for the Price.
If you buy them once, you will buy again.


I have moved from Jacksonvile,
Ark. to Attalla, Ala., where I will
continue to breed fine Bees and Queens,
Three Band,
Golden Italians,

and Carniolans All bred in separate yards. Untestedone, $1.00; six, $5.00; twelve, $9.00. Tested-one, $1.50; six, $8.00; twelve, $15.00. For Queens in larger quantity and Nuclei, write. Let us book your order now, so you will get your Queens when you want them. No disease of any kind. Safe arrival and satisfaction guaranteed.

D. E. BROTHERS, Attalla, Ala.

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American Bee Journal

; for 1913

Some Good



At Half Price $4 Worth for Only $2

(All Postpaid)

List No. 1
American Bee Journal, 1 year.. .$1.00

(or Gleanings in Bee Culture)
Southern Bee Culture," by J. J.

.50 3 Copies "Honey-Money Stories," at 25c..

.75 2 Copies “Songs of Beedom," at 25c...

.50 (10 Bee-Songs in a copy) 100 Copies “Honey as a HealthFood”.


6 Queens for $4.50;

3 for $2.75; 1 for $1.00 For a number of years we have been sending out to bee-keepers exceptionally fine Untested Italian Queens, purely mated, and all right in every respected. Here is what a few of those who received our Queens have to say about them: AMERICAN BEE JOURNAL

Gentlemen :-Last October I purchased three queens of you for my experiments with different queens, and wish to ask you if queens of this season will be of this stock? One of the Queens is the most remarkable queen I ever owned for prolificness, which she transmits to all her daughters. Riddle, Oreg., July 4, 1912.


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Gentlemen:-The queen you sent me came in good condition. She was one of the best I have ever bought. I have her introduced and she is doing business as if to the manor born I want another of those beautiful queens as soon as I can possibly get it for making up my fair exhibit. Please send a fine one. Such queens certainly advertise your business. Darlington, Wis., July 31, 1912.


Gentlemen :- I bought a queen of you about 35 years ago, and from her I italianized 1150 colonies of the finest beauties of unusual good qualities. I lived near Milton Center, Ohio, at the time.

Yours truly,
Portales, New Mexico, July

10, 1912.

J. W. Houtz.

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We usually begin mailing Queens in May, and continue thereafter on the plan of "first come first served." The price of one of our Untested Queens alone is $1.00, or with the old American Bee Journal for one year, both for $1.60. Three Queens (without Bee Journal) would be $2.75, or six for $4.50. Full instructions for introducing are sent with each Queen, being printed on the underside of the address card on the mailing-cage. You cannot do better than to get one or more of our fine

Standard-bred Queens.

White Sweet Clover Seed

I have a good supply of this seed, inhulled, which I can supply at the folLowing prices just as soon as the orders come in:

By mail, 1 pound, postage paid, 30 cts. ; 2 pounds, 50 cts.

By express or freight

, f. o. b. Sand- The Ideal Hive-Tool Free as a Premium

Exactly half actual size.

point, Idaho, at these prices: 5 pounds Cor 80 cts.; 10 pounds, $1.50; 25 pounds, 53.50; or 100 pounds, $13.00.

Both as a honey-plant and soil-restorer sweet clover is hard to beat. Every bee-keeper should not only sow t himself, but should encourage others co grow it. Special Bee-Literature Offers

Ask for my circular containing special offers of bee-literature. And if you want any bee-papers or other magazines, send me your list and I can quote you a price that will save you some money, I am sure.

Address, George W. York, Publisher and Subscription Agent,

302 S. Boyer Ave., Sandpoint, Bonner Co.,



Price, postpaid, 35 cents; or with the American Bee Journal
one year-both for $1.15; or mailed FREE as a premium for

sending us one new subscription at $1.00.
This is a special tool invented by a Minnesota bee-keeper, adapted for pry-
ing up supers, and for general hive and other work around the apiary. Made of
malleable iron, 872 inches long. The middle part is 1 1-16 inches wide, and 7-32
thick. The smaller end is 17 inches long, 72 inch wide, and 7-32 thick, ending
like a screwdriver. The larger end is wedge-shaped, having a fairly sharp, semi-
circular edge, making it almost perfect for prying up hive-covers, supers, etc., as
it does not mar the wood. Dr. C. C. Miller, who has used this tool since 1903,
says: “I think as much of the tool as ever.'

American Bee Journal, Hamilton, Illinois.

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