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The affirmation of self and of God two duties— Mediæval Catholicism

affirmed God but neglected the affirmation of self—Protestantism the

affirmation of self-Division and opposition the source of all misery and

error-Distinction not division-Christian ethics consist in the affirma-

tion of distinctions without division and opposition—The distinction of

God and His relations by meditation, prayer, and worship-Luther de-

nied these modes of affirming God— The affirmation of ourselves depends

on our affirmation of God—Iminorality the division between higher and

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alone-Pantheism confuses the factors—Christianity preserves the

factors and determines the relation-Man free to accept life, reason and

grace, or to reject them all or severally—Protestantism vitiates the re-

lations—Catholicism maintains them—The mode of God's operation

the same always—Vitally, intellectually, morally He acts mediately-

the medium material—The sacramental system the materialization of

grace—Grace given at every time of life to meet all necessities-

Loss to the ignorant through the mutilation of the sacramental system

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