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At the suggestion of Director Butler, it was ordered that the statement of the compromises in cases of defaulting bonds, as made by Mr. Lane, be inserted in the minutes.

Director Fulton suggested that the date of purchase of each bond be entered in the report. The suggestion was accepted without dissent.

Director Greenwood moved that the report of the trustees be received and approved, and printed in the next annual volume.

Pending action, Director Lane reported that Director L. D. Harvey, of Madison, Wis, had been appointed as auditor to examine all of the securities held by the association, and that he would make his report later.

Director Gove called attention to the obligation which was due to the Board of Trustees by the association for its careful management of the financial matters of the association.

Director White, of Ohio, suggested that the motion of Director Greenwood be changed by inserting the words “subject to the approval of the auditor.” The suggestion was accepted by Director Greenwood, and the motion, as so modified, was duly carried.

L. S. Thompson, of New Jersey, by permission, addressed the board concerning the Committee on Course of Study in Art Education, which had been appointed at Washington by the Art Department, and asked that an appropriation be granted to enable it to complete its work. Upon request, the Secretary read the resolution passed by the board at its last meeting concerning the reference of applications for appropriations to the Council. Director Gove moved that the proposition be put into written form and referred to the Council for recommendation. Carried.

Director Lane offered the following:

Reseloed, That the President of the National Educational Association is hereby instructed to convey the thanks of the directory of the association to the Central Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Los Angeles, Cal., for the beautiful national flag presented by that organization to the National Educational Association.

The resolution was adopted.

Director Butler announced that an unofficial message had been received from the peace conference at The Hague, stating that it had been successful in its labors in behalf of arbitration, and offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, That the President of the National Educational Association be requested to send the following telegram of congratulation on behalf of the association to the American delegates to the peace conference now in session at The Hague: "ANDREW D. WHITE,

Chairman American Delegation to Peace Conference, The Hague, Holland: “ The National Educational Association, in convention assembled, tenders American delegation to peace conference heartiest congratulations on success which has attended their noble efforts in behalf of principle of arbitration.”

Miss Estelle Reel presented a petition, signed by twenty-five active members, for the formation of a department of Indian education. Secretary Shepard read the petition and the names of the signers, as follows: To the Honerable Board of Directors of the National Educational Association:

We, the undersigned active members, respectfully petition that the Indian School Service Institute be made a department of the National Educational Association, to be called the Department of Indian Education. C.W. GOODMAN, Superintendent NICHOLAS MURRAY BUTLER, Colum- L. C. GREENLEE, Denver, Colo.

Chilocco Industrial School, bia University, New York, J. M. GREENWOOD, Kansas City,
Arkansas City, Kan.
N. Y.

H. B. PEAIKS, Lawrence, Kan. Ossian H. LANG, New York, N. Y. W. T. HARRIS, Washington,
EDGAR A. ALLEN, Albuquerque, L. M. DILLMAN, Chicago, Ill.

D. C. X. M.

J. H. COLLINS, Springfield, Ill. E. W. Cov, Cincinnati, O. S. M. McCOWAN, Phoenix, Ariz. J. A. FOSHAY, Los Angeles, Cal. C. H. AMES, Boston, Mass. I. C. MCNEILL, West Superior, EDWARD T. PIERCE, Los Angeles, J. F. KEATING, Pueblo, Colo.


J. H. MILLER, Lincoln, Neb. A. G. LANE, Chicago, Ill.

Ed. F. HERMANNS, Denver, Colo. G. W. A. LUCKEY, Lincoln, Neb. A. W. CLANCY, Chicago, Ill. G. B. MORRISON, Kansas City, Mo. F. A. FITZPATRICK, Boston, Mass. E. O. LYTE, Millersville, Pa.


Director Butler explained that the government allowed a sum for an annual convention of Indian schools which was sufficient for the expenses of the new department.

Director Greenwood moved that the petition be allowed and the department created. The motion was duly seconded.

Director Soldan wished time for further consideration of this petition, and suggested that the matter be referred to the Executive Committee with power to

Director E. E. White stated that, if the new department was created, the proceedings should be printed in the volume as those of any other department.

Miss Reel replied that Congress empowered her to print the proceedings of the Indian school convention, and that she would furnish copies to all members of the National Educational Association.

Director Gove asked what real advantage it would be to the Indian schools if a new department was created under these conditions.

Miss Reel answered that there would be a great advantage to the Indian school workers in the fact of being members of the National Educational Association, and in being assured of the fellow-feeling and sympathy of other teachers.

Director Carrington asked if there was anything to prevent the Indian teachers from becoming members of the National Educational Association under the present conditions.

Director Greenwood spoke of the advantage to them with respect to railroad rates, providing they were a part of the National Educational Association.

Director White made a suggestion to insert the word " affiliated” before the word “department" in Director Greenwood's motion.

Director Fulton urged that it should be a full department, if created at all.

Director Gove explained that an “affiliated department” would be a department without official connection with the association, similar to the relations at present sustained by the National Herbart Society.

Director Beardshear, of Iowa, claimed that the additional expense to the association should not be considered in this matter; the National Educational Association is large enough to include all departments of educational work.

Director White moved to amend Director Greenwood's motion by inserting the word " affiliated.” Seconded.

Director Bartholomew asked the chair if a proposal to create an “affiliated department” was in order. The chair ruled that, according to the constitution, Director White's amendment was not in order.

The original motion of Director Greenwood was called for and carried.
Director Taylor introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption :

Resolved, That the Board of Directors of the National Educational Association learns with profound grief of the deplorable railway accident at Newman on yesterday morning, whereby Mrs. Lena Thomas, of Seneca Falls, N. Y., and Miss Addie Harris, of St. Louis, Mo., members of the association, lost their lives, and many others were severely wounded, and which has passed such a pall over the deliberations of the association.

Resolved, That the Secretary of the association be instructed to express to the bereaved and suffering friends the heartfelt sympathy of the profession in all parts of the land.

The motion to adopt was carried by a rising vote.

The Secretary reported that By-Law No. 1, which provided for the appointment of a committee on nominations at the third session of the meeting, and also for a meeting of the active members to nominate members of the nominating committee at 2 P. M. on the second day of the meeting, were conflicting provisions, since, under the arrangement of meetings for the present year, the third session occurred before 2 P. M. on the second day. He had, therefore, acting under the advice of some members of the Executive Committee, taken the responsibility of changing the time for the meeting of the active members to 5:30 P. M. on Tuesday, the first day of the convention, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. He asked the board to take action upon this matter.

Director Gove recommended that alterations in the by-laws be made, and moved that the Secretary be instructed to formulate the same and present them to the active members at the annual meeting. Seconded and carried.

Director Bartholomew moved to approve the action of the Secretary in making the announcements in the program of the time for the meetings of active members. Seconded and carried.

Director Butler offered the following resolution as a standing order, and moved its adoption :

Resolved, That the following standing order be adopted, until further action by the Board of Directors, to govern the printing and distribution of special reports on educational subjects issued by authority of the National Educational Association:

Of all such reports there shall be printed an edition of 1,000 copies, to be distributed by the Secretary of the National Educational Association, in conference with the chairman of the special committee making the report ; such distribution to be without charge.

Additional editions shall be printed under the direction of the Secretary and offered for sale at a price sufficient to cover the cost of printing and postage; such price to be fixed by the Secretary in conference with the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Director Taylor, of Kansas, suggested that some provision should be made whereby larger editions for gratuitous distribution might be published when it seemed desirable.

Director Butler modified his resolution, with the consent of the second, by introducing the words "unless the Executive Committee otherwise orders ” after the words “an edition of 1,000 copies.” Carried.

Director Lane moved that J. H. Collins be elected as director from Illinois, vice E. A. Gastman, resigned. Seconded and carried.

Director Butler presented the matter of a division of the Department of Manual and Industrial Education, and submitted documents relating to the same, moving to lay these upon the table, expressing the hope that some action might be taken upon them at a later meeting of the Board of Directors. Carried.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and carried. IRWIN SHEPARD,

E. ORAM LYTE, Secretary.



FOR 1899-1900



THURSDAY, JULY 13, 4:30 P. M.

The Board of Directors was called to order by President-elect O. T. Corson. The following directors were present :

0. T. Corson, Ohio; C. G. Pearse, Nebraska; Nicholas Murray Butler, New York; Newton C. Dougherty, Illinois; Aaron Gove, Colorado; J. M. Greenwood, Missouri; W. T. Harris, District of Columbia; Albert G. Lane, Illinois; E. Oram Lyte, Pennsylvania; F. Louis Soldan, Missouri; A. R. Taylor, Kansas; E. E. White, Ohio; Will S. Monroe, Massachusetts; A, S. Downing, New York; J. N. Deahl, West Virginia; F. C. Woodward, South Carolina; W. N. Sheats, Florida; McHenry Rhoads, Kentucky; H. C. Weber, Tennessee; W. M. Slaton, Georgia; J. H. Phillips, Alabama; R. B. Fulton, Mississippi; Alexander Hogg, Texas; J. R. Rightsell, Arkansas; J. A. Shawan, Ohio; J. W. Carr, Indiana; J. H. Collins, Illinois; D. W. Springer, Michigan; L. D. Harvey, Wisconsin; W. M. Beardshear, Iowa; F. B. Hubbard, Minnesota; W. T. Carrington, Missouri; J. H. Miller, Nebraska; Samuel D. Largent, Montana; L. C. Greenlee, Colorado; Mrs. Elizabeth R. Jackson, New Mexico; F. A. Cooley, Arizona; J. W. Daniels, Idaho; 0. C. Whitney, Washington; E. D. Ressler, Oregon; John Swett, California; Irwin Shepard, Minnesota.

The minutes of the last meeting were read by the Secretary, and on motion approved.

The President announced that the first business of the meeting was the election of a member of the Board of Trustees to succeed A. G. Lane, of Illinois.

Director Harris nominated A. G. Lane to succeed himself. Director Greenwood seconded the nomination. Director Carrington, of Missouri, moved that the Secretary be authorized to cast the ballot of the Board of Directors for Mr. Lane. The motion was seconded and carried. The ballot was so cast, and Director Lane was declared elected as trustee for the ensuing period of four years.

Director E. E. White moved that Dr. W. T. Harris be elected to succeed himself as a member of the Executive Committee for the term of one year. Seconded and carried.

The Secretary read the following extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors held in Washington last year, and, on request of Director White, explained the purpose of the amendment suggested :

EXTRACT FROM MINUTES OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS, JULY 11, 1898 Director L. D. Harvey, at the request of the Wisconsin delegation of active members, offered the following resolution, which was ordered to lie over for one year under the rule:

Resolved, That the Board of Directors recommend to the general association that the constitution be amended as follows :

“Amend Art. III – Membership — by striking out sec. 3, and substituting there for the following:

“Any associate member eligible for active membership may become an active member upon ment of the annnal dues for the current year.'”

the pay

Director Butler moved that consideration of the amendment be indefinitely postponed. Seconded and carried.

The President announced the Committee on Nominations of members of the Council as follows: F. Louis Soldan, of Missouri.

N. C. Dougherty, of Illinois.
Aaron Gove, of Colorado.

The President announced the next order of business to be the selection of place of meeting for 1900.

Director Greenwood moved that the speeches in presentation of the invitation from each city be limited to ten minutes. Seconded and carried.

The roll of states was called by the Secretary.
J. H. Hulsart, of New Jersey, presented an invitation from Ashbury Park.

Director F. C. Woodward, of South Carolina, presented an invitation for the association to meet in Charleston. Director Fulton, of Mississippi, seconded the invitation. Directors Carr, of Indiana, and Phillips, of Alabama, also spoke in favor of Charleston.

D. S. Anderson, of Tennessee, invited the association to meet in Chattanooga.
E. W. Coy, of Ohio, presented an invitation from Cincinnati.
D. W. Springer, of Michigan, invited the association to meet in Detroit in 1901.
A. E. Winship, of Massachusetts, invited the association to meet in Boston.

The Secretary reported that he had received communications from the city of Montreal inviting the association, and that a committee of delegates from that city was present in Los Angeles for the purpose of personally extending such invitation.

As no one had appeared to present the invitation of Montreal, Director Lane moved that the matter be passed, and the letters of invitation, which had been received, referred to the Executive Committee with the invitations from other cities.

Director Greenwood moved that an informal ballot be taken, each director expressing his first, second, and third choice. Seconded. Director Pearse moved to amend the above motion to read that each director vote for but one place, as his first choice. After some discussion, both motions were withdrawn, and Director Gove moved that the Board of Directors proceed to take an informal ballot for choice of meeting place, each director voting for one place, with the understanding that the matter would be referred to the Executive Committee for final decision. Seconded and carried.

The chair decided that each member should cast his ballot as the roll of directors was called, and appointed Directors Greenwood and Phillips as tellers.

The vote to express a choice for the next place of meeting was then cast.

The Committee on Nomination of members of the National Council then made the following report : Te the Board of Directors of the National Educational Association:

Your Committee on Nominations for membership of the National Council of Education submits the following: 1905. W. H. Bartholomew, to succeed himself ; term to expire in 1905.

F. A. Fitzpatrick, to succeed himself; term to expire in 1905.
E. Oram Lyte, to succeed himself; term to expire in 1905.
J. M. Greenwood, to succeed himself; term to expire in 1905.

1. C. McNeill, to succeed Henry Sabin; term to expire in 1905.
1904. James H. Canfield, to succeed himself; term to expire in 1904.
1902. Amold Tompkins, to succeed E. C. Hewett; term to expire in 1902.

Charles M. Jordan, to succeed Charles A. McMuriy; term to expire in 1902.
1901. R. B. Fulton, to succeed J. R. Preston; term to expire in 1901.
1900. James A. Foshay, to succeed C. C. Rounds; term to expire in 1900.

F. Louis SOLDAN, Chairman.


Upon motion, the report was adopted, and the nominees were declared elected to membership in the Council for the terms indicated.

Dr. E. E. Brown, of California, by permission, spoke of the proposed millennial celebration of King Alfred in October, 1901, and asked that a committee be appointed to consider this matter. Director Harris moved that the communication presented by Dr. Brown be made a part of the minutes, and Professor Charles Mills Gayley be made the representative of this body in this matter. Seconded and carried.

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