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[Names of authors of papers are set in SMALL CAPITALS. A † indicates an obituary notice.]

Act of Incorporation, 5.

Art in Education-Elmer E. Brown, 112. ADDICOTT, JAMES E.-Correlation of Man- Art Instruction in the University-Henry

ual Training with Other Branches of T. Ardley, 961.
Study, 923; Secretary's Minutes, Man- Artistic Rendering, Problems in, 940.
ual Training Department, 905.

Authority of the School Superintendent-
Addresses of Welcome, by Governor Henry Emerson E. White, 314.

T. Gage, 47; Thos. J. Kirk, 48; Elmer Average Scholarship of the Average
E. Brown, 52 ; Mayor Fred. Eaton, 53; Pupil, The-Frank Rigler, 86.
J. A. Foshay, 54.

BAILEY, THOMAS P., JR.-Character Study Administration, Normal-School, 864."

in the Kindergarten, 541. Adolescent at Home and in School-E. G. Baker, James H. — Discussion, 428, 624, Lancaster, 1039.

631. Advanced Course in French, 746.

Baldwin, Joseph, †, 234. Advanced Course in German, 741.

BALL, KATHERINE M.-Problems in Ar. Advent of the Commercial High School, tistic Rendering, 940. The-W. C. Stevenson, 1025.

BARNARD, FRANK J.-Let Pupils be ClasAids and Guides in Library Work, 513. sified According to Ability, 163. Albee, George Sumner, †, 233.

Barrett, Richard C.--Discussion, 266. Alfred Memorial Celebration, 40.

Bashford, James W.-Discussion, 327. Algebra, 769.

Baumgartner, Elizabeth, †, 235. All Along the Line -- Mrs. Katherine T. BAYLISS, ALFRED – The Function of Bingham, 1165.

School Superintendents in Procuring LiAllin, Arthur--Discussion, 275.

braries for, and Their Proper Use in, the American Historical Association, Report Public Schools, 1136. of Committee, 755.

Bennett, Hampton, t, 236. American Mathematical Society, 764. BERKEY, J. M.-Course of Study for PuAmerican University, An Apology for the, pils Who Cannot Complete High-School 213.

Work, 375. Amended spelling modified, 43.

BINGHAM, MRS. KATHERINE T.-All Amended Spelling, Report of the Commit. Along the Line, 1165. tee on, 352.

Biology, 652. Amendment to 'By-Laws, 26.

Black, Samuel T.--Discussion, 827. Amendments to Constitution, how made, 4. Board of Directors, Composition and duAnnual Business Meeting, Proceedings of, ties of, 2; List of, 1898-99, 8; 1899

1900, 12. Anthropometric Studies in Nebraska ---- Board of Directors, 1898–99, Proceedings William W. Hastings, 1076.

of, 34; 1899-1900, Proceedings of, 37, Apology for the American University, An Board of Trustees, Composition and du-David Starr Jordan, 213.

ties of, 3 ; Financial Report of, 20. Appendix, Report of Committee on Col. Boltwood, H. L.-Discussion, 631. lege-Entrance Requirements, A, 702; B, Botany, 653; Report of the Committee on, 703; C, 705.

8oo. Appendix, Report of Committee on Nor- Bouton, Eugene-Discussion, 276. mal Schools, A, 882; B, 884; C, 889; D, Boyd, Mrs. Gaston-Discussion, 981, 988, 891.

993. Appendix, Report of Committee on Physi. BOYDEN, ALBERT G.-General View of cal Geography, 793.

the Work of the Normal School, 884. Appropriation for prize essays, 43.

BROWN, ELMER E.-Address of Welcome, ARDLEY, HENRY T.-Art Instruction in 52; Art in Education, 112; Naughty the University, 961.

Children, 564; The Study of Education Are Educational Journals Educational ? - in the University, 828 ; Discussion, 394. William George Bruce, 208.

BROWN, GEORGE P.-The Function of the Arithmetic, 768.

Educational Press, 202; Discussion, 395, Art Education, Department of, 932; Re- 529. port of Committee on, 966.

Brown, LeRoy Decatur, †, 236.


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tional Journals Flucational ? 208 ; Quo Vadis, School Board ? 1125; Secretary's Minutes, School Administration Depart

ment, 1118. BRYAN, E. A.—The Economic Intı ta

tion of History, 186. Buehrle, R. K.--Discussion, 306. BURK, FREDERIC L.-A Curriculum of Ap

plied Child Study for the Kindergarten and Primary School, 1051 ; The Influence of Exercise upon Growth, 1067 ;

The Kindergarten Child Physically, 570. Business - Course Problem, The - Allan

Davis, 999. Business Education, Department of, 998;

in Our Public Schools, 1008; The Evo.'

lution of, 1018. Business Meeting, Annual Proceedings of,


Committee on Resolutions, 32; The Outlook in Education, 170; Educational Progress of the Year, 439 ; Some Criti.

cisms of the Kindergarten, 536. By-Laws, 4; Amendment to, 26; for Li

brary Trustees, 510. Calendar of Meetings, 6. CARR, J. W.-Course of Study for Pupils

Who Cannot Complete High - School

Work, 378. Cataloging Small Libraries, Hints for, 511. CHALMERS, W. W.-- Promotions and Grad

ing, 369. Character-Making, The Unseen Force in,

276. Character Study in the Kindergarten

Thomas P. Bailey, Jr., 541 ; Discussion,

546. Character, The Religious Element in the

Formation of, 121. Chemistry, 654; Report of Committee on,

794 Chicago Section of the American Mathe

matical Society, 764. Children, Homes of Our Down-Town, 388. Children's Interests in Literature-Isabel

Lawrence, 1044. Child Study, Department of, 1031. Child Study for the Kindergarten, 1051. Child Study in Normal and Training

Schools-Gertrude Edmund, 1032. Christy, Anna H. McCombs, †, 237. Claims of Business Education to a Place in

Our Public Schools, The-J. H. Francis,

1008; Discussion, 1015. Clark, Frederick H.-Secretary's Minutes,

Secondary Department, 603 ; Discussion,

631. Clark, Mrs. Frances M.-Discussion, 989,

997. Classics, The Spirit of the, 154. Classification According to Ability, 163. Cobb, CHARLES NEWELL-Thirty Years'

Progress in Science Teaching, 1099. Cole, G. M.-Discussion, 989.

College-Entrance Requirements, Report of

Committee on, 632. Commercial High School, 1025. Committee, American Philological Asso

ciation, Report of, 678; on Amended Spelling, Report of, 352 ; on Botany, Report of, 800; of Chicago Section of the American Mathematical Society, Report of, 764; on Chemistry, Report of, 794; on College-Entrance Requirements, Report of, 632; on Financial Reports, Report of, 258; of Twelve of the Modern Language Association, Report of, 707; on Normal Schools, Report of, 836; on Nominations, Membership of, 24; Report of, 28 ; on Necrology, Report of, 232; on Program of Department of Superintendence, 258; on Physical Geog. raphy, Report of, 780; on Permanent Place of Meeting of Department of Superintendence, 258; on Resolutions, Report of, 31 ; on Resolutions, Department of Superintendence, Report of, 256; of Seven, American Historical Association, Report of, 755; on Physics, Report of,

1097; on Zoology, Report of, 805. Constitution of General Association, I. Constructive Work in the Elementary

Schools -- Gertrude E. English, 917;

Discussion, 922. Content and Extent of Music in Public

Schools-Herbert Griggs, 977; Discus

sion, 981. Continuous Sessions in Normal Schools-

Irwin Shepard, 891. Continuous University Sessions-J. H. Ray

mond, 810. Conway, Esther--Secretary's Minutes, Ele

mentary Department, 575. Coon, Henry Clarke, †, 237. Correlation of Manual Training with Other

Branches of Study-James E. Addicott,

923. CORSON, O. T., President-elect--Response

to Introduction, 33. Course in Drawing, 950. Course of Music for County Institutes, 994. Course of Study for Pupils Who Cannot

Complete High-School Work -- J. M.

Berkey, 375; J. W. Carr, 378. Courses in History, 763. Courses of Study in Latin and Greek in

Secondary Schools, 678. COWGILL, PAUL A.--- Promotions and Grad

ing, 372. Coy, E. W.--Discussion, 421, 631. CRABTREE, J. W. -- Should Arithmetic,

English Grammar, Geography, and the
History of the United States be Reviewed

in the High School ? 611. Craig, Oscar J. -- Secretary's Minutes,

Higher Department, 818. CRISSY, I. O. --The Evolution of Business

Education, 1018. Criticisms of the Kindergarten--Nicholas

Murray Butler, 536.

Culture - Epoch Theory in Education-- Educational Journals, Are They EducaLouise Morris Hannum, 576.

tional ? 208. Curriculum of Applied Child Study for Educational Policy for Our New Possessions the Kindergarten and Primary School

-W. T. Harris, 69. Frederic Burk, 1051.

Educational Press, The Function of theDANA, J. C.--Report of Committee on

Geo. P. Brown, 202. Relations of Public Libraries to Public

Educational Problem in Hawaii-Henry S. Schools, 452 ; The Librarian's Spirit and Townsend, 79. Methods with the Schools, 515; Work in Educational Progress of the Year--Nicholas Certain Typical Libraries, 525.

Murray Butler, 439. DAVIS, ALLAN -- The Business - Course Educational Value of Metal-Working, The Problem, 999.

- Vinton S. Paessler, 911. Day, Luther W., +, 237.

Education and Training of the Blind, 1171. Declaration of Principles, 31.

Education, Art in, u2; in the University, Department of Art Education, 932; Busi- 828 ; of the Supervisor, 989; The Culness Education, 998; Child Study, 1031;

ture-Epoch Theory in, 576 ; The OutEducation of Defectives, 1156 ; Elemen

look in, 170; Place and Development of tary Education, 575; Higher Education,

Purpose in, 593; Progress in Public, 176. 817; Kindergarten Education, 530; Li

Education of Defectives, Department of, braries, 1135; Manual Training, 904;

1156. Music Education, 970; Natural Science

EDWARDS, WALTER A.—The Teacher in Instruction, 1097; Normal Schools, 835;

the Manual-Training School, 905 Physical Education, 1064; Secondary

Efficient and Inefficient Teachers--F. Louis Education, 601; School Administration, Soldan, 298; Discussion, 306 1118; Superintendence, 251.

Elective Courses in High Schools, 331. Department of Indian Education, estab- Elementary Course in German, 732; in lished, 36.

French, 743. Department of Manual Training, change Elementary Education, Department of, 575. of name, 45.

Elementary Schools, Constructive Work in, Department of Superintendence, Appropri- 917. ation for, 45.

Employment and Dismissal of TeachersDepartments, List of, 1.

Eric Edward Rosling, 1118; Discussion, Differentiation of the American Secondary 1 1 23. School, The Charles H. Keyes, 412 ;

ENGLISH, GERTRUDE E. -- Constructive Discussion, 421.

Work in the Elementary Schools, 917. DINSMORE, J. W.--Vices of Childhood and English, Study of, 640. Youth, 594.

English Training College, A Typical, 889. Do Our High Schools Prepare for College *Entrance Examinations, 761.

and for Life, in Accordance with the Establishing Libraries in Villages-F. A. Present Requirements of Both?-Gilbert

Hutchins, 498. B. Morrison, 603; Discussion, 610.

Evolution and Ethics--Sydney T. SkidDOUGHERTY, NEWTON C.--Response to

more, 136. Addresses of Welcome, 56.

Evolution of Business Education, The-I. Do We Need a University Trust ?--L. D.

Crissy, 1018. Harvey, 424; Discussion, 428.

Examination Papers for Admission to Col

lege, 747. Drawing in the Early Years-Herman T. Lukens, 946.

Executive Committee, Composition and Dutton, Bettie A.- Secretary's Minutes,

duties of, 2. National Council, 388; Discussion, 395,

Fairchild, George T.-Discussion, 269. 406.

Fatigue among School Children--Will S.

Monroe, 90.
EASTMAN, W. R.--By-Laws for Library
Trustees, 510 ; Hints for Cataloging

Fatigue in the Schoolroom, How to Reduce,
Small Libraries, 511.


FIFIELD, ELLA J.-The School Board and EATON, MAYOR FRED.--Address of Wel

the Public Press, 1131. come, 53.

Financial Reports, Uniform forms for, 350.
Economic Interpretation of History-E. A.

Fitz, G. W.-President's Address, 1065.
Bryan, 186.
EDMUND, GERTRUDE — Child Study in

Fitzpatrick, F. A.-Discussion, 392.'
Normal and Training Schools, 1032.

Five-Year Latin Course, 701.
Educational Exhibit at Paris--Howard J. Flag, Presentation of, by Central Woman's
Rogers, 252.

Christian Temperance Union of Los
Educational Journalism, Ideal and] Prac- Angeles, 35.
tical Considerations in, 210.

Foreign Languages and Literatures, 647. Educational Journalism-Its Tribulations FOSHAY, J. A.--Address of: Welcome, 54.

and Triumphs-John MacDonald, 196. Four-Year Latin Course, 696.




FRANCIS, J. H.-The Claims of Business HARRIS, W. T.--An Educational Policy for

Education to a Place in Our Public Our New Possessions, 69; How to Schools, 1008.

Make Good Teachers out of Poor Ones, FULTON, R. B.-Growth of Confidence be. 310; The Future of the Normal School,

tween High Schools and Colleges, 147. 395; Preliminary Report of the ComFunction of School Superintendents in mittee on School Hygiene, 406; ResoluProcuring Libraries for, and Their Proper tion on Preliminary Report of Committee Use in, the Public Schools---Alfred Bay- on Hygiene, 225; Discussion, 393, 406, liss, 1136.

421, 422. Function of the Educational Press, The- HARVEY, L. D.-Some Fundamentals in George P. Brown, 202.

Teaching, 93; Do We Need a University Function of the Normal School, 838.

Trust? 424; Discussion, 428, 528, Fundamentals in Teaching-L. D. Harvey,

HARVEY, N. A.-The Pedagogical Con93.

tent of Zoology, 1106; Secretary's MinFuture of the Normal School, The-W. T. utes, Science Department, 1099. Harris, 395; Discussion, 406.

HASTINGS, William W.-Anthropometric GAGE, GOVERNOR HENRY T.-Address of

Studies in Nebraska, 1076. Welcome, 47.

Hawaii, An Educational Problem inGayley, Charles Mills--Letter on Alfred Memorial, 40.

Henry S. Townsend, 79. General View of the Work of the Normal

HAYDEN, P. C.- The Ultimate Object of School--Albert G. Boyden, 884.

Music Study in the Schools, 972; Dis

cussion, 981, 989. Geographical and Historical Variations that Exist in Normal Schools in the United

HEERMANS, Mrs. JOSEPHINE — The Spirit States, 854.

of the Classics, 154.


HEWETT, E. C.— Psychology for
Gilman, Mary L.--Secretary's Minutes,
Child Study Department, 1032.

Teacher, 438.
Good Reading, How to Acquire a Taste Higher Life, The School in its Relation to
for, 1148.

the, 225. Good Teachers out of Poor Ones, How to

Iligh School, Science in the, 1113. Make, 310.

High Schools and Colleges, Growth of Gove, AARON-Chairman of Committee Confidence between, 147; Co-operation on Nominations, 24; Usurpation of Home

between, 149. by School, 182; Discussion, 421, 423,

High Schools, Do They Prepare for College 428, 438.

and for Life ? 603 ; Elective Courses in, Grammar Method of Teaching, 714.

331 ; List of One Hundred Books for, Grants of Lands for Public Education, 263.

486. Greek Courses in Secondary Schools, 685.- Hinsdale, B. A.- Discussion, 269. GREENE, Miss J. A.--Art Education in Hints for Cataloging Small Libraries, 511.

High Schools and Normal Schools, 953. History, Civics, and Economics, 647.; Greenwood, J. M.-Report of discussion, History, Economic Interpretation of, 186. 392; Discussion, 406, 422, 423, 428, 439,

Holt, Klosea Edson, †, 239. 529.

Home, Usurpation of, by School, 182. Gregory, John T., †, 239.

Homes of Our Down-Town Children GRENFELL,Mrs. HELEN L.-Quo Vadimus? Lucia Stickney, 388; Discussion, 392. 99.

Hoose, J. H.- Discussion, 394, 423, 428, Griffith, George-Discussion, 275.

439. GRIGGS, HERBERT--Content and Extent of Housh, W. H.- Discussion, 610.

Music in Public Schools, 977; Discus. HOWARD, C. E.--- How I Conduct a Busision, 981, 988.

ness-Community School, 1002. Growth of Confidence between High How May Fatigue in the Schoolroom be

Schools and Colleges-R. B. Fulton, 147. Reduced to the Minimum ? --- H. E. Gymnastics, a substitute for recesses, 92.

Kratz, 1090.
HAILMANN, W. N.-- The Place and Devel- How to Acquire a Taste for Good Read-

opment of Purpose in Education, 583; ing -- Elizabeth Skinner, 1148.
Discussion, 546.

How to Make Good Teachers out of Poor
HALL, JOHN W.-Professor Rein's Practice Ones-Wm. T. Harris, 310.
School, Jena, Germany, 882.

HUTCHINS, F. A.-Establishing Libraries Hall, Mary F.-Secretary's Minutes, Kin- in Villages, 498; Securing Libraries for dergarten Department, 531.

Kural Schools, 503; The Present ConHAMILTON, SAMUEL— The School Director dition of School Libraries in Rural as a Factor in Education, 336.

Schools, 507; Improving Poorly ManHANNA, J. C.-List of One ilundred Books aged Public Libraries, 508. for High-School Students, 486.

Ideal and Practical Considerations in EduHANNUM, LOUISE MORRIS—The Culture- cational Journalism--Ossian H. Lang,

Epoch Theory in Education, 576.


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Implications and Applications of the Prin

ciples of Self-Activity in Education

Arnold Tompkins, 320 ; Discussion, 325. Importance of a Right Beginning, The

Helen Taylor, 1162. Improving Poorly Managed Public Li

braries-F. A. Hutchins, 508. Indian Education, Department of, estab

lished, 36. Influence of Exercise upon Growth, The

Frederic L, Burk, 1067; Discussion, 1074. In Fundamental Civics, What Shall We

Teach as the American Doctrine of Religion and the State ?-Sylvester F.

Scovel, 616. Intermediate Course in German, 741; in

French, 746. Inventory of Publications, 1249. In What Respects Should the Education

and Training of the Blind Differ from the Education and Training of Normal

Pupils ?-Warring Wilkinson, 1171. Jenkins, William, t, 240. JOHNSON, ANNETTE--The Manual-Train

ing System of Los Angeles, 928. Jones, Daniel Winfield, , 240. JONES, MARY L.-School Reading thru

the Public Library, 1143. JONES, M. LOCISE-Relation of Libraries

to Normal Schools, 498. JORDAN, DAVID STARR-An Apology for

the American University, 213; Discus

sion, 827. Journalism, Educational--Its Triumphs and

Tribulations, 196. Journal of Proceedings, 23. Joy, Eleanor M.--Secretary's Minutes,

Music Department, 971. Keating, J. F.-Discussion, 624. KEYES, CHARLES H.-The Differentiation

of the American Secondary School, 412; Discussion, 421, 422. Kindergarten, Character Study in the, 541;

Music in the, 559. Kindergarten Child, Mental and Moral

Development of the, 551; Physical De.

velopment of the, 570. Kindergarten Education, Department of,

530. Kindergarten, Some Criticisms of the-

Nicholas Murray Butler, 536. King, Wm. F.-Report of Discussion, 421. KIRK, THOMAS J.-Address of Welcome, 48. KRATZ, H. E.--Promotions and Grading,

373; How May Fatigue be Reduced to

the Minimum ? 1090. KRAUS-BOELTÉ, MARIA--President's Ad

dress, 533. Laird, S. B.--Discussion, 284. LANCASTER, E. G.–The Adolescent at

Home and in School, 1039. Lane, A. G-Report of Board of Trustees,

22; Remarks on Report, 27, 34. LANG, OSSIAN H.- Ideal and Practical

Considerations in Educational Journal

ism, 210; Secretary's Minutes, Normal

Department, 836. Latin and Greek in Secondary Schools, 678. Latin Courses in Secondary Schools, 689. LAWRENCE, ISABEL-Children's Interests

in Literature, 1044. LAWSON, FLORENCE-Address of Welcome,

531. LEDYARD, MARY F.-Relation of Imita

tion to Originality and Freedom, 547. Let Pupils be Classified According to Abil

ity-Frank J. Barnard, 163. Librarian's Spirit and Method with Public

Schools, 515. Librarian, The, and Her Equipment, 517. Libraries for Rural Schools, 503; for

Schoolrooms, 527; The Relation of Normal Schools to, 488; The Relation of

Schools to, 472. Libraries in Villages, Establishing, 498. Library Department, 1135. Library Equipment and Organization, 492. Library Trustees, By-Laws Suggested for,

510. Library, Use of the, 1150. List of Active Members, 1179. List of Corresponding Members, 1237. Lists, Reading, 457 ; of Books, 646. Literature, Children's Interests in, 1044. LUKENS, HERMAN T.-Drawing in the

Early Years, 946. Lyman, Frederic Allison, †, 241. Lynch, William H.-Discussion, 610. Lyon, Alice-Discussion, 981. LYTE, E. ORAM, President, 33; President's

Address, 64. MACDONALD, JOHN-Educational Journal

ism-Its Triumphs and Tribulations, 196. Manley, R. M., 1, 241. Manual Training, Correlation of, 923. Manual Training, Department of, 904, Manual-Training School, Teacher in the,

905. Manual-Training System of Los Angeles,

The-Annette Johnson, 928. Marshall, Carl C.-Discussion, 1015. MARTIN, GEORGE H.-The Unseen Force

in Character-Making, 276. MASON, WILLIAM A.-President's Address,

933. Mathematics, 648. McCowen, Mary-Secretary's Minutes, De

partment of Education of Defectives,

1157. McMillan, Ruben, t, 242. MCMURRY, CHARLES A.–The Relations of

Schools to Libraries, 481; Lists of

Classic Readings, 481-6. McNeill, I. C., Treasurer, Report of, 16. McPherron, A. S.-Discussion, 989. MEADS, S. P.-The Relation of Physics to

Other Subjects in the High-School Cur

riculum, 1103. Meetings, Constitutional provisions for, 3. Membership, Conditions of, 1.

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