The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London: Comprising Biographical Sketches of All the Eminent Physicians, Whose Names are Recorded in the Annals from the Foundation of the College in 1518 to Its Removal in 1825, from Warwick Lane to Pall Mall East

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Page xii - mihi jure succenseat, si, quantum cœteris ad suas res obeundas, quantum ad festos dies ludorum celebrandos, quantum ad alias voluptates, et ad ipsam requiem animi et corporis conceditur temporum : quantum alii tribuunt tempestivis conviviis; quantum denique
Page 455 - while the rest of his body was emaciated, said—" What think you of these?" " Why truly," replied Radcliffe, " I would not have your Majesty's two legs for your three kingdoms "which freedom lost the king's favour, and no
Page 419 - referens, I had read of divers forward and precocious youths, and some I have known ; but I never either did hear or read of anything like to this sweet child, if it be right to call him child who has more knowledge than most men in the world. I counselled his father not to set
Page 255 - an eminent physician, which was the very best collection, especially of mathematical books, that was, I believe, in Europe ; once designed for the King's library at St. James's ; but the Queen dying, who was the great patroness of that design, it was let fall, and the books were miserably dissipated.
Page 337 - Vol. ii, p. 402. early seized our present queen, are thought the dregs of a tainted original. Willis, the great physician, being called to consult for one of his sons, gave his opinion in the words, ' mala stamina vitae,' which gave such offence that he was never called for afterwards.
Page 118 - Mead, in a letter to Sir M. Stuteville, says, " 1 am told for certain that Friday at night, 'till the hour of his death, his tongue was swoln so big in his mouth, that either he could not speak at all or not to be understood. Certain it is that this plaster gave great
Page 503 - forceps which he nowhere names as such or describes, " My father, brothers, and myself (though none else in Europe, as I know) have by God's blessing and our industry, attained to and
Page 398 - 12mo. 1727. Introductio ad Prudentiam ; or the Art of right Thinking, assisted and improved by such notions as Men of Sense and Experience have left us in their writings, in order to eradicate Error and plant, Knowledge. 12mo. 1731. Adigies, Proverbs, Wise Sentiments, and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British. 12mo.
Page 324 - (Norwich). He read the best English sermons he could hear of, and delighted not in controversies. He might have made good the old saying, ' dat Galenus opes' had he lived in a place that could have afforded it, but there
Page 418 - discernment to answer so readily and pertinently. There was not anything in chronology, history, geography, the several systems of astronomy, courses of the stars, longitude, latitude, doctrine of the spheres, courses and sources of rivers, creeks, harbours, eminent cities, boundaries and bearings of countries, not only in Europe, but in any other part of the earth ; which

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