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I am mixed with Native, Black and White. My mother is Mixed, Half White and Half Native. I believe we are from Navajo and Pueblo Nations. I am. 2nd Generation See’er I think….
I got the calling in
my childhood, a sensitivity to Nature, Animals and People. I didn’t have an Elder directing my Gift and so it was lost so to speak. I felt the pull to Barnes and Noble and was looking at Animal Oracle cards/Books.. I found this Book after looking into Shamanism. I was so disappointed when I seen only White Men/Women author’s on a book reserved for people of deep indigenous background. Anywho, I was drawn to Spirits of the Earth and understood the context of his visions, contact and understanding within these pages. For me, this book and its Author is beyond a few stars (as to show this books relatability, or believability) It is a Lifestyle. A REAL Experience to be lived, and I am THANKFUL HE WROTE this. Exposed his sacred teachings and experience. This is a Non-Fiction reading. I need to find Robert Lake-Thom Medicine Grizzly Bear and his wife Tela… I am Honored to read and to See beyond my words typing this now… This book is for those who are natural see’ers , healers or of the like… I am Honored  

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Truly a remarkable book on symbols and meanings. I now spend more time looking at nature around me. I would give it 6 stars if I could.

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