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Form of a bond to be given by a district Col.


By $ 11, of the act of 1841, (No. 122,) the trustees of Know all men by these presents, that we, A. B. and each district are to provide a book, in which the reach. C. D. (the collector and his surety) are held and firm.llers are to enter the names of the scholars attending ly bound to E. F. and G. H. &c. trustees of school, and the number of days they shall have respec. trict number in the town of

tively attended, and also the number of times the school (here insert a sum double the amount to be collected,) has been inspected by the county and town superintento be paid to the said E. F., G. H. &c. trustees as afore- ideat This list is to be verified by the oath of the said, or to the survivor or survivors of them, or their teacher. successors: to the whicb payment, well and truly to

The strict and faithful performance of this duty is be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and highly important, not only to the district but to the administrators, firmly by these presents. Sealed with teacher. It is the basis upon which the rate bills are to our seals, and dated this day of


be made out, and by which the sums to be paid by pa&c.

rents are to be ascertained. Error in these lists will Whereas the above bounden A. B. has been chosen (or therefore produce injustice. It has been held by this appointed, as the case may be,) collector of the above department, that the teacher is not entitled to call on mentioned school district number in the town of the trustees for his wages, unless he furnishes them an in conformity to the statutes relating to com

accurate list of scholars, on which they can prepare mon schools; now, therefore, the condition of this ob

Therefore the condition of this ob- ll the rate-bills, and issue their warrant. Hence the ligation is such that if he the said A. B. shall well and

teacher has a direct personal interest in the preservat. truly collect and pay over the moneys assessed upon

s assessed upon lition of an accurate list, which he can verily by bis the taxable inhabitants of said district, in a rate bill or oath. tax list (as the case may be,] dated the day of

For the purpose of executing this provision, the teachand this day received by the said collector, which as-ller will write the following heading or caption, in his sessment amounts to a total sum of

dollars and book, at the commencement of each quarter: cepts, and shall in all respects duly and faithful. 1. A list of the scholars who attended the District School Jy execute the said warrant, and all the duties of his of District No. in the town of

during the office as collector of such district, then this obligation Il quarter or term commencing the day of shall be void, otherwise to be in full force and virtue. 184 , and the number of days they respectively at. Signed, sealed and delivered,

A. B. (L. S.) tended the same. in the presence of

C. D. ČL. .]

Time of
Name of

No. of days 3. Applications to the Superintendent for school

entrance. Scholar.

attendance. or library money withheld by town superinten. No. 1, 1841,.. John Thompson, Seventy-eight, 79 days, dents.

Dec. 1, " .. Peter Barker,... Forty-three, 43 " There are two classes of cases in which relief may be

Dec. 4, 11. James Thomas, Forty,

40 16 sought for the refusal of town superintedents to appor-llAt the time any pupil enters the schools, the teacher tion or pay over public money to a district.

should immediately insert the date and the name of the Ist. Where it is supposed the decision of the town scholar. At the close of the quarter the whole number superintendent is erroneous upon some question of fact, of days that each pupil attended. is to be ascertained or some principle of law. In such cases the remedy is from The check roll, and entered in the third column, in by appeal to the county Superintendent in the manner

words at length, and also in figures, as in the above preseribed by the regulations concerning appeals. The

form. interest of the district, as well as of other districts, re. Each teacher at the commencement of every quarter quires that the proceedings should be prompt, as an ap must provide a day or check roll, in which the name of peal stays further action by the town superintendent.

every scholar is to be entered It should be ruled so as 2d. Where there has been any accidental omission to

to give six columns. corresponding to the number of comply with any provision of law, or any regulation days in the week. The number attending should be a3. of the Superintendent, in consequence of which an ap

certained each half day, and pencil marks made in the portionment of public money has not been made. În colunin for the day opposite to the name of each one such cases a general authority is given by 0 2 of the act present. At the end of the week, the number of days of 1841, (No. 30,) to cause the apportionment to be each pupil has attended during the week, should be made, and a similar authority is given in relation to li.

summed up and entered on the weekly roll. Each half brary money by the last clause of 9 6 of the act of 1839, day's attendance should be noted; and two half days (No. 186.)

should be reckoned as one day. The pencil marks on Tbese provisions are intended only for the cases of

I the day roll may be obliterated, so that the same roll accidental and unintentional omissions, and the au

may he used during the quarter. The weekly roll should thority given by them will not be exercised where there be formed in the same manner, so as to contain the is a wilful disobedience of law or a perverse and in Dames of the pupils, and thirteen columns ruled, cortended violation of any regulation

responding to the number of weeks in the quarter. In Applications for relief in this class of cases must be each of these columns is to be entered the result of the made as soon as the omission is discovered, in order to || daily check roll for each week, in the following form: prevent the inconvenience of correcting the apportionment after it has been acted upon; and any unnecessa

Weekly Roll. ry delay will in itself form a strong ground of declining to grant the relief desired.

Attendance of pupils in District School of District The facts and circumstances on which the applica No. tion is founded, must be verified by affidavit, and a copy should be served on the town superintendent, and

Names of pupils. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th his concurrence in the statement of the facts should, if

week. week. week..week week. possible, be obtained Whenever the money to which such an application re

John Thompson, 6 days. 4 days. 5 days. 6 days, 51 dys fer3, remains in the handa of the lowo superintendent at the time he receives notice of the application, he

At the end of the quarter the teacher will sum up the should retain it, subject to the order of the Superinten.

I attendances of each pupil from this weekly roll, and dent. The inconvenience of a second distribution in ll

Jenter the result in the book provided by the trustees as the event of an application being denied, is not suffi

before mentioned, showing the whole number of days cient to counterbalance that of a district being deprived

each scholar has attended during the quarter. for a year of its portion of public money

At the end of the list the following oath or affirmation But town superintendents should recollect that neither ||

is to be written: the provisions referred to, nor any others, authorize them to exercise any discretion whatever in such cases. | A. B. being duly sworn, (or affirmed,) deposes that Their duty is simply to execute the law. If the neces. I the foregoing is a true and accurate list of the names of sary reports are not made at the proper time, or do not the scholars who attended the District School of Dis. contain all that is required by law or by regulations, trict No.

in the town of they cannot make any apportionments or pay any money during the quarter commencing the day of upon them. Their duty is to refer the case to the Su. || 184 , and the number of days they respectively attend perintendent, and suspend any action on their part in ed. relation to the share of money affected by the omission, This oath or affirmation is to be signed by the teachuntil his directions are received.

Ver, and certified by a justice of the peace, commission



er of deeds, judge of any court of record, or county | place of such meeting, at the place of his abode." clerk, to have been taken before him.

16 66, (No. 67.) The teachers are also required to make an abstract of the lists for the use of the trustees, at the end of each

Form of notice for Annual Meeting. quarter: showing the results exhibited under the fol. Notice is hereby given, that the annual meeting for lowing heads, and in the following form:

the election of officers in district No. in the town Abstract of the attendances of scholars at the District of , and for the transaction of such other busiSchool of District No.

in the town of

ness as the meeting may deem necessary, will be held during the quarter commencing the day of

at the school bouse in said district on Monday, the 194

day of at 6 o'clock, P. M. Of scholars who attended less than two months, there Dated this day of

A. B. District Clerk. were of scholars who attended two months and less than four. || Form of Notice for an adjourned District four months and less than six,

Meeting, to be posted up in four public pla. six months and less than eight, ces in the District. eight months and less than ten, ten months and less than twelve,


Notice is hereby given, that a meeting of the freeThis abstract is to be signed by the teacher and de. holders and inhabitants of school district, No. in livered to the trustees.

the town of

authorized by law to vote therein, In another part of the book provided by the trustees. will be held at

on the day of next, (or and towards the end of it, the teacher will enter the instant, as the case may be,) at o'clock in the days on which the school has been inspected, in the 'noon, pursuant to adjournment. form of a memorandum as follows:

Dated this day of

A. D. 18

A. B. District Clerk. Account of Inspections of the School in District No.

Form of Notice for a Special District Meeting. November 1, 1841. The school was inspected by the | To the Clerk of district number County Superintendent, and by William Jones, town su-il. The Trustees of district number at a meeting held perintendent.

for the purpose, have resolved that a special meeting December 1, 1841. The school was inspected by the I be called at the school house, on the day of County Superintendent alone.

18 at o'clock in the noon of that day, for the To this also, an oath or affirmation of the correctness purpose of (choosing a collector in the place of A. B. must be added in the following form:

removed, or whatever the object of the meeting may A. B. being duly sworn, (or affirmed,) deposes that

be,) and for the transaction of such other business as the foregoing is a true account of the days on which the

the meeting may deem necessary.

You will therefore notify each inhabitant of the dis. school in District No. , in the town of visited and inspected by the connty and town superin

trict entitled to vote therein, by reading this notice in tendents respectively, during the quarter commencing

his hearing, or if he is absent from home, by leaving a on the day of 184

copy of it, or so much as relates to the time and place . T'eacher.

of meeting, at the place of his abode, at least five days Sworn (or affirmed) and subscribed this ?

before such meeting.
day of
184 before me. 3

Dated at this day of 18

8. B )

C. D.


&c. The general duties of this officer are particularly spe. The district clerk of each school district in the State, cified in 74, (No 102.) He is to keep in a book, to be lis hereby required within ten days after each annual or provided by the district, a record of the proceedings of special meeting for the election of officers in his diseach annual and special meeting held in his district; to strict, to forward to the town clerk the names of the give notice of the time, place and object of such meet. || several officers elected at such meeting, and the offices ings in the manner prescribed by law; and to preserve to which they were respectively elected. all records, books and papers relating to the district, In pursuance of section thirty-second, of the act and deliver the same, on the expiration of his official of 1841, (No. 169,) the District School Journal will term, to his successor

hereafter be forwarded by mail, for the clerk of each By 6 18 of the laws of 1841, (No. 79,) he is to notify a district, by the No of said district, whose duty it is, by special meeting for the election of otficers, whenever that section, to cause each volume to be bound at the the time for holding the annual meeting has passed, expense of the district, and to deposite the same in the without such election being held; and generally it is District Library. He or one of the trustees is therefore his duty to give the necessary legal notices of a district bound to take the paper from the post-office, punctualmeeting, whenever required to do so by a majority ly, paying the postage, quarterly in advance: and the of the trustees. The purpose and object of such meet- | amount so paid, being an expenditure authorized by ings should in all cases be set forth in general terms; law, may be added by the trustees to any tax list thereand this is specially required by law when a meeting after made out for district purposes, and refunded to is called for the purpose of changing the site and re- the clerk, or trustee paying it. Great care should be moving the school house in an unaltered district. [See taken to secure the regular receipt, and careful preser. Nos. 95, 96, and 87.) And also when a tax is to be lvation of the numbers, which will be sent on the first of levied for the purchase of books for a district library. each month; and with this view, the clerk should See No. 175.)

them together in covers, as soon as they arrive; and in By & 63, (No. 92,) it is declared that "the proceedings no case permit them to be taken out of his custody, al. of no district meeting, annual or special, shall be held though any inhabitant of the district should be allowed illegal for want of a due notice to all the persons quali. free access to them, for the purpose of perusal, at all fied to vote thereat, unless it shall appear that the proper hours. The same precautions should be observ. omission to give such notice was wilful and fraudu. Jed, and the same freedom of access and perusal allow. lent. But this provision will not exonorate a clerk ed, in respect to the present volume of Laws and Infrom liability for gross neglect; nor will it sanction an Istructions, the volume of Common School Decisions intentional omission to give notice.

and Laws heretofore published, and all other books, paNotices of annual and special meetings must be given pers and documents belonging to the district, and placed at least five days before the day on which such meetings under his official control. are directed to be held; that is, the notices for meeting / They will observe that heavy penalties and forfeitures to be held on Saturday for instance, must be given on or are incurred by them, under 6 of the act of 1839, (No. before the preceding Monday.

166,) for neglect of any duty devolved upon them by In the case of annual meetings, or special meetings, l law; and that they are made individually responsible which have been adjourned for a longer time than one for any loss that may accrue to their district, in conmonth, a notice in writing, affixed in at least four difsequence of such neglect, or omission. ferent places in the district, is sutficient; but notices of For an exposition of the duties devolving on them in specin meetings must be personally served on ench in relation to the district library, their attention is direct. habitant of the district liable to pay taxes, (which in- led to the subsequent instructions under that head: and cludes, of course, every legal voter in the district) by for the manner in which records of the proceedings of rending the notice in the hearing of such inhabitant, or the several school meetings should be kept, to the subin case of bis na buence from home, by lenving a copy sequent instructions under the head of Annual and Spethereof, or of so much thereof us relates to the time and 'cial Meetings

[To be continued.)


On change of

site of school
build school
On motion to
On resolution
to raise tax

On resolution

to raise tax
for apparatus

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I 11

manner; and where, for any reason, the result cannot ing not voting in favor thereof. The voles are then to be aceurately ascertained, the numbers voting for orll be stated as before.) against any resolution should be determined by a count | After changing the site of the school house. in the or by ayes and noes. . For this purpose it would be well manner before prescribed, the voters of the district, at for the clerk to have always in readiness a list of the le. ll the same or any subsequent meeting, may pass a res galvoters of the district, with a series of columns allach. Ilution, by a majority of those present, in the ordinary ed, to designate the manner in which each person votes ] mode, directing the trustees to sell the house, accord. on any question that may be submitted. When the site is ing to No. 98 ante to be changed in a district that has not been altered,

4. Qualification of Voters.. tbe law specifically requires the vote to be taken by

Great difficulty has been heretofore experienced in asayés ani noes. Such lists may be in the following

certaining the requisite legal qualifications for voters form:

in school district meetings. The act of 1941 has re. I moved this difficulty by defining them particularly, and has pointed out the means of ascertaining the right of

any individual to vote in such meetings, by a challenge, Names of Voters

$ 7, 8, 9, (Nos. 71, 72, 73.)

The following general qualifications are required in
I all cases.

1. The voter must be a male.
2. Of full age, that is, twenty-one years old, or more.

3. He must be an actual resident of the district. John Morehouse,

In addition to the above, the voter must possess one Jacob Cusuis, ...

or other of the following qualifications : Thomas Budd,

4. He must be entitled by law to hold land in this William Carroll,

State, and must own or hire real property in the dis. Henry Beltis, ...

trict, subject to taxation for school purposes; or, Frederick Hough,

h. He must be authorized to vote al town meetings of the town in which the district or part of a district is situated-must have paid a rate bill for teachers' wa.

ges in the district within one year preceding, or must 3. Mode of keeping Minutes and Records of the have paid a district tax within two sears' preceding, or Proceedings.

must own personal property liable to be taxed for The person acting as clerk should keep accurate mi. Il school purposes in the district exceeding fifty dollars in nutes of the proceedings on loose sheets of paper; and

I value, exclusive of what is exempt from execution. before the meeting is finally adjourned, these minutes

Under the above 4th division are included two clas. should be read and approved by the meeting, and sign

ses of persons-citizens owning or hiring real property, ed by the moderator and clerk, and afterwands trans

subject to taxation, and aliens not naturalized, who ferred into the record book of the district. The follow have filed the affidavit prescribed by 9 16 of Title 1,

Chap. 1, Part 2, Rev. Stat. of their intention to become ing general form may be used for this purpose : ?

citizens, and of having taken the necessary incipient Form of Minutes to be kept by the District Clerk,

measures for that purpose, and who own or hire real of Proceedings of District Meetings. property in the district subject to taxation for school At a meeting of the legal voters of school district ||

al waters of school districtll purposes. It does not extend to those who have person. number in the town of held pursuant to al property, but neither own nor hire real property. adjournment, at on the day of

The provision was intended to meet the case of resi. 19 , for it it be the annual meeting, say at an

dents, who, althongh not entitled to vote at town meet. annual meeting of, &c. held pursuant to appointment andlings, may have a strong interest in the proceedings of public notice, at, c." Or if it be a special meeting, sau, ll district school meetings, liat a special meetin c. called by the trustees of said ll In reference to the above 6th division. those il citi. district, and held pursuant to speeial notice, at, &c.

zens of the several towns in tbis State, qualified by the on the day of, &c."] A. 8. was chosen moderator. Constitution to vote for elective officers,” are entitled and C. D. was present as district clerk, (or if the clerk || to vote at meetings. [91, Title 2, Chap. 11, Part 1, Rev. be not present, say E. F. was appointed clerk pro tem.,

Stat.1 Of course, persons claiming to vote at district the district clerk being absent.)

meetings under this qualification must have been inha. Resolved unanimously. (or by a majority of the votes

bitants of the State for one year, of the county for six present, as the case may be,) (here enter the proceedings

months immediately preceding, and must then be actual of the district in the form of resolutions, and with as

residents of the town. To these must be added some tauch precision and certainty as possible. ]

. one of the qualifications above specified in division 5. Where the subject of a change of site in an unalter-| By 8, (No. 72,) a challenge is allowed, and the de. ed district, has been under discussion, and a determi- | claration that may be required is given; and by 6 9. pation had by the district, in the manner prescribed by l(No 73,) penalties for a salse declaration and for vo law, the proceedings should be particularly recorded,

ings should be particularly recorded, Ilting without being qualified, are imposed. in the following form :

5. Reconsideration of Proceedings. At a meeting of the legal voters of Distriet No.

The inhabitants of school districts may reconsider in the town of held at the school house, in pur

Il and repeal, alles and modify their proceedings at any suance of notice to all the legal voters therein on the ||

time before they have been carried into effect, either day of 18 , A. B. was chosen mode

wholly or in part. But the intention to do so, should rator, and C. D. was present as district clerk, (or E. F. Il

be explicitly set forth in the notice of the meeting called was appointed clerk pro lem., the district clerk being

for that purpose When; however, contracts have ac. absent. The written consent of the Town superinten. Il tually been entered into, liabilities incurred, or expenent of Common Schools of the town having been read, li

ditures of money had, in the prosecution of any mea. Slating that in his opinion the removal of the site of

sure directed by the district, a reconsideration will not the school house in said district is necessary : And it

be sanctioned, as no means exist to indemnify those having been moved and seconded that the present site

// who may be the losers thereby. of the school house in the said district be changed and that the northeast corner of lot number 10, in the said 6. Taxes should be specifically voted. lowo, (or of the farm now occupied by A. B. on the Where a tax is voted by the inhabitants for any pur. N. E. corner, formed by the intersection of two certain pose, the specific amount of the tax, and the particular roads, &c. describing them,) be designated as the site | purpose for which it is designed, should be fully and of a school house for the said district, and the question clearly stated. And where several objects of expendi. taken by ayes and noes, it was carried, two-thirds of all ture are to be provided for, the amount to be raised for those present at such special meeting voting for such each should be expressed in the resolution, in order removal. and in favor of such new site : Those whollthat the district and the trustees may know the precise voted in the affirmative were John Morehouse, Thos. Il extent of their liability, and the mode of its applica Budd, Wm. Carroll and Frederick Hough, &c.; those lltion. There may be cases, bowever, where the neces. who voted in the negative, were Jacob Curtis and Henry Il sary amount to be raised, cannot be ascertained with Bettis, &c. . Ayes 4. Noes 2.

any approach to accuracy; and in such cases the dis[In stating the ages and noes, the christian names of|ltrict may direct tbe performance of specific acts by the the voters should be given.)

trustees, or authorize them to incur such expenses as Tor, and the question being taken by ayes and noes, I may be necessary to the accomplishment of a particu. it was lost two-thirds of all those present at the meet."lar object to be specified; and the trustees a reihen au.

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